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By: Guydsfdsagf@hotmail.com 1.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I went to this nursery after hearing about it through Channel 3 and warned the staff that I had several unorganized ideas. A young man was quick to introduce himself as Joey and said he would have no problem helping me out. To be quite honest, I will always go to the most convenient location near my house for any shopping. However, inventory and customer service are key when proximity is no longer convenient. Joey was a proud employee of Moon Valley and explained their products in a way that showed value, instead of sounding like an upsell. For example, I explained that my soil is still quite firm and needed some TLC. He recommended their product (moon joice - I think is the name) and explained how the product is produced specifically for the climates/folage of the southwest (this separates Moon Valley's product from Costco, Home Depot, and all other national retailers). He was extremely knowledgeable on plant/tree species and took the time to google earth my home for accurate spacing for specific tree/columns I was interested in. I could really tell he thoroughly enjoyed his job and respected each and every plant/tree in the nursery. It makes the world of difference when an employee exudes positive energy and shows genuine interest in helping me out. This directly reflects the company.
By: picsfrom
Food City
I went to food city to get some hispanic food, and i was in a hurry, I just moved to this area few months ago, and when i stepped into the store i noticed it was very clean , but like i said i was in a hurry, there was a worker there that out performed my expectation.. He was great i couldent find an item and he asked me if i needed help, I said yes, he directed me right to the item i was looking for, and when, I went up and i noticed the line was little busy, but it was a peak time every body was getting off wk, the kind worker walked up with me and asked if i needed anything else, I said no but when he looked at the line and i told him i was im a hurry earlier, he rushed and opened a register for the people in line. I was inpressed that he truly cared on his work, I asked his name and he said his name was jean and he was the store director. I never seen a store director worked that hard and cared that much. I wish there was more people like him. most grocery store people rairly help.. but give the store and his great service a 9.5 .. thx Tim.G
By: Kaceyy Y.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I am a long time customer of Moon Valley Nursery in Arizona. I have been going to them since I moved here in 1995 and have loved them ever since. When you have had a great experience, too often we take it for granted until we have a reference point. This is what happened to me. I recently was lured into a big home store and immediately knew why I love Moon Valley Nursery. They have on staff not "sales" people, but people that really know their stuff and want your yard to be a success. I have bought many, many trees and shrubs and have never been disappointed. My suggestion to anyone one and everyone, you probably have an experience with other stores, go in and compare the customer service and selection at Moon Valley Nursery. Once you do you won't go anywhere else.
By: toonyt778
Moon Valley Nurseries
I went here today to buy a certain Palm. When I got that palm home I wasn't satisfied with it...So I went right back. Well when I stopped by the office Dane was there to help me. I had talked with him before and he has always been friendly and helpful in the past. So today when I told him I wasn't happy with my purchase and wanted to exchange it. He said fine I will take care of you! When we got to the row of Palms...I went for the same kind that I had bought, he went to the row with the higher priced one. I said I can't afford that and he said, I will take care of you. SO...he did! I am very happy about the service I got on my second trip here today. I will certainly be going back now. Thanks Dane and Moon Valley Nursery.
By: Michael L.
Moon Valley Nurseries
I have been coming to this location for a while now. The quality of their product has always been top notch. I recently purchased 2 trees that were planted in my backyard after 2 of mine died last winter. The sales guy didn't try to pressure me into buying bigger trees and I actually felt like I got a pretty good deal. I bargained a little and they gave me an extra bottle of their Moon juice for FREE, which I must say seems to be working really well so far. The trees were delivered and planted within a week and the delivery crew did a great job and actually cleaned up. MVN has been a well-known name around the valley for some time now, and if they keep this up I'm sure they will be for quite some time.
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By: Adelaide C.
Pet Food Depot
This is a family owned and operated store. Very helpful and they know their stuff. They are willing to go out of their way for their customers. They will get whatever you need. Just ask. They have a huge variety of animal feeds. They have something for everyone. They are open 7 days a week. They have offered a vet clinic for on Saturday's for 24 years. The vet is very reliable and helpful. He is very affordable. The greyhounds are there every other Saturday too. Lots of new items all the time. The have the coolest dogs toys and the best prices. Everyone should check them out at least once.
By: D S.
Cafe Valley
I have worked with Cafe Valley part-time off and on and they are completely ethical and great to work for. The manager I had is awesome and everyone has been super fair with me even when I have not been working for them. I still buy their cakes and muffins all the time because they taste great and are a great price. In fact I have bought some for a couple Xmas parties and everyone loved them. When I went to the plant it was beautiful and clean, the people all wore protective clothing everything was spotless. Actually it is a really cool bakery! Cafe Valley is a great place!
By: nicole.ehrhardt.58
B & D Gravel
B & D Gravel did an excellent job with meeting our needs. When I called to order material the woman who answered was very knowledgeable about different material offered, beyond reasonable prices, and they were able to accommodate us with a short notice delivery. The gentleman that delivered our material was fabulous. Extremely friendly, and followed specific dumping request. Overall a great experience, and we will be using B & D Gravel for future orders and recommend them if you are in North Valley area.
By: andreaincharlotte
Moon Valley Nurseries
I purchased trees, bushes and loads of lantanas from Moon Valley Nursery. The staff here are always friend;y and professional - and never resistant to answering questions. It was nice to have a knowledgable nursery nearby when I lived in Phoenix.... We've since moved out of the valley but we have fond memories of Moon Valley Nursery. AND, the plants we planted increased the curb appeal & the value of our home. We're happy customers who highly recommend Moon Valley Nursery.
By: charliee959
Moon Valley Nurseries
Just bought 3 pygmy date palms, one large pineapple palm and 5 jasmine as per the designer's plan. Randy was knowledgeable and punctual on the initial design meeting. Went with half his plan and placed the order. Mike Barthel and his crew just finished installing the plants. They were great! Efficient, friendly and courteous. Plants were in the ground, watered (with my watering instructions) and cleaned up in 45 minutes. They were great. I would highly recommend them.
Tips & Advices
A plant guarantee covers the buyer that if a plant doesn’t survive the guaranteed amount of time (usually one year, but sometimes up to 5), the plant will be replaced. This does not cover annuals, which have a life cycle of only 1 year.
How often to water a grass lawn depends on the climate, the type of soil that surrounds your property, and how deep the root system of your grass grows. A general rule for watering is: every day during summer in warm climates. This rule can be modified if lawns are older, or the climate cooler. For mature well-rooted lawns, deeper but less-frequent waterings are recommended as being healthier than daily 15-minute rinses.
Fruit trees should be watered different frequency of times depending when they were planted. Younger trees, up to the second growing season, should be watered twice a week. Make sure to give up to 1 full gallon of water weekly to newly planted trees during their growing season, and more when it’s gaining  eaves. Once the tree reaches mature fruit-bearing stage, waterings can be cut back, as the roots are sunk and can find ground water.
The question of when to plant fruit trees really depends on climate. The general rules are: You should not plant fruit trees when the ground is frozen, when the peak daytime temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the forecast shows extreme weather (i.e. a tornado warning). Aside from those rules, the suggested planting times are either fall (which most people recommend) or spring (for bare-root trees).
There are many kits sold on the market that measure soil pH levels. Dyes, test strips, and electronic pH meters are all formulated to assist the home gardener. Many people choose to simply shake up soil and distilled water, and then measure the pH with a hand-held meter However, some people consider this method not very useful, and suggest using a lab for greater accuracy.

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