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By: ahwatukeedad
Get Stretched
Denise is extremely knowledgeable in her practice, displays high professionalism and is genuinely concerned for her clientele’s health and wellbeing. Her office is located in a shared, professional office suite that is easy enough to find. I was a little reluctant to my first (ever) massage; however after my wife's persistent encouragement, I was extremely impressed. I've also tried the stretching that Denise offers and never new how inflexible I was. At work, I spend a great deal of time on my feet and hours on the computer. Compound that with the stress of the job; I was suffering from low back, neck and shoulder pain – not to mention the tension headaches from stress. My wife is correct in that I should get worked on more often, but even the times I’ve been able to get worked on by Denise has been a tremendous benefit. Go see Denise, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
By: evanrude33
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
I'm a very physical person. I run, lift, rock climb..you name it. But it has taken a bigger toll than I was consciously aware of on my body. I've received a ton of bodywork over the years and I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced the feeling of healing I did with just one of Jesse's treatments. The session literally encompasses healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The entire time I felt safe and directed; almost like Jesse was having a conversation with my muscles. His intuitive nature is the perfect match for his strong technical skills and in the extended session time (mine was 2 hrs) there is some very specific, effective, supported and deep healing that takes place. I never write reviews...but am compelled to tell everyone I know...Book a session with this guy, he is a true healer
By: Ron O.
A Massage by Matt
Guess I had a runners issue and was only able to take "baby steps" with my right leg, lost full range of motion. After seeing two ortho doctors, and an MRI with no "real diagnosis", a friend suggested I give Matt a call to see if a massage possibly would give me some relief. Glad I did because within the hour massage (Matt comes right to your home), I was actually able to almost walk normally again. Matt not only had me walking again, but I was able to run the following weekend about eight miles. This guy knows his muscle groups, what's right, what's wrong and where every single tendon is located and what it does. I was amazed to say the least after almost THREE MONTHS of doctors not being able to figure out what was wrong with me. THANK YOU MATT.
By: sourceress.monique
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
The Jesse James Massage method is the BEST way to handle issues of chronic pain or discomfort in your body. At the time I started working with my therapist, I had probably been tolerating mild neck/should symptoms on and off for about a year. I finally sought assistance when the mild pain had grown to unbearable. To my friends and anyone reading this: DON'T DO THAT! The JJM method works immediately and is a whole-body treatment process designed to eliminate pain and improve your body's performance in every way. I have found every time I finish a session I have a greater degree of mental clarity at work in the days following and dramatic improvement when I work out. Who wouldn't want that?
By: spcalonge
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
I recieved a 3 hour session from Jesse James. All I can say is WOW! The Jesse James method is for anyone who is serious about thier well being! Jesse truly has a gift of healing energy and excellent tecniques. I felt put back into place physically, mentally, and emotionally. My feet felt alive and light and my back pain was gone! I really felt cared for.I have been recieving massages and bodywork of all kinds for a long time and I have to say that this experience was a breathe of fresh air! Thank you!!!!!!
By: Dave Z.
Muscle Happy "Quick Recovery Massage"
The experience was amazing and always is. I have been receiving massages from Jeremy for about 2.5 years. It all began with Trigger Point therapy for chronic neck and shoulder problems for which I have previously received physical therapy. These were work related problems due to the heavy lifting in my job. After beginning Trigger Point therapy with Jeremy I no longer needed Physical and felt better than I have for years.
By: ember717
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
I have had frequent massages in my life, and yet never experienced this kind of massage. I have had two with Jesse James Body Wellness now, with Jon and Tanner...they are amazing!! I did not even know my body was so out of sync until I experienced this. I have more range of motion in my body than I have ever had!! I had ankle problems for over 10 years and they are completely gone now!! THANK YOU!!!
By: marksloan
A Massage by Matt
“Rare, remarkable technique,focus, effect. A perfect blend of strength and soothing intuition. The use of hands and forearms in sweeping efflurage moves, shouldn't be missed. Matt's friendly demeanor , intelligence make the best better. Clearly the man knows the body -take a look... Do you deserve the best? I know I will be seeing more of Matt. Do yourself a favor make an appointment now.”
By: lindsayw
Chiropractic Del Sol
I went in to see Dr. Wong last week because I was having intense back pain. I thought that I was having some kind of kidney infection because the pain was so bad and I could barely get outta bed. They were able to get me in right away and check me out. It turns out I had a rib out of place. Dr. Wong was able to fix it and I felt better immediately. So happy I'm feeling better. Thanks!
By: krwilling
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
I've had two sessions of the Jesse James Method and it is like nothing I've ever had as far as bodywork/massage is concerned. I have a lot going on in my body and my mind. I hold a lot of emotion and stress in and this method is amazing in letting that go! The therapist are caring and supportive but yet get the job done! I'm on my way to feeling like a 20 year old again :)

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