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By: Garden G.
Dairy Queen
Thurs 3/10 I had left my PCP on Bethany Home Road and 21st Ave and was headed to my insurance provider to pick up meds and have X-rays taken. I just exited on Dunlap and my car was over heating so I pulled in to the DQ. I was going to let the car cool off and continue to 59th/Eugie Ave. The manager Frank Faria came up to me and asked if I had a problem. I told him the situation and unbelievably he offered to not only take a look at my car but to take me to my ins.provider to make sure I got there and had my X-rays and meds. He stayed through the entire ordeal and returned me to my car offering to escort me home. Needless to say, the odds on this happening are one in a million. BTW, the cheese burger, fries and Strawberry Cheesecake shake were delicious. Talk about wonderful service and a manager that has a heart of gold. I recommend this DQ to everyone I know and I have also made it a point to tell everyone I know about the DQ manger Frank Faria with a heart of gold.
By: iambettijo
Five Guys Burgers & Fries
I've heard a lot of raves about this place so when I finally got around to trying it I was sure it was going to turn out like most of those over-hyped places, but Five Guys has the goods to back things up. I love the totally simplified menu -- just burgers and fries folks! But that's OK because they do them JUST RIGHT. The burgers are pretty much the best I've ever had (get them "All the Way") and sometimes I dream about the cajun style fries, which by the way they give you TONS of. If you like burgers this place is a MUST TRY.
By: Kayla H.
Five Guys Burgers & Fries
While it's considered "fast food", Five Guys will always be at the top of my list for best burger places ever. Huge, juicy, incredibly delicious burgers and top-notch fries, you just can't go wrong! Plus all of the toppings options, it's like you could eat a different gourmet burger every time you visit. If you're in the mood for a seriously good, no fancy frills burger with some incredible fries, go to Five Guys. Oh, and also, the Cajun fries are SUPER awesome.
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By: Madison B.
When I arrive at your McDonald's I am greeted with a smile usually by a Hispanic boy or Native American. He has two snake bites piercings. He's really sweet, he's very accommodating etc. He's just an awesome worker he needs a raise!! ���� The other employees seem really nice also thanks for the good service and food this will be my number one McDonald's from now on. Thanks again!! ������������������������
By: Trip M.
Five Guys Burgers & Fries
Seriously, it's hard to compare any other place to Five Guys, because their burgers are so incredibly delicious that it's hard for the competitors to come even close to this level of amazing. The burgers are always so juicy, delicious, wonderful, and did I mention HUGE?? And the fries, oh boy, don't even get me started on the fries. The regular fries are incredible, but the cajun fries? LEGIT.
By: Lhena W.
It was our first time eating at chic fil a. We are from MI and have only heard about this place. The manager Mary Ellen was exceptional. She actually cared that it was our first time there! She offered us a shake to try and it was awesome! I have never been to a fast food place and had such hospitality! You can tell this woman enjoyed her company and her job. With out a doubt we will be back.
By: George K.
The Habit Burger Grill
I like the burgers but am put off by hostess/cashier. Bad customer service. I was especially amazed but menu. Most restaurants left change sides on combos. They don't care about healthy. I ask to exchange the side salad for frys. No brainer except a habit. Amazing
By: sennsta
Lenny's Burger Shop
The environment is a tad smaller than most places, but the superb customer service and food makes up for it! They make the food right in front of your eyes which is a change for once! I recommend their french fries! The seasoning on them is something to die for.
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By: Tim W.
Xl California Burger Co
The king Kong burger was ok, the fries were good, and portion size was for sure XL, but the 15 minutes in the drive thru when I was the only car there was extremely excessive. If you are in the area, and VERY HUNGRY, and have a lot of time I suggest trying it.
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By: Louie F.
Tried their new hand carved turkey and a few things to point out. It's expensive but the slices are thick, which makes up for it. Also it's honestly the best tasting turkey meat that I had through a fast restaurant.

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