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Melvin is a nationally recognized authority on classic American muscle car restoration and modification. He is a regular contributor to "High Performance Pontiac" magazine, both answering questions in the Tech Q&A section, and as subject of the Poncho Body Basics series. Melvin is actively involved in every project that comes through the garage, from installing exhaust systems to reshaping body panels, and even personally applies the decals at the end of a restoration. He is supported by a staff of highly skilled mechanics and artisans who work on five to ten project cars at a time. Melvin lives in Westchester County, near New York City, with his wife and family. When not at Classic Restorations, he often can be found at the racetrack or a car show. Facility We have relocated to Sloatsburg, New York in Rockland County. Classic offers a complete service facility incorporating full garage and body shop just 45 minutes from New York City. We are 20 minutes from Westchester County, 10 minutes from Ramsey, NJ. All bodywork, paint, interior and mechanical work is performed completely on premises. We offer complete interior customization and restoration, electrical work, audio and electronics installations, custom graphics and stripes, and more. If you have ever seen a car and wondered, "how'd they do that?" - we've probably done it. Whether it's a while-you-wait performance enhancement, or a full frame-off restoration - if you have a special vehicle, you have special requirements. You've heard the horror stories of unqualified shops taking years to butcher irreplaceable cars, you've seen the results of "discount" bodywork riddled with filler - you need someone who knows how to do it, who has done it before, and who has a reputation for quality that will leave you confident when you contract for the job, rather than concerned. Our international clients have us ship cars worldwide, and the results have graced magazine covers and coffee-table books. We're as proud of our reputation as our clients are of their cars. The quality of work we put out is a direct result of the passion that Melvin has and every vehicle is treated as though it was his own.

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  • If I knew then what I experienced the hard way...

    I never would have trusted my car to Classic Restoration. My beautiful 1950's classic car was running rough, needed to be inspected and had an inoperative gauge. I was drawn in by the fancy show room. Why is the door always locked? I entrusted the repairs to Classic Rstoration. It took over three months to get the car back still running rough still wirh an inoperative gauge but yes it had been inspected. The bill was 5 figures to the left of the decimal point! In less than 100 miles the engine repair had to be redone and I had the gauge replaced elsewhere.

    If you ever want to feel like you are not important as a customer this is the place. Phone calls go unreturned and if you stop by to check on your car and are lucky enough to find the owner there he will probably not remember who you are.

    Its a shame.....

  • Stay away from Classic Restoration!!!!!

    Stay away from this guy, he's a crook. He had my 1965 Thunderbird convertible for more than one year. When the car went in there it was in show quality and it only needed an engine rebuild. Melvin found all these ""problems"" with the car. It now needed the transmission repaired, driveshaft and rear end. He said the car's unit body was rusted and could break apart if in an accident. Of course I couldn't get a second opinion since the car was already in pieces. I had been promised the car was ready for pickup 4 times. Each time I went there, it wasn't anywhere near ready. Melvin didn't even know which car was mine!

    By the time I got the car, all the work was done, but the car had: scratched on the newly chromed bumpers, scratches all over the interior, needed new door panels, they stole my original style battery, cracked the one piece rear valance of the car, cracked the rear flip shelf, screws, pieces and parts missing where they had done work. They put on a new stainless steel exhaust too close to the rear quarter panels of the car and now it rattles when the car idles. He charges way too much and demands you pay him in cash.

    STAY AWAY FROM HIM! Lesson more homework than me and get real referrals, not just internet reviews. The more we looked into it the more negative reviews we found on Classic Restoration.

  • madoff of restoration

    Mel is a pathological liar and thief , he dissembled my 59 Benz , charged me 35 grand for parts, never installed them, made up a bogus mechanics lien , I had to get DMV to force him to give me back my car. He took off my windshield, my brakes, my radiator, my shocks, and billed me for new parts. When I got the car back, it was basically a shell, without the old parts, and without the new ones.
    Mel will not return my original parts or parts I paid for .

    My car is in NY. I'm in FL . I am filing criminal charges against him for theft of parts, and fraudulent interstate commerce.
    My name is Gary Paulzak, phone #: 850 244 9416; call me, I'd like to get a class action going, as this is Mels' MO and he has hurt many people.

    You may also call Mike Grasso at 842 -291 2050. He is a detective for the DA, I believe. The DMV is investigating and helped me also.

    Mel is a thief.

  • Scam Artist Extraordinaire !!

    Hmm, where do I begin? Brought my car here and it was the biggest mistake of my automotive lifetime. I never received an estimate, even after several demands for one! This is a crime in NYS. Melvin said he needed to see all my parts to make an informed estimate...well that's how he stole my parts. On top of being over charged thousands of dollars from the very beginning, Melvin ( a smug prick ) lies through his teeth while gouging every customer he can. I have also filed complaint with DMV as well as NYS Dept of taxation because he demanded all CA$H payoff before he'd release my car! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS CROOK ! By the way his new shop is in Sloatsburg, NY.



    Thanks to all the reviews on this site I wil not be taking my classic muscle car to this place ! It seems that this guy makes a real s&*t show out of your car .I heard about him through Hemmings motor news I wonder if they know whats going on there maybe some one should let them know ! i dont want my car and myself to become a another victim!!!!!
    Thanks again

  • Biggest rip-off

    I was given an initial estimate of $25,000 to $30,000 to restore and repair my 1959 Mercedes Benz. After looking over the bills, I realized that a lot of the work and parts had been grossly overbilled. I tried to go pick up the car, but was told that he needed an additional $30,000 to complete the work. This after I had already paid him $30,000. He then proceeded on putting a mechanical lien on my car; one of the charges on this bill was for transporting the car over to his place, which is something we already had paid for ourselves and had the receipt for!

    Mel finally agreed to release my car after I made a formal complaint to the NY state department of motor vehicles. He agreed to release my car for an additional $1,990, $1,300 of which was for a radiator he had purchased for the car. Found out after finally getting the car that there is no radiator in the car at all! The car is in pieces, the brakes are not working, the windshield is not on the car, and the car is not running!

    Mel Benzaquen is currently under investigation by the department of motor vehicles. Please stay away from this place, as you will only get hurt.

  • Stay far far away

    Mel deserves one star for his knowledge- he admittedly knows an awful lot about these old cars- an amazing guy to chat with.

    But keep your car out of his hands. Any ""estimate"" he will provide you is either a complete fabrication or deliberately under-estimated. I had him do 5 things on my old '72- he gave me an estimate for each. The hours charged were all between 3 and 4 times what he estimated the would take. Yep, he even provided a written estimate after looking at the car, but doesn't seem to feel the need to abide by that. And he'll insist on cash payment at the end of it all too- not sure how much he's taking under the table. To top it all, the quality of work done was terrible- two of the five jobs fixed broke within 20 miles of driving out of the shop.

    Stay far far away. A good talker, a terrible con artist.

  • Great experience
    Miked Up

    I had my 1969 Camaro restored there and cannot say enough good things about their work. The car had a lot of rust and other problems and Melvin and his crew were very knowledgeable and professional. Each and every step was explained. Yes, you can spend a lot of money restoring your car, especially when you run into a lot of hidden problems that were not visible until the car was stripped.

    However, restoring a car is not unlike renovating a house or taking on anything that is old. I can see why people do not understand what goes on with a good quality restoration.

    It is like anything in life, you have to understand what is involved and want to have a quality repair.

    Excellent experience, heartily recommended. Melvin gives back to the community also, he restored a TBird for a World Trade Center police officer for free!

  • this place sucks

    my friend brought his car to these guys and they ripped him off i was there when the guy gave him a bill 4 times the estimate stay away

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