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By: Ariel E.
Red Bricks on 7th
My husband & I had to bump our wedding date up due to moving across the country with only 2 months to plan & have the wedding. Needless to say, a tough to throw a large wedding. I had a great wedding, but there were SO many complications that arose with having so little time. After we came home from our honeymoon I realized a handful items I owned & used at the wedding venue were missing. I had payed for various staff of my vendors to help clean up after the wedding, as well as some immediate family & members of the wedding party. My family & friends assured me that they had seen the items at one point, but they never made it back to my home. When it came to asking my venue, monOrchid, they brushed me off multiple times saying “it wasn’t their responsibilty” (along with MANY other issues), when I had hired to to make it their responsibility.Table Tops Etc., however, were the only ones to make an attempt to solve my problems or understand my frustration… & after a while had gone by, I was extremely upset. I sent photos to everyone who may have had my items & no one could find them. So Table Tops Etc. purchased items that were similar to the ones that went missing! Where everyone else gave me an, “It wasn’t me!!!”, Table Tops actually did something.Though getting items & money stolen is a bummer & a stress, the thing that got to me was that I felt like the people who were supposed to be helping me throw the most special day of my life were untrustworthy & trying to take advantage of me. I felt very sad. Having Table Tops replace the items that went missing really said to me that they care about their brides. The memories of a wedding day begins when you make the first plans for your wedding & ends once you unpack your bags from your honeymoon. Planing a wedding takes a LOT of time, organizing, money, & overall PEOPLE! Working with someone who is doing your flowers, decorations, & all of those other little details is going to be around quite a bit for your wedding planning. You want it to be with people who you can enjoy & trust, & if there is a mistake they care enough to help you fix it.Other than being problem solvers & genuinely good people, Table Tops Etc. has many other awesome qualities too! They are located in the best part of Downtown Phoenix, have a HUGE variety of really great decor to choose from, make incredible -and unique- floral arrangements, & the creative minds they have working for them come up with some really amazing & cool ideas. Veronica, the girl who I worked with made the table arrangements & all of flowers for the whole wedding look amazing, it was magical!Soon yeah, that’s my article on Table Tops Etc. haha. If I could recommend them for one reason only:- Problems are bound to happen on your wedding day, that’s just how it goes. Have a team behind you who is willing you help solve those problems.

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