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By: Paul B.
Harvey's Wineburger
The first Disappointing time at Harvey's in 19 years. I have loved going and enjoying Harvey's sense my nineteenth birthday. (legal drinking age at that time) Last Tuesday I went in for my regular Wine/cheese burger and fresh hand cut onion rings(The very best in town bar-none). I went early so I could enjoy the fine meal before the USA Soccer game started. I never made it to game time, 1:00PM. The new bartender was working, a very nice young lady. I believe her name was Tina, it was her second day I think. Laurie was on-line at the grill. A usually nice lady with tasteful "English Rose Tattoos" at both her fore arms. Laurie had brought her ten year old boy with her today. I never did catch his name but, it mattered not. He was obviously raised properly, very respectful and quite and kept himself occupied at a booth reading and what-not.They were offering a Patty melt for their Special of the day. I thought I would give it a shot with my onion rings. I only eat my beef rare, I mean to the point that a good vet should be able to save that animal rare. It was not to be this day. My melt arrived medium at best. When I mentioned that I would like another one made rare. Laurie said "No that it was rare in the middle". I said I would not pay for it then at which time she reminded me that I already had.(Pay as you order type of service). So I decided to just enjoy my onion rings which again are always excellent. Laurie then pulled my basket a couple of minutes later and asked me to leave which I did as soon I I finished my beer and left a tip. I have not been back and I miss it. I would go a couple of times a week prior and always tipped 20% or better and had been know to giving a five spot to the cooks that took care of me on the side.
By: niteowl76
I've had some good times here and it used to be my regular bar. Unfortunately, we boycotted the place and haven't been back in 6 months. There are some VERY rude employees here. Most notably, the skinny man with dark hair who I believe may be a owner or manager - he works the door and sometimes the bar. This man NEVER smiles and has been nasty to me more than a few times, unprovoked. Secondly, the bartender who has black hair and is either skinny with a gut, or pregnant (not sure which). This bartender got an attitude with my girlfriend after she accidentally spilled a drink. She told us that she would have kicked us out, but since we were regulars we could stay. We're not regulars anymore - we've taken our business elsewhere. It's pretty rare that you have such nasty attitudes in employees. I know this bar has an "edge" to it, but when you're provocative to your customers and it's not justified, you're only shooting yourself in the foot. I give this place 2 stars as opposed to 1 because the man doing Karaoke is AWESOME, the drinks are very cheap, and the food is good. However, if you're in the area, take your business elsewhere - I'd suggest Wagon Yard on Bell, or The Loft further south on Cave Creek.
By: Christian B.
Little Caesars Pizza
Well we don't eat meat so we don't get a pepperoni pizza we always get 2 cheese pizzas and have for quite some time a couple weeks ago my wife pick up the two pizzas open them up and they were pepperoni pizzas not cheese. As we don't eat meat. So we couldn't eat the manager at that time took care of it the very next day when I called. Now about 2 weeks later we have kind of the same issue bring the pizzas home open up one of them and was pepperoni again so I call the store few hours later spoke to Johnny the manager on duty and he told me he couldn't do anything for me because I didn't call right after it happened I had a busy day and you know it slipped my mind and my wife called and said they messed up on the pizza order again from the same place so and he was really smart ass about it too he said there's nothing he can do for me I'll tell you we can do you can give me the right pizza cheese pizza and like I bought in the first place we're going to my money back but now I'm never going to come there ever again and I'm a spread this word all over the place
By: Rick R.
Lolo's chicken
Was at a club that didn't serve food. Decided to go to Lolo's and grab some food for the group. When I Got to Lolo's restaurant i waited at the kiosk for 10 minutes before being served. Told the waiter I needed two orders of chicken wings and two gizzards. Waited another 30 minutes for the food. When it came i decided to add a red beans and rice. That took another 10 minutes! When I got back to the club and opened the food we had two chicken wings not two orders! (For $2.50 a wing). I stood there with three people looking at me looking like a fool! The chicken didn't have much taste and the beans and rice were super spicy... not worth $23! The worst part is I had to run to a local Mexican restaurant to get myself something to eat! Not planning to go back to Lolo's for a while
By: Nona J.
Crust Pizzeria and Ristorante
my boyfriend and i drove to phoenix last night to walk around and grab dinner. we had only been there a few times before, so instead of making reservations, we wanted to walk around and choose a place that looked popular. after checking out a few restaurants, we decided to dine at pizza italia. although we had to wait 25 minutes for a table for two, it was worth it. the ambiance of the restaurant was great--had a nyc vibe to it, and the food was tasty. i ordered the gnocchi. it was pillowy soft and had a great flavor. it was the perfect portion too. we will go back to this restaurant soon!
By: Collis J.
Raffaele's Pizza
The Sicilian Sandwich is the best! I have never found another restaraunt that makes it. Basically a rolled up crust stuffed with mozzarella cheese, cubes of various meats, green peppers, etc (no pizza sauce inside). It is amazing! After I moved away from Phoenix I had family freeze dry several of the Sicillians and ship them to me in another State (need to place another order soon).
By: Stan B.
Elephant Bar
We've enjoyed the Elephant Bar and Grill in Peoria occasionally, and we're VERY glad we found the one in No. Phoenix now. I especially like the wok dishes ( too many good choices though) Menu is extensive, a global menu theme leaves choices for everyone. During peak hours it can get busy but they have plentiful staff to keep things moving, and the food is worth it!
By: Renae D.
Bobby Q
Hate to say it but this place has really good food. I would've never guessed how good this place is, even with my friends telling me and having the Nations best bbq banner on top of their roof. Ive been here one time for their after hours club scene, and I wasn't too crazy about it hence me not coming back. But I would definitely come back for their food.
By: luckygirl12
Phoenix First Assembly
I love this church. Everything about it. The kids program is phenomenal. Everyone is super friendly. To the lady who commented below : just because they didn't take up a special offering for you, didn't mean they don't care. I'd they did that for everyone who needed help, they would have no finances or resources. Try the Dream Center. Or Moms Pantry.
By: Kd K.
Waffles N Pizzeria
Clean place nice people. You can't get better Pizza any where else, they make best pizza. The place and is very clean food is prepared right in front of you. Good variety of food available at this place. It is amazing to find such good place on Van Buren. Will go back again, Good parking space. Dine inn, Delivery available through Post Mate,

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