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By: tina.orozco.58
Economic Security Food Stamps
My family is currently in financial crisis. My husband lost his job and my job doesn't pay enough. I'm self employed btw so I eat all my expenses and that makes it worse. Anyway, I haven't had to apply for assistance in a long time and I always feel ashamed to have to do so when I do, and typically the case workers don't make you feel better about it. They are usually rude and you can tell they hate their job because they deal with stereotypical welfare people. Not everyone who applies is that kind of person but I think the case workers see too much of them and become conditioned to thinking that the clients are "welfare people" who are just trying to make a buck off the govt. again not the case usually in my opinion but I don't work there so I don't know for sure. Anyway I had to make two trips this time around. The first time I got a woman who's name I don't remember who was VERY OBVIOUSLY having a bad day. Or she has a bad outlook on life. She was not friendly at all and was really sarcastic and rude with me. I was afraid to talk to her really and I was afraid I was going to get her again the second time around when I had to come back. I was dreading coming back because of her. She didn't finish my case the first time and didn't tell me everything I needed to bring. She left things out and entered info incorrectly (I didn't know that till round 2) and she made me afraid to ask questions. Round 2 comes along and I take my husband as he had to get fingerprints. We wait the 3-6 hour wait again. Only 3 hours this time luckily and we get a different person which I was so grateful for. This lady's name was Rose and she was AWESOME. She's the reason I'm writing this review to be real. She was so friendly and helpful and she did her best for my husband and I. She made my experience so much better and I wasn't afraid to talk to her or ask her questions or just have a conversation with her. She made sure she had everything she needed and didn't send me home without a verdict. She had a lot of customer service awards in her cubicle which the other lady didn't have, and I can see why. She was a ray of sunshine and a team player too I think because after my case she had to do a hearing or something like that. Some thing that people don't like to do and she told me that she does them anyway so the other people that don't like it won't have to. She was a nice lady and deserved a good review so I found a place to review her on and wrote this. If you have to come to this office, hope you get rose.
By: Jacky E.
Special Security Force
A few years ago our upscale extended stay business in Casa Grande was getting overrun with crime from mostly drug use and drug sales and all the other unfortunate factors associated with drugs which was ironically the biggest concern we had as well as our residents. A friend had highly recommended Special Security Force to me because of the way they had cleaned up her apartment complex in Phoenix and have kept it that way ever sense according to her. We had tried a couple other security companies but to no avail. (It seemed the other security companies would end up partying in the rooms with the drug dealers!) Needless to say I called Special Security Force and they sent out a group of guys who not only cleaned up our location in record time but made more arrests in the first week than the other security companies I hired did all year! We gave our location to Special Security Force and then several more in the state and have been very pleased with the service. Anything we need at all and they are there for us plus our residents simply love them!
By: Alyison H.
Special Security Force
Special Security Force walked into my business at a time when we were having a few issues with the company we had at the time so I decided to give them a shot and we are very happy with them! Excellent customer services, professional looking officers, and result driven. These guys are very proactive in their services and have our small community feeling safe and secure. Our residents get out of line once in a while on the weekends and these professionals keep the peace without having the police show up unless its absolutely necessary. I love the real time reporting of what happens each day so that I can address any issues I may need with residents, or even repairs! The best part about Special Security Force is that the know what they are doing which is essentially acting on my behalf when im not there at night and that's a great feeling to have.
By: Mike S.
AZ Security Force
The owners of this company are great people who truly care about both their employees and their clients. They don't mess up your pay check and they will always work with you to get you the schedule that works for you. Always pleasant and they make sure that their clients get exactly the kind of security that they need and pay for. I give this company 5 stars without any hesitation. The person below obviously has some personal issues outside of the business. And one thing I know is; never mix personal issues with business. That being said, from a business point of view and from my experience this is the best security company in the valley without a doubt.
By: kristen.mcgugan
Special Security Force
I have worked for Special Security Force for some time now. I started out as an officer. I have found my way through the ranks with this company. I enjoy working here, and the people that I work with, as well. This is one of the best companies that I have ever worked for. I enjoy coming to work every day and that is simply because they make what I do enjoyable. They evaluate each guard and play to each person's strengths. They want to see everyone they hire succeed. Not many companies care about the individuals; most are only concerned about the profits. This company does.
By: Don W.
Phoenix VA Health Care System
I had an emergency Appendicitis at the Phoenix VA, It was successful and the follow up was second to none in my opinion, one could not have received any better care. I would give everyone involved at least a 9 and above. I have completely recovered, however I'm still a patient and this Hospital is my primary caregiver. I'm 71 and a diabetic and my primary care Doctor seems concerned and always checks on me about once a month. I don't understand those that complain all the time, compared to the care I have been given here for over 4 yrs.
By: ralowe
Special Security Force
Excellent Company to work for. I worked for these guys before and I had to leave to go back into the service and when I came back to the states, I made a phone call and I was invited to come down to the office and pick up a uniform. I could not be happier. Jobs are not easy to get right now. I am telling you that these guys care about the people they hire and always take care of a problem if it arises. I will always defend this company because of what they did for me and my family and what I see them do for other newly hired guards.
By: Chris M.
Capitol Guard & Patrol
I have not experienced any of the negative stated by others. Capitol is typical of most security agencies. So far, I have been treated respectfully and have had some great assignments. I would say that any security agency is going to have its challenges to work for. Capitol tends to pay a little better than most. If you are not squared away and professional in appearance and attitude, you may expect to be treated accordingly. I will continue to work for them until I experience something that would make move on.
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By: Melinda B.
AZ Security Force
I has an emergency, because the contracted security that was scheduled didn't show up. I spoke with the manager at 6pm, by 7pm they had an officer at the site I needed. I couldn't be more greatfull, thankfull and impressed AZ Security Force is makes heck of a team and an amazing security company. Thank you for going above and beyond.
By: Andy B.
AZ Security Force
Officers are very Reliable and Professional. Management is also easy to deal with. They are always trying to help us out with last minute jobs and work with us to make sure our exact needs are met.

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