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By: Michael B.
Auction Nation
BUYER BEWARE! Won a auction for tool bench for 380 with buyer premium and tax almost 500. Upon arrival at pickup I was given a 52in tool bench which was not the 60in I won. After I let them know they went to look for it. A little later they came back and said "we don't have that one" and then tried to take off premium to make it right, which is about retail for that size. So all in all the product I was bidding on they did not even have. I will not be buying anything from them and this is not the first time its happened to me. MB Oh ya they also have a F with the BBB
By: Samantha S.
Logisticare Solutions
This review here is for Tanya Bruce I just not can't believe how of a cruel woman she is her attitude her professionalism is just so disgusting.I don't understand how she became a supervisor. Her demeanor and her attitude a really affects the work environment I'm pretty sure I would have stayed if I had a different manager. I love the work the training was there oh and everyone else I work with the trainers were great all the other supervisors seem to interact with their workers and the workers interacting with their supervisors however this was not the case with Tanya Bruce. Rest assured that I will definitely be complaining to the agency about her she lacks moral support professionalism and most of all communication I am asking you a question I don't need you to roll your eyes or give me an attitude you're my Superior and you're supposed to know these questions you get paid to do your job as I get paid to do mine
By: Door P.
ET Limousine Service
Owner of this company operates illegally and commits fraud. Very shady business practices. I started working for this company earlier this year in 2016. From the beginning the owner of this company, Mario Kennedy, treated his workers very unprofessionally. Without any training he had me (and almost everyone else that's ever worked for him) get straight to driving vehicles that might even require a CDL once a certain number of passengers are reached. Anyways what's shady about him as the owner, is he underpays all his workers and after doing calculations of what the wages should have been, it appears he steals money from his employees. He would also give me extremely lengthy, time consuming, and ridiculously paid for extra surprise runs without asking me in advance when the previous day I would only have agreed to a few and where he would have me doing runs until 2am when I got back from them!!! Worst of all, 18 hour days would result in dismal, severly underpaid checks where customers would also say they would pay the tip with their credit card but he would steal those too because I never received them nor did anyone else. I wasn't even complaining about that anyways, but then he owed me a check for a little over 100 and for 4 MONTHS he would not pay me! I repeatedly asked him numerous times about coming to get the check and have text history where I asked over FIFTEEN times go get the check and he would either: ignore me, lie about not being in town, or lie about meeting me for it. He lied about mailing the check to me as well. This is not just me this has happened to, he has messed up an employees run location and then proceeded to tell at that employee when he went to the said wrong location. That employee then left and the owner told me he was not paying his last check for over hundreds of dollars. He has done this to numerous people but I'm not sure how many have actually spoke up. That final check ruined my credit, as I did the multiple runs and hours in order to pay my bank checking account which had been overdrafted and I wanted to pay it immediately and as a result of not being paid I not only received hundreds of dollars in fees, but my credit suffered as well. I didn't ever want it to come to this but that is very shady and I can't ignore the damages caused. Very, very bad and shady company owner. Beware of buying this service or working for this man. I will be looking into a lawyer immediately to represent my case. I have insurmountable evidence of all his illegal business practices in relation to my pay and other aspects so I will provide updates as the case moves because I will be recovering the damaged caused. I can also ask any past employee what their experience was of the company and can almost guarantee it was bad and that they were ripped off; in fact I know 4 others who were and that's just those I know! I know I will win my case because I'm not in the wrong here, he is! Stay away from Mario Kennedy's ET Limousines and illegal business practices. I doubt he'll be in business long after someone actually is finally doing something about it.
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By: Francellia B.
Auction Nation
Don't buy from this auction as they will not refund your money when there are incomplete or defective products.
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By: Barbara G.
Auction Nation
Auction Nation bought a 2000 Isuzu Rodeo. Went 2 pick it up & the windshield was busted. The pictures that were posted in the ad on their site DID NOT show a broken windshield. They misrepresented the vehicle. I bought it anyway because I drove from Show low.I was pulling off their lot 3441 w. Grand & the transmission slipped & stopped shifting. A mechanic looked at it & said the transmission went out. I called the manager 602-277-0941 & told him that I was broke down a few miles up the road, & that the transmission went out. He told me that the ad posted online stated that the transmission was slipping & ready 2 go. That is a big fat lie. I told him the ad never stated anything about the transmission or the cracked windshield. This is false advertising. He said “sorry all sales are final! Nothing we can do.” I am devastated & stranded less than 2 miles from the Auction lot. This company is shady. They lie & misrepresent the condition of their vehicles.
By: Kellie S.
I worked here from Aug. 2014 to April 2016. I loved it. They were like my family. The only reason I am no longer there is because my husband passed away and I moned back to my home state. Miss you all.
By: Pamela H.
Dex Consulting
Highly recommended. They have a very hard working team and an amazing approach to run their project. Their recent step towards iBeacon is commendable.
By: Ed E.
Business Needs Inc
Paul is a scam artist and a drug addict I caught him many times snorting off his office desk. Don't trust him with your tax returns or any type of business needs you may have. He scammed me out of large amount of money than try to frame me and my family for something we had nothing to do with at all calling me drug dealer. BEWARE AND BE-CAREFUL from this guy....Please save yourself the headache and go somewhere else...don't let this drug addict fool you for a nice guy. His whole business is based on fraud and illegal activities...DON'T BE HIS NEXT VICTIM.....
By: Sneha B.
Dex Consulting
Dex Consulting did amazing job and helped alot in my project as required. They are very professional and available 24*7 for any queries and help. Great Team Work!!
By: Brian S.
ET Limousine Service
Steer clear of this limo company. There are plenty of other reputable ones around Phoenix. We went with this company because they were among the least expensive. Wrong choice. We were told we could pay cash or credit, and that full payment must be received prior to getting in the limo. No problem. I provided the driver my credit card and we left for the night. Halfway through the night, the driver said the card was declined and demanded cash or he wouldn't take us back to the hotel. We were stranded and forced to leave in cabs. The owner initially apologized profusely and I thought the matter was done. Three months later, the company called police accusing me of theft, stating the credit card was declined twice and that we refused to pay. Luckily, thanks to American Express, I was able to document that the charge had, in fact, been approved, then immediately refunded. The case was dropped, but the entire situation not only ruined our night, but was an enormous headache proving to police the accusations were false. The owner, meanwhile, who was pleasant at first, became extremely rude. I would never do business with this company again.

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