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By: ambermarrow
Water Damage Phoenix::Ground Zero Restoration, LLC
Our toilet overflowed last week and we were not sure what to do. It leaked on the carpet. Not only was the thought of toilet water disgusting, I don't think it is healthy to leave that type of thing in carpets and pads. We have a baby who is crawling so this was especially important to me. It was ten o'clock at night and I was not sure who to call. I saw Ground Zero Restoration in the directory and they bragged they came out all hours of the night. I was pretty impressed, but did wait until morning. When I called, they explained what would need to be done. They came right out and in no time our carpet was clean and dry and seemed like new.
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By: Dewey L.
Silver City Restoration
Silver City is currently putting my family home back together after a fire in December. They claimed to be a preferred company of our insurance company, but as we have closed in on the 4th month, I have had multiple communications challenges from them and am facing another obstacle. I feel at this point that their concern for my requests are at a satisfaction level 6 out of 10. They have insisted that they operate with integrity, but I am not completely convinced. Nor was I able to find one positive online review. Wish I had known that before feeling rushed to sign on the dotted line with them.
By: Peter R.
Water Damage Phoenix
If you are looking to receive exceptional customer service then Water Damage Phoenix is the company to call. I had an unfortunate situation in my home with my plumbing, I needed help! I contacted John and his team they were at my home within 35 minutes extracted the water and started the process to dry out my walls that extended from the bathroom, hall and closet adjacent to the bathroom. Thanks John for the great service!
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By: alessandro.luis.904
Water Damage Phoenix::Ground Zero Restoration, LLC
I had a serious mold problem in my house probably due to a leaky roof. I called several different companies to get an estimate on the cleanup. To my surprise, half of them never even showed up. Lucky for me Ground Zero Restoration did. They gave me a good price, and looked way more professional than most of the other guys. After getting rid of the mold, they even fixed my roof.
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By: benjamin.bates.378
Water Damage Phoenix::Ground Zero Restoration, LLC
I needed help on Christmas Day. It sounds strange but we had a backed up toilet that flooded our whole basement. It not only smelled, it was gross. I found Ground Zero on the internet and called them. Even though it was a holiday, they came out. I will never forget how grateful I was to have that help when I had a houseful of company. Many many thanks to a very special company.
By: Isabela I.
How To Remove Mold Solutions
Our Homeowners Association selected Winning Colors out of four bidding contractors to paint the exterior of our four-story condominium building. Our selection was the result of an eight-month process by a volunteer committee to research the project requirements and then select the best vendor for our needs.
By: Roger H.
Water Damage Phoenix
Water Damage Of Phoenix did a fantastic job on my home. They remedied my flood situation and rebuilt all the damaged areas, along with installing all new carpet. John is a real life saver, thank you guy so much.
Tips & Advices
Signs of hidden water damage include:
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Foul odor
  • Texture changes
  • Discoloration
  • Clearwater is clean water with no solids. It includes water generated by air conditioning units and water that goes down the drain while the faucet heats.
  • Greywater refers to all other form of waste water except for toilet water. It possibly contains hair, soap particles, cooking byproducts and flakes of skin. Areas that have been damaged by grey water are at a mild risk of contamination.
  • Blackwater is water that has come into contact with urine or fecal matter. Toilet water is considered blackwater. Blackwater can contain pathogens and is usually considered a biohazard.
Water damage restoration is a process where water-damaged areas are dried, sanitized, and rebuilt.
Home insurance sometimes covers water damage from storm-related accidents. However, most plans do not cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or floods. For the latter, homeowners should purchase flood insurance.
Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of water damage.
  • Clean and maintain gutters so rainwater flows properly. Direct downspouts away from the house.
  • Repair any roof damage.
  • Use drain snakes to clean clogs. Chemical cleaners erode pipes.
  • Do not place outdoor plants with invasive roots near pipes, septic tanks, sprinkler systems, or drainage fields.
  • Make note of the water bill. A sudden, random spike in charges could indicate a leak.

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