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By: Phil A.
Nanette McClelland-Miller - State Farm Insurance Agent
I've been getting insurance here for a while now. No complaints. I often get messages saying they need more information, I never really respond to those.
By: Stephen H.
Nanette McClelland-Miller - State Farm Insurance Agent
Our latest experience with Nanette from State Farm was when our car wouldn't start when we went out for dinner. We called State Farm & they sent out a roadside assistance person who determined that it wasn't our battery & we would need to be towed. State Farm made arrangements to have our car towed to our dealership the next morning.
By: Sammy G.
Lynn Buss - State Farm Insurance Agent
They we're really amazing they helped me with my auto loan and the whole time. I felt that they really appreciated me doing my my business with them.
By: Justin W.
State Farm Insurance
I experienced a number of different issues with this agency. The biggest problem was that they grossly under quoted me for a personal articles policy (wedding rings). In December of 2013 my policy with Nationwide expired, and so I decided to transfer the policy to State Farm because my auto and renters insurance was transferred to them earlier in the year. When I called Erik's office for a quote, the receptionist/secretary had me send in my appraisals for the rings, worth just under $13,000. The woman on the phone said, "Any articles $13,000 or below only costs $30 for an annual premium." I thought this sounded too good to be true, but why argue?They write up the policy and the rings are covered for a year, but actually until late January. Without ANY phone call or e-mail, I randomly get this bill in the mail for $86 with no explanation as to why I was getting it, stating I must pay the bill within 1 month or my personal articles policy will expire in the beginning of March. Confused and surely thinking this was a mistake, I call Erik's agency. I specifically ask to be transferred to Erik (mind you this is the first time I ever actually spoke to Erik even though I had been his customer for nearly a year). Erik told me he would look into it and get back to me.Two weeks pass and no word from Erik, so of course I call back because my payment deadline for this bogus $86 is approaching, I am set to leave the country for my wedding in a couple days, and I do not want my rings to go uncovered. I reach his secretary and she states he is on the phone and he will call me back in a minute. I get a phone call about five minutes later from the secretary and she said Erik had to leave after he got off the phone (it was around lunch time). The woman stated, "State Farm will not let us change the quote because you have articles at a value around $13,000 and to pay only $30 for an annual premium just isn't going to happen. If you cannot pay by March 4th, your policy will expire on March 10th." Um, excuse me? You are the ones who under quoted me. How is this my problem?An unexpected bill for $86 on top of the $30 I already paid for the policy was not welcome news or very manageable. My total bill was now $116, nearly 400% of the original quote. The agency should have assumed responsibility and absorbed the loss. On top of that, this all occurred just a few weeks before my wedding outside of the country. So amidst all of the costs associated with the wedding and the planning of my wedding and honeymoon, I had this BS to deal with.Been a customer with them since April 2013 (11 months). Went with the agency after moving to Arizona because they offered me a lower premium than Nationwide for my auto and renters policy. I was formerly through Nationwide. From April to December, any time I called the agency I NEVER actually received service from Erik (except for the one time mentioned above when I specifically requested him). His secretaries/receptionists handle all of the business and act as his gatekeepers I suppose. My Nationwide agent was always the one and only person I spoke to when I would call with any issues. Erik was apparently too busy to be a respectable agent and tell me the bad news himself about my policy because he had to go to lunch. Awesome, thanks for the great service.
By: Amanda S.
Legacy Pacific Insurance Services
Accident was 6/16/17. It was finally on 7/3/17 that I was "approved" to take my "not-drivable" vehicle to the shop. I took it in on 7/5 and not was not completed until 7/26. It sat there for 3 weeks, while I paid for a rental car out of pocket. The body shop said they called Legacy multiple times a day with no response. They called both John and his supervisor Edgar. NOTHING. I was calling, and not called back to the number I requested a dozen times. When I did get through, I was verbally accosted and verbally abused twice by John Camargo. After filing a report on him and his hostile behavior to his supervisor and his company, he had to gall to leave me a nasty, very condescending voicemail just a few days ago.The poor people at the Abra Body Repair and Glass body shop had some choice words to use in reference to John, Edgar, and Legacy. Legacy finally cut the checks, but shorted the amount that was actually due. The auto body shop was so done dealing with them, they just decided to 'eat' the extra cost just to avoid anymore contact with Legacy. John Camargo (ext 2094) and his supervisor Edgar Gullien (ext 2220) need to be written up at MINUMUM, but probably just fired. If they did it to me, they're doing it to others, They need to be held accountable. Based on how horribly I was treated, how they disrespected and refused to call the auto body shop back, and then for me to get a retaliatory message from John... are you kidding me? Luckily for me, I saved EVERYTHING. So when I received a letter back from Annette Garcia, QA Claim Analyst Manager, Ext 2626, she took no responsibility, no accountability, and did not even bother to apologize for my mistreatment, how I was put out, how they shorted the auto body shop, and how I got a retaliatory response from John after filing a formal complaint. She blatantly lied to me and the BBB by stating all phone called were returned quickly, and everything was handling in a timely and professional manner.
By: Dora winifred R.
American Family Insurance - Annette Mayorga Agency
This office is just plain rude. Who allows this agency to continue is beyond me. I strongly believe good customer service goes a long way. I don't want anything to do with them and don't recommend this office to anyone
By: Maria G.
Farmers Insurance - Ray Johnson
he is not professional enough in handling his business! he is not friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
By: Alex M.
Genesis Insurance
Josh and Nick are so professional and easy to work with. They provide exceptional customer care, and they are always putting the needs of the customer first! I would recommend Josh and Nick to anyone who needs quality insurance and wants to have a good experience while getting insurance!
By: Ronale W.
Farmers Insurance - Mark Schlegel
Mark's staff is very helpful and cordial whenever I call for help. they know their stuff and get the job done quick.
By: Sandblom G.
Sean Overlock State Farm Insurance
Great experience from start to finish. I could not be happier with their services. Dan selected Ersson to be our wedding DJ and it was a perfect fit. They followed our whole agenda perfectly. The lighting was perfect too. We also had them set-up karaoke, which all went smoothly. I would definitely recommend and hire them again.
Tips & Advices
Business insurance generally covers accidental property damage, accidents resulting in injuries to employees or customers, the products you sell, or copyright issues.
One way to reduce premium costs on boat insurance is to take a boating safety course, since many insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders with this credential. You'll also pay lower rates if you maintain a safe boating record. Older boats are more expensive to insure, so it is possible to save money on boat insurance by buying a newer vessel.
It's typically recommended that boat owners get at least $1,000,000 in liability coverage. Property damage costs and medical bills can burdensome, and this coverage will protect from liability in accidents in which you're at fault. For collision and comprehensive coverage, get enough protection to reimburse you for the value of the boat.
Typically, a boat insurance policy provides coverage for anyone that the policyholder allows to operate the boat. However, this may sometimes vary from insurance company to insurance company. If you plan on letting others operate your boat, it's a good idea to discuss this with your insurance broker to make sure this is covered.
Some insurance companies offer boat insurance that covers damage by storms and hurricanes, but this kind of coverage might not be a standard part of a policy’s coverage. If you want this kind of protection, tell an  insurance broker.

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