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By: Tiffany J.
R & L Automotive
Honest, knowledgeable,fair, and kind. I have been going to R&L for the last 5 years. Rob cares about getting my car back on the road as soon as possible at a reasonable price. Rob has also given me a ride home and picked me up when my car was ready. He has never left me stranded. He sees me in an instant, so I know when he says swing by and I'll take a look, I know there's no waiting and his answer is honest, accurate, and knowledgeable. I first met Rob after a failed smog check, I drove from car shop to car shop looking for estimates and i was getting discouraged and frustrated. I know I must have looked pathetic when I walked into his door .. exasperated and desperate. This is perfect opportunity to take advantage of a woman driving a car, but he did not! Rob listened to my problem and asked me to pop the hood. I began to panic about prices because of my last 4 stops before him with upwards near 80-200 to simply look at my car. Rob said just pop the hood. He looked for a moment said wait a minute... left and came back. He wiped his hands off and said you are good to go.. I said.. what do I owe you? He said come back when you need your car repaired. No charge. What other shops were trying to charge me for was a blown fuse that was preventing my car from passing emissions. My next visit to R & L ended after a frantic phone call. I was on my way to pick my daughter up from school, I was in tears. My car stopped over in Scottsdale for no apparent reason, and No, it wasn't out of gas. I struggled with a tow fee to Rob's way on the other side of town or a free tow to somewhere local. I called Rob, I told him I needed my car in the worst way for daily trips to and from school and that I wasn't sure if I should have it towed there or locally... he said send it over, he'd work with me.. He fixed my car. I gave him what I could on the bill and he wished me well. Next visit was about a year later.. I needed to get my brakes and several other things done. I told Rob I had $1000.00 to work with and I know in my heart of hearts it was a whole lot more that was done to my car but my bill was only $990.00 I gave him a 100.00 Tip for not dragging me through the ringer... I saw him knock money off my bill and cut corners where possible. My next trip was after my car's radiator exploded alongside the road. For 2 weeks, my car was overheating. I was not financially able to do much about the situation. I stopped by autozone and bought this copper stuff that expanded and filled holes in the radiator. It didn't work at all my car was still overheating terribly bad and it was to the point where I was driving about 30 seconds, and waiting for 2 hours for my car to cool... this went on the whole day one day... I just watched my car billow smoke and I drove. I called Rob. He said get it towed don't drive it. I had it towed to his place. I had been driving on a cracked radiator for several days possibly those 2 weeks. He also found my radiator cap between my radiator and my fan. Rob replaced my radiator inexpensively and again got me back on the road asking me to call him and not make my own solutions to these problems. **I can be difficult**I recently needed to see Rob again regarding my emissions testing. It was again a quick fix - I'm hard on fuses - I told Rob when I can afford to get my air conditioner fixed I'll be by to see him again. He has my business. Fast, knowledgeable, fair, kind, and a decent honest mechanic... he's never left me stranded. Thanks Rob for all you do. I appreciate your kindness and hard work.
By: Bruce M.
Master Engine Rebuilding
My 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 (with 180,000 trouble free miles) decided to suddenly have engine seizures followed by complete failure. I brought it to a local repair shop I had been using and they recommended a new engine / rebuild at the tune of about $3500. I decided to check around and quickly discovered that most shops wanted between $3000 - $3800 to get the vehicle back on the road. Some offered a two year limited warranty, some offered none. I knew I was going to get it fixed as the truck is in excellent shape and has served me well, so it was much cheaper to fix it then go and try to find another reliable one.Well, I happened upon Master Engine Rebuilding, called and was told that the vehicle could be up and running in as quick as a week, with a 3 yr. unlimited miles warranty, for around $1500 - $2000 depending on damage. So, I took them up on the free towing and the next day I went down to do the paperwork. I was surprised to learn that they had already removed the engine, a 4.7 EFI V8, and determined the cause of the problem (3 steel valve seats dropped into the cylinders). I was brought back to the shop area where the tech showed me the damaged parts, how it was caused and what needed to be done. I was impressed with the overall condition of the shop, how clean and neat everything appeared to be, and how the tech stations were set up and organized. There was no mess, clutter or junk. I had a good feeling about this place.So exactly one week later I get a call, the vehicle is fixed, and for $2000, my truck is now running like it was brand new. It's hard to imagine that the odometer is at 180K because this baby is running better than it ever did. I would high recommend Master Engine Rebuilding to anyone contemplating needing any major engine overhaul. They are professional, organized, provide great service and offer the lowest cost, but give the longest warranty period. All I can say is "Thank you Master Engine for a job well done!"
By: old-chevy-guy
Dean's Auto Repair
This shop is one of those shops that is a diamond in the rough... I have 4 vehicles and been to plenty of shops around town and been screwed by them all. I got a recommendation from a friend to stop here @ Deans Auto, I live in chandler its a 20 min drive to this shop so IMO I drive out of my way to go here. I recently purchased an old Blazer that was running just not well and ended up stranding me out in Peoria, I called up Deans shop he arranged a tow and within 35 minutes I was hooked up and riding in the tow truck to Deans. When I arrived they had what I needed which was FREE WIFI to work in the lobby while I waited to hear the diagnosis of my vehicle. Within 20 minutes the manager walked out and explained that my distributor rotor had come apart and handed me my keys and said you are all fixed up. I had expected to be there ALL day but I was back on the road again and made it to where I needed to go. I was so accustomed to sitting in the waiting room for HOURS and then getting slammed with a $1,000+ bill, with the tow & the fix I walked out for only $125. I have since used this shop as my sole automotive shop. I have been their customer for nearly 5 years with similiar experiences everytime I go, when it goes it they do a thorough inspection and can explain in regular people terms whats wrong with my car. I have now 4 vehicles and all 4 go to Deans when I have problems. I wish shop was closer to my home but for me it is WELL WORTH the drive to receive this service and repair work. To this day I have not had 1 single problem with any repair they have done, which was common place before I began going to deans.Heck this shop even gives me a ride to work if I need it. This shop is A+
By: tylermurphy
Phoenix Windshield Replacement
If your looking for cheap auto glass replacement and windshield repair in glendale, phoenix, surprise, peoria, gilbert, chandler, mesa, tempe or phoenix arizona this is the place to go. They offer free mobile service all over the valley and in the end that's where you will save the money the most. They have competitive prices on top of the other savings. From what I heard they offer 50 dollars cash back for a windshield replacement IF you use your car insurance. I unfortunately had to pay cash and I couldn't get this offer. :( But I still saved a good amount of money, they definitely are cheap and I found them more professional than the other auto glass shops in Arizona. Windshield Repair and auto glass replacement in Glendale, Surprise, Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix Arizona and Mesa Arizona. Actually the auto glass company is located in Glendale Arizona but shortly after calling them I found out they offer free mobile service all over Arizona. Yes, I said free. That's where I saved a lot of money making this very cheap windshield replacement and auto glass repair. They have other deals too, they seem to change them frequently. I've used this business twice and each time they had different money saving deals. But as far as I know they offer the free mobile service all the time which is the REAL money saver here. With that said, I'd call them instead of trying to find there auto glass repair shop and just setting up the windshield replacement or glass repair you need that way. It's simply the easiest way. I found this company to be much more professional than Safelite Auto Glass Replacement, and cheaper too.
By: ddebbie
Midas Auto Service Experts
Honest, friendly and great job! I called to schedule an appointment and spoke with Sam who was very friendly told me their next opening would be the following day. When I got there at appointment time, they took my vehicle right in and started working on it. The technician Tim, was very friendly and knowledgeable about my truck. I went in for an oil change and to see why I had a squeal noise when starting vehicle. They did a courtesy check and found the alternator belt was worn and cracked, once they replaced it, no more squeal!! They were able to do the repair while I was there. The cost was very reasonable and fair. A year ago the alternator belt was supposed to have been replaced at a Big O and though I was charged for it, they didn't replace it! I had taken it back 2 times because of squeal and was told pulley needed replaced. At Midas they gave me copies of the courtesy check, my bill and also a print out of Scheduled maintenance recommended by manufacture and a print out of recall notices regarding my vehicle. I have never had any service place do that before and was very surprised at all the detail and information they provided me. I will go to this Midas location for any and all future service needs. They were honest, didn't try to sell me work I didn't need, let me know what I might need to get done in the future. Wonderful experience!
By: Leland R.
Bays Auto Service & Tires
I've been coming to Bays Auto for 8 years now and I thought it high time to give them a review especially after this last visit. They take care of my two cars, my two kids cars and my mothers car. Couldn't meet a better group of people that really care. They take the time to get to know you and your needs. For example: This last visit I brought my son's newly purchased 2000 Ford Focus in for an oil change and inspection. My son goes to NAU up in Flagstaff and drives back and forth to Phoenix a lot. Roland (the manager) asked me what the car is used for and how long we want to keep it. I told him we need it to be reliable and hopefully keep it for 4 years. He told me this is not the car for us and that we should consider trading it in. Roland said there is just too much wrong with it and it would make more sense to just get another car. Wow, even though they could have made a lot of money fixing this car up they were looking out for my best interest. They even said find another car and they would inspect it for me before I purchase it . Thank you for taking such great care of my family.
By: Ben S.
Master Engine Rebuilding
I took my 03 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4.7L engine here about a six weeks ago. My truck had 252,000 miles on it and was burning oil. The owner was extremely helpful and knew exactly what the issue was. He quoted me a great price, better than any of the other 7 quotes I had obtained, and told me he could have it done in about a week. I dropped my truck off on Saturday morning and received a call from the owner the following Thursday to let me know my truck was done. My truck ran great for the first 200 miles and then it started to have oil pressure issues. I called the owner immediately and he told me to bring it in and they would take care of it. I took my truck back in and they fixed the issue with no questions asked. Turns out the new oild pump installed was defective. The owner replaced the oil pump and turned the crank and did whatever else that needed to be done to fix the problem. I have been driving my truck without any issues since getting it back. The owner is honest and stands by his work and the 3 year warranty. I highly recommend this shop!
By: burny00
Performance Muffler
I was a first time exhaust buyer, and didnt really know what to look for in a muffler shop. I called several places to try to get an idea about a exhaust system for my truck. Many shops didn't want to take the time to explain to me what my options were, and what would be the best for my truck. A friend of mine told me about Performance Muffler in Phoenix. I gave them a call and the owner Russell was extremely helpful. He gave me several options for a performance exhaust system to get better mileage and power. He even gave me an exact quote over the phone! I still called around to a couple of other places, but no one was nearly as helpful or nice as Russell. Plus he was even one of the cheapest prices in town! I then checked out his website. Performancemuffler.net. I could tell he did quality work. The price was right, the customer service was excellent, and I couldn't be happier with my new dual exhaust. It sounds great, just like he said. I HIGHLY recommend Performance Muffler. THE BEST EXHAUST SHOP IN TOWN!!!
By: Jessika S.
Auto Glass Now Phoenix
I was online searching for windshield replacement shops, came across all theses glass shops that were giving cash back when I use my insurance (score!) So I called around to a few places, most people just gave the dollar amount $75 and hung up the phone. I called Auto Glass Now, first they told me about how they are a network shop with all the insurance companies and not only would get their warranty, that includes free chip repairs for the first 3 months, my insurance company also warranties their work. Auto Glass Now is also a Nation-Wide company, another score! I did the claim reporting with their help over the phone, could get me in within an hour. I get to their shop to be greeted by 2 ladies who were very friendly, they got my keys from me, had me sign some paperwork, then gave me $100.00! Their tech for very fast and efficient, I was back on the road within 45 min! I will recommend them to all my friends & family! Thank you Mandy and Dara, you girls were so friendly & helpful!
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By: protech27
Purcell Tire & Rubber Company
Im a certified technician for over two decades and i took my vehicle there and they did a allignment ( SUPPOSENLY) I drove out from there called to confirm and was told it was tires and some front end parts were bad. I just got done rebuilding the front end thats why i sent it there, to have it alligned, So i put tires on it just to prove a point and took it to the old faithfull place Jack's Alignments on Thomas rd and my suspensions was correct. They took my money and did not do the job correctly nor did it look like they even touched the car. I asked for a print out of the allignment and was told they dont do that./ I even tipped the service manager and got screwed over. i sent over a dozen of people there and not no more never again will i do that!!! They Lie to your face and think there god!!!or the Best person around and make you feel stupid and uncomfortable. They dont listen to what you want or ask them to do for you. Promise you the world but stick it to you in your back.
Tips & Advices
If you have comprehensive coverage, some - if not all - of the windshield repair and replacement costs are covered by the insurance company. Check with your insurance company to inquire about what they are able to pay. It’s also important to consider the deductible. If the cost of the replacement/repair is greater than the current deductible, the insurance company can cover the difference. But if the repair costs are less than the deductible, you will have to pay the full cost out of pocket.
Generally, most professionals can install a new windshield in around one hour and can make repairs in less than 30 minutes.
Wait 24 hours before entering a car wash with a new or repaired windshield. The high water pressures and cleaning chemicals could damage the windshield adhesive.
Most professional installers advise waiting an hour before driving again with a new or repaired windshield.
The cost of replacing a windshield can vary even more than getting it repaired, because the vehicle’s make and model, not the severity of the crack/chip, determine costs. Newer and higher-end vehicles cost more to have their windshields replaced because certain manufacturers use modified or proprietary glass types.

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