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By: tina.orozco.58
Economic Security Food Stamps
My family is currently in financial crisis. My husband lost his job and my job doesn't pay enough. I'm self employed btw so I eat all my expenses and that makes it worse. Anyway, I haven't had to apply for assistance in a long time and I always feel ashamed to have to do so when I do, and typically the case workers don't make you feel better about it. They are usually rude and you can tell they hate their job because they deal with stereotypical welfare people. Not everyone who applies is that kind of person but I think the case workers see too much of them and become conditioned to thinking that the clients are "welfare people" who are just trying to make a buck off the govt. again not the case usually in my opinion but I don't work there so I don't know for sure. Anyway I had to make two trips this time around. The first time I got a woman who's name I don't remember who was VERY OBVIOUSLY having a bad day. Or she has a bad outlook on life. She was not friendly at all and was really sarcastic and rude with me. I was afraid to talk to her really and I was afraid I was going to get her again the second time around when I had to come back. I was dreading coming back because of her. She didn't finish my case the first time and didn't tell me everything I needed to bring. She left things out and entered info incorrectly (I didn't know that till round 2) and she made me afraid to ask questions. Round 2 comes along and I take my husband as he had to get fingerprints. We wait the 3-6 hour wait again. Only 3 hours this time luckily and we get a different person which I was so grateful for. This lady's name was Rose and she was AWESOME. She's the reason I'm writing this review to be real. She was so friendly and helpful and she did her best for my husband and I. She made my experience so much better and I wasn't afraid to talk to her or ask her questions or just have a conversation with her. She made sure she had everything she needed and didn't send me home without a verdict. She had a lot of customer service awards in her cubicle which the other lady didn't have, and I can see why. She was a ray of sunshine and a team player too I think because after my case she had to do a hearing or something like that. Some thing that people don't like to do and she told me that she does them anyway so the other people that don't like it won't have to. She was a nice lady and deserved a good review so I found a place to review her on and wrote this. If you have to come to this office, hope you get rose.
By: Judy B.
Out-of-Court Solutions
The professionalism, organization, ability to completely explain and make aware of all the options possible were kindly delivered by Oliver. I would not look anywhere else for a better mediator. Not only does Oliver have vast knowledge of the law, but he also has the psychology doctorate that assists in the most steam line communications between the two divorcing parties. Oliver does a great job disclosing and explaining up front the expectations to be maintained through the entire mediation process in order to maximize your time and to save you money. Emails were sent quickly, with additional data to read--on your own--to make the mediation sessions as efficient as possible. Oliver truly wants to deliver all information so both parties can make the best informed decisions. If I hear of anyone who may need a mediator in the future, Oliver Ross at Out of Court Solutions is the top choice! As I have shared my experience with several people going through the divorce process, they are dumb founded by the speed in which my case has proceeded. I am convinced it has to do with all of the details that Oliver has attentively included in the process. Look no further! Out of Court Solutions with Oliver Ross is your best bet for a professional and well informed mediation that maximizes your valuable time and saves you money.
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By: Guy C.
Out-of-Court Solutions
We have an uncontested divorce, but want it to be dealt with swiftly and avoid going to court. We thought Out of Court Solutions would be great for that. We have to follow-up with them almost daily to make sure the paperwork is progressing, and each day, is the same excuse, we're busy, it will be done tomorrow... Or beginning of next week. so the first 295$ to fill in 10 pages, (and it's not even filed yet, 2.5 weeks into the process. I could have gone to the county's website and fill it online, I was just afraid since I've never filled legal papers before, but really now that I've seen what needs to be filled and it's fairly simple. I hope the 2nd stage goes much better than the 1st.
By: Cathy D.
DCR Title & Registration Services
I will NEVER go to DMV again if I can take care of business here. The staff answered the phone quickly and answered all of my questions. When I arrived I was greeted promptly and was able to do title work and get a car registered in about 10 minutes! No more waiting for your number to be called....this place is awesome!
By: jocelynshieldsross
Out-of-Court Solutions
You guys really helped me through a rough time! Everyone was so nice and seemed to really care, and we saved a lot of money. I hope none of my friends get divorced, but if they do I’ll sure to send them your way. Thanks again.
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By: Miss, yvette m. M.
State of Arizona Unemployment Office
Not sure how this is going to work out just yet so that is why I just only gave it 2 stars maybe in future it will rate more
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By: dick.sargent.7
United States Government
a place to git maps. room #800.

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