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By: michaelghastings
Camelback Hyundai Kia
The sales and finance staff are nice and friendly. This should have been a sign. I had to resign the paperwork for my car multi times. Each signing brought with it a higher interest rate. 2 or 3 weeks after originally signing, they finally found a lender. The car is 3 years old, $15,000 financed. I immediately need to replace the tires, approx $450, the brakes need replacing and the a/c blower motor is going out as well. The dealership said they will look at the a/c but they will not fix it. The need to replace the tires is partially due to the poor quality previous alignment job. The dealer agreed to re-align but not until after the loan is funded. Now that I have called the lien holder and confirmed that the loan has funded, (the dealership never called to inform me), I will attempt to get the alignment through the service department. The person that helped me in finance, set me up on a bi-weekly payment plan, which is awesome and makes sense as it reduces interest and pays off the loan early. However, he failed to disclose that I would be making a double payment within a one month time frame. $433, two weeks later $215, two week later another $215.In total, I spent around 16-20 hours in this dealership. Most of the time was spent waiting and the staff not communicating what was going on.It seemed as if the car I drove home was the only car that they wanted to show me, it was also the first car they showed me. I insisted on driving one other car. Immediately after the test drive, the dealer insisted that we keep talking about the first car they showed me. Nothing like grabbing all of your spare change for a down payment, then having to do it again to make repairs to a freshly financed $15,000 car, and then doing it one more time to cover the first months payments. If I were to do this process again, there is no way I would accept this car in its current condition, I would have walked away when they were not able to find a lender on the spot, (they said that's normal, but truth is, every other dealer will know your lender before you walk out the door). and having to sign multi times, not very professional. This is far from being the first car I have ever financed, this was not a normal experience.
By: george.szaszvari
Courtesy Chevrolet
The initial purchase of a used 2008 Colorado was a pleasant enough experience, but not the subsequent dealings. The vehicle had a couple of issues (bad battery and non-working CD player) that should have been dealt with before being sold. I suppose the brake light switch failure that happened about 3 months after purchase could have happened anytime. Jim, the tech guy at Courtesy hustled to get full cost on repairs/ replacements and brazenly lied about the brakes (for details see my public FB posting for 20131024). He incorrectly claimed that we bought the vehicle new years ago in 2008, not used three months ago, supposedly justifying his aggressive attitude to charge maximum on everything. Was he feigning his ignorance or just incompetent? Asking other staff and sales people at Courtesy to help and straighten things out simply got "courteous" brush offs with the usual "Yes, I'll try to sort it out" or, "Sure, I'll look into it for you", but with nothing ever happening ... it seems all phony, making the right sounding sales noises, but in reality nobody there is interested in doing anything for customers (except fleecing them) once a sale is made! All in all, I cannot recommend this dealership.
By: kylemiddle
Bell Honda
Everyone at the service department is always so excellent to me, I always bring all of my oil changes and warranty fixes to the Honda Dealership. Josh, Joshua, George, and everyone else are always very helpful. This was my first time working with Joshua, and he was wonderufl to work with. I like people that are real and on point. He was both. This particular visit was the most excellent in 4 years of coming to Bell Honda. I was given a rental car which made the process much smoother and easier for me instead of bringing the car in twice. I love love love my warranty, and will always purchase a warranty when I buy a vehicle because it makes me feel like a VIP when I check out and everything is free! Car was washed up nice, looked brand new! Now if you guys could just throw in a quick vacumme job that would be SUPERIOR service! Also had a mirror painted and it looks so incredibly good, I have to thow a kudos out to the body shop as well. It looks excellent and matches the vehicle perfect. I cant quite get the electric mirror to work properly though, so I either need to play with it some more or bring it back in for adjustment to the cables.
By: Jose G.
The best car buying experience I EVER had! Me and my wife went to ever dealer in town.They were all nice until they ran my credit.Then the game began.I told them all about it ahead of time so I don`t understand why they would treat me so bad?One dealer even said I was approved and let me take the car home. 51 days later they took the car back and kept my down payment and made me and my son walk home.So I see Carland on craiglist and call them.I tell them the whole story and did a credit online.Matt calls me and said I was approved.I have heard that before.So I went down there and an hour later I was driving home in a nicer car at a lower payment than was just taken from me at the other store.Thinking they were gonna call me and tell me to bring it back like all the other guy.But not at Carland.Got a call from the bank and then Matt a day later telling me my plates are being processed .Wow if I only went to Carland first it would of saved me weeks of stress.Thanks for treating me with respect and helping my family at a tough time in my life.
By: Jayce M.
Porsche, North Scottsdale
Around two months ago, I was looking for a fully-loaded used Audi A5. I was working with a very tight budget so that I was sure not to overspend on my new daily driver. The guys at Porsche North Scottsdale had just what I was looking for - a clean example that came with the user manual and both keys. More importantly, their pricing on the vehicle was absolutely astonishing. The same day I saw this particular A5 was the same day I walked out with a new (to me) car. I did request something in terms of payment in which they didn't approve of initially, but they were able to go above and beyond to accommodate my needs. Each and every one of the staff members was friendly, thus making the experience ever-so memorable. More importantly, I would like to extend my gratitude to Brad Levine for hooking me up with arguably the best "bang for the buck" deal in the Valley and Singh Virk for helping me find what I was looking for. I will be conducting business with this location in the future when it comes time to upgrade my vehicle.
By: Erika rubio ..
Courtesy Chevrolet
Dana was great, he did everything possible to give me a great deal.He was extremely helpful.There was another sales associate, I can't recall his name but he spoke Spanish and mention he was from Chihuahua,Mexico he was great,extremely helpful, and courteous.He kept offering his assistance and water while I waited for the paperwork and truck to be ready.Though I did have an issue and it had nothing to do with the actual service I received from the associates,there was misleading information to the actual deals online versus the deals at dealership.The shop,click,and drive displayed additional discounts to the 20% cashback deal. I took the paperwork for the online transaction and the manager said there was an error with the online systems that it would never be possible to receive such discounts. I would advise to monitor the website closely that way it does not happend to another customer.Though I did not get the actual deal
By: Todd bennett ..
Courtesy Chevrolet
My Sales Person was David Escobar made my experience an excellent one! I had no expectations going into this process. I didn't know what to expect at all. He made me feel very comfortable in my buying experience! And then Martha was very nice too!! She sat down next to me for a minute and asked if I was me and said she'd be right back and ask me to come into her office. She did just that. She didn't make me feel unconformable at all either! And then I was taken over to Brenda to go over a lot of the functions of the new truck. She was, also, very nice and super helpful! We couldn't get my phone to sync up with the tuck initially, but she was able to get it connected. And David stopped by a couple of times to make sure I was doing OK. She helped me get my OnStar account set up as well. All and all this was a great experience! Especially when my initial expectations we very low. Thank you very much for the great experience!
By: Doug ring ..
Courtesy Chevrolet
It was the worst experience in my life I felt so violated from these people, I think they screwed the wrong person , I work at the DOD, firefighter, emt, business owner , and a Profesional skydiver and the list goes on , Jason church and his people were the rudest I have ever seen I left in a vehicle I didnt want to be in Brock promised me he would make me things right, all I know every person I deal business with, my Facebook friends, my friends, and family will know about this, and the channel 3 news is informed of these people. All they had to do is put me in the vehicle that I wanted and not to promise me it would be OK.the story is to long to go into detail watch the news and check on the federal trade commissions website. And the arizona attorney general. My plan is to open a franchise and chevrolet will not be a vehicle I'll be using . If chevrolet wants to make it right it's not to late
By: Jill J.
I had very bad credit.No one wanted to help me.Went to Carland and not only did they treat me with respect,they sold me a car I am proud to drive at a payment I could afford.***UPDATE***This is my 2nd review on them.I bought a car over a month ago.I had my brother do an oil change on the car because I drive over 100 miles a day, after he got done the car was running very bad.He could not get it fixed.I called Carland upset because I am a single mom and need my car .Thank god for these guys.Not only did the tow it to the service center , they fixed it and had it running great again in 5 hours.When I went to pick it up , I asked about the bill?Having it towed down there and fixed , I figured it was gonna be $300-500 .They gave me a bill with ZERO owed.They took car of everything even after I put over 3000 miles on it.GOD BLESS the great people at Carland.....
By: Maria A.
Bell Ford
Bell Ford truly treats you like one of the family. Everyone there, from my salesman to the sales manager to the finance manager, treated me extremely well. I spent more than 6 months researching cars before I ultimately purchased my new Focus, and the team at Bell Ford were by far the best dealership to work with. They are not pushy, and truly want to help you. Henry took the time out of his day to go over numbers time and time again, to help reach mutual satisfaction. At no point in the process did I feel rushed or uncomfortable with him. I have nothing but good things to say about him and the folks at Bell Ford. I live close to AutoNation Ford, and drove the extra miles to Bell Ford to get the service I needed. I will definitely return for my next car, and highly recommend others do to.

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