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By: renorobingordon
Doholis Chiropractic
I am scared to death of chiropractors. Never on this earth would I go... My doctor said I had "mus-co-skeletal" issues and was giving my muscle relaxers. I was having trouble working, and you really should not be driving on muscle relaxer! I went to a regular chiropractor, finally out of desperation and it was an awful experience. I did not even finish the session, I was so scared! Then I heard about the Activator Method, and still scared, I decided to try it so I could get off the prescription drugs. It was the best thing that could have happened to me. There is no popping or cracking contortions involved. Dr. Petermann made me feel better almost instantly AND he is a real nice guy who cares about me. Also, his price per visit (I have no insurance for this) is lower than other doctors in this area. I am pleased to say that because of this method, I am no longer on drugs and look forward to my maintenance visit that are reasonably priced. I highly recommend Dr. Petermann to anyone who needs chiropractic care. Especially if you have a fear of this type of treatment.
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By: Dominique S.
SCP Chiropractic
SCP CHIROPRACTIC is amazing! I was referred to SCP Chiropractic by my doctor years ago after a car accident. I was skeptical at first as I was not a big believer in chiropractor care at the time. However, I learned quickly how much their expertise and quality care would make a difference in my life. The results were profound. I learned so much from them. Josh, Jenna & staff are so kind and professional and truly have your best interest at heart, they really want to help heal people. Josh and Jenna work in a way that is geared towards long term healing not just a quick fix. I highly recommend them. I advise confirming their office hours over the phone first, I know what is listed on this site is not accurate.
By: Joyce O.
Emergency Chiropractic
This office provides the best chiropractic care in the valley. Dr. Bernard and his terrific staff provide excellent service. Dr Bernard really cares about his patients, and goes out his way to help them. His fantastic hands work miracles. I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I sustained severe injuries to my body, and a severe concussion. Without Dr. Bernard's amazing care, I would have been confined to a wheel chair. With his help, I have recovered and have returned to work. If you are in pain, and need chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr Bernard's Midtown Ctr.
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By: Deann F.
Thunderbird Chiropractic
Dr. Dave Slebodnick is exceptional in educating all of my family regarding our health challenges. He is truly invested in supporting optimal living through healthy, nutritional supplementation and living practices. We are so grateful we found him, and he is changing our lives for the better. After years of suffering with candida and hypothyroidism I have finally found my answers. Dr. Dave, takes his time and invests in each of us personally. He is always there when you need him, and will answer any questions, along your Healing journey! He is simply the best!
By: j.p.swtpatient
Southwest Therapy Specialists
What would I say-I would say you could find no better therapist in - well anywhere. These folks are responsive, concerned, knowledgeable, and they respond to all concerns. My progress was always ahead of my expectations and any emerging difficulties were addressed!The availability of convenient therapy appointments-Very Satisfied!The level of courtesy and respect-Very Satisfied!My overall results of therapy treatment-Very Satisfied!That is what I would tell others -- what I will tell you, the staff: You all are the very, very Best!-J.P.
By: clintonharris
Maryvale Chiropractic
I can finally do all the things that I like to do with my kids. I had an injury which affected my lower back and my body always felt extremely tense and my muscles were contracted most of the time. It would hurt if I made a sudden moved as my back muscles would flinch and cause pain. I started to work with a chiropractor to resolve this issue and I can just say that the issue no longer exists! I don’t even remember the last time I felt tension on my back. Great office, lovely doctors, highly recommended.
By: Robert A.
Maryvale Chiropractic
I have not been to a chiropractor in ages and am not even sure when the last time was, so it's hard to compare with anyone else. I must say the deal is great and Dr. Sembaluk is very down to earth, open, honest, and direct. I was examined and Dr. Sembaluk asked me a lot of questions and explained what he was going to do. He adjusted my back and neck and he gave advices and he is the real deal in terms of anyone you want to deal with. Friendly, professional, a people person.
By: joelgonzalez7
Maryvale Chiropractic
After months of waking up to a sore lower back, I asked my friends for a recommendation to a good, local chiropractor - and that’s where Dr. Sembaluk came in. Dr. Sembaluk has improved my ability to move, stretch, exercise, etc. all the things we normally take for granted. Although my treatments are not complete, I have full faith that I will be “back in the game” once they are complete. Thank you, Dr. Sembaluk for your kind, genuine care for your patients.
By: Jany D.
Ely Family Chiropractic
I have a great experience with Ely family Chiropractic. They welcome me with smile every time I walk in the office. They treat me as one families members and treatment is so great I high recommender to every one who are looking for a great service and treatment. I'm so bless and honor to call them my family please go and visiting them in office today. Thank you so much Dr.Ely for treating me with great service god bless you brother! Jany D.
By: Mike R.
Maya The Psychic
Maya is a brilliant reader I'm very surprise by how well we connected. She got into details an answered my questions before I even asked. l o l. She's truly the best! Very accurate and her prices aren't sky high, she genuinly loves reading for people and because of this I loved her even more. Her energy and her vibe is so calming an it just felt great speaking to her. I will hopefully see her again. I Thank youuuuuu girrrrl.
Tips & Advices
At the first appointment with a physical therapist, Expect an overall assessment of your condition, which may include exercises to understand your range of motion, balance, and strength. Based on that information, the therapist can then design a regimen.
Physical therapists can work in a variety of environments. While many choose to work in a physical therapy clinic, others will operate out of hospitals and are also able to make house calls to help patients who need in-home assistance and rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can specialize in sports medicine, women's health, geriatric, neurologic, orthopedic​, pediatric, and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, among others.
See a physical therapist following a serious muscle or bone injury, especially if pain doesn't go away within a few days, is recurring and dull, or is frequent and sharp. Book an appointment if medication is not helping or if your doctor recommends it.
The majority of health insurance plans do include physical therapy treatment, but the amount covered and the co-pay for patients varies person-to-person. Medicare and workers’ compensation both cover physical therapy.

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