By: Alyssa M.
Phoenician Pines
So, my boyfriend and I have been at the Phoenician Pines a little over a year now. For the price and location, it's good. Not blow your hair back great, but good. We have a two bedroom two bath we're getting for under $800 a month. We're right by the loop 101 and I-17. It's a very average phoenix neighborhood--not the most upscale, but not the slums, older homes with families. I would say this is a great transition apartment if you can afford it. If you're probably in your mid-twenties to mid-thirties and need a "grown up" living space but aren't quite ready for a house, this is a good location. Lately a lot of younger kids (late teens and twenty somethings) have been moving in, but it's not enough of an issue at this point to drive me away.HOWEVER--please be warned. I keep seeing reviews about the staff and I'm surprised any of the renters have even been able to see the staff. I've tried at all hours of the day, every day of the week and no one is ever in the HOA office. If they are, they apparently refuse to answer the door. They take ridiculously long breaks (they are now closed for a week off for 4th of July...seriously, a whole week) and are regularly closed for "training" days. The posted ours are Monday-Friday 9-4. They are never available and do not respond to calls or emails. That being said, it's nice that they leave you alone. They aren't always hounding you about things or nit picking your living. On the flip side, they don't enforce rules. A lot of neighbors don't pick up after their pets in the community areas, which isn't punished. A lot of neighbors have patios riddled with weeds or cigarette butts. There is often scattered trash in the parking lot. Again, these things don't affect me enough to leave, if you're living in an apartment you have to realize you're living around others who don't live as you do, so no matter how respectable and clean you might be, others won't be the same. Some of this the apartment can't really enforce unless they kick people out. The apartment itself is great. Good size, good price. Out unit is perfect space for two. Laundry in unit.The building is older so we've had some garbage disposal and air conditioning issues, but thankfully I'm handy enough to fix them myself. Again, not needing the office staff, which is good because I know I wouldn't get any help. From what I hear from my neighbors, even if you contact the staff for repairs it can take them weeks to get to you. Haven't had any issues with break-ins or theft. Each apartment has an alarm but we've never bothered using ours. We keep to ourselves but we made a point to meet our neighbors. We're always friendly to those in the community--its always a good idea to build that support, it makes it so we look out for one another. That being said, it feels like a pretty safe area. Sort of going off of general lists: the noise is average for an apartment. You're by a busy street so you'll hear traffic and an occasional loud vehicle. Most neighbors are quite, at least around us they are. The grounds are kept pretty well, aside from trash every now and then that flies out of the trash on pick up days. People tend to not pick up after pets, but that's not the apartments' fault, per say. Safety is good, the gate breaks on occasion (usually because idiots drive into it) but they get it fixed relatively quickly. All of the apartments to my knowledge have alarms so that's a plus. Maintenance is below average. Don't expect speedy service. Can't comment on the staff as I have never actually met them. So, out of 10 I would give this place a 6.5, maybe a 7. If you can handle apartment living, this is the same as most places. You'll fight for open parking and deal with idiots, but that's any apartment. Just be prepared to do repairs yourself and not rely on the staff. Honestly though, I would recommend this place to friends that aren't needy renters.
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By: Ariel E.
Red Bricks on 7th
My husband & I had to bump our wedding date up due to moving across the country with only 2 months to plan & have the wedding. Needless to say, a tough to throw a large wedding. I had a great wedding, but there were SO many complications that arose with having so little time. After we came home from our honeymoon I realized a handful items I owned & used at the wedding venue were missing. I had payed for various staff of my vendors to help clean up after the wedding, as well as some immediate family & members of the wedding party. My family & friends assured me that they had seen the items at one point, but they never made it back to my home. When it came to asking my venue, monOrchid, they brushed me off multiple times saying “it wasn’t their responsibilty” (along with MANY other issues), when I had hired to to make it their responsibility.Table Tops Etc., however, were the only ones to make an attempt to solve my problems or understand my frustration… & after a while had gone by, I was extremely upset. I sent photos to everyone who may have had my items & no one could find them. So Table Tops Etc. purchased items that were similar to the ones that went missing! Where everyone else gave me an, “It wasn’t me!!!”, Table Tops actually did something.Though getting items & money stolen is a bummer & a stress, the thing that got to me was that I felt like the people who were supposed to be helping me throw the most special day of my life were untrustworthy & trying to take advantage of me. I felt very sad. Having Table Tops replace the items that went missing really said to me that they care about their brides. The memories of a wedding day begins when you make the first plans for your wedding & ends once you unpack your bags from your honeymoon. Planing a wedding takes a LOT of time, organizing, money, & overall PEOPLE! Working with someone who is doing your flowers, decorations, & all of those other little details is going to be around quite a bit for your wedding planning. You want it to be with people who you can enjoy & trust, & if there is a mistake they care enough to help you fix it.Other than being problem solvers & genuinely good people, Table Tops Etc. has many other awesome qualities too! They are located in the best part of Downtown Phoenix, have a HUGE variety of really great decor to choose from, make incredible -and unique- floral arrangements, & the creative minds they have working for them come up with some really amazing & cool ideas. Veronica, the girl who I worked with made the table arrangements & all of flowers for the whole wedding look amazing, it was magical!Soon yeah, that’s my article on Table Tops Etc. haha. If I could recommend them for one reason only:- Problems are bound to happen on your wedding day, that’s just how it goes. Have a team behind you who is willing you help solve those problems.
By: kj5555
Skyline Lofts Apartment Homes
My husband and I really enjoyed living at Skyline; however, oftentimes had wavering feelings about the management throughout our 10-month lease, specifically when we moved out. As an example – I had left my thumb drive in the computer lab. When I went to retrieve it, it had been taken. When I asked the front office to review the tapes (the space is constantly monitored by surveillance cameras), they told me the TV to view the footage was broken; however, would be fixed in a couple days and they would review them then. When I checked back later in the week, they told me the tapes had been erased and they wouldn’t be able to help me. Upon our move out, my husband and I cleaned for hours (we lived in a tiny space – around 670 square feet, no children and no pets). We took excellent care of the room; however, we were charged $50 ($25/hour) for the property’s cleaning team to come in and clean again. Additionally, all residents are required to pay for carpet cleaning (you must provide a receipt) and, if you hang pictures, you will be charged a $45 minimum for them to fill the holes in the drywall. We were told upon move- in that we could hang whatever we wanted at no cost because the team comes in and paints all the walls regardless; however, this was inaccurate. You are required to pay a $300 security deposit. When you vacate, you will not receive the deposit in full, guaranteed. The staff; however, friendly, is highly untrained and doesn’t have a firm grasp on the leasing requirements. My suggestion, if you choose to live at this property and have a concern, is to call the regional office as they are much more helpful than the management team on-site. As stated in another review, the southwest side of the building has an extremely powerful urine smell, which becomes much worse on warm days. I think the staff always has a huge impact on a tenant’s experience and, in this case, the staff is well below par.
By: Nunya B.
North Mountain Village Apartments
Wow. Talk about a dump. The staff is helpful enough with things like taking maintenance requests, but if it's anything that requires them to get out of their chairs and away from their computers then forget about it ever happening.I don't blame the staff or the great maintenance and landscaping crew though: the management is a joke and the buildings are just old and dumpy for the price you're paying, not to mention the place is festering with roaches. Yeah, don't worry about paying the $50 pet rent each month-- you can have a kitchen full of roaches free of charge!!!!! The pet policy is a joke anyway, I've seen every kind of breed of dog here even though there are apparently strict breed restrictions, people have their pets off-leash and plenty of people around have 3+ dogs and cats. Make sure to get anti-tick medication for your pets, my dog has gotten three ticks within the last year.People in the complex are generally nice and help each other out where management fails. Never had a problem with parking. Noise level is average for an apartment: talk it out with your neighbors if you have a noise problem, don't bother trying to get anyone in the office involved. That's a guaranteed dead end.For close to $700 a month, there are plenty of cleaner places to call home. Keep hunting! Will be happy when this mistake is over and my lease is up: if you dare to stay they will put you on month-to-month billing and charge you an extra $100 a month for your tolerance of their crap. My sympathies if you are desperate enough to live here!!!
By: mlucas
North Mountain Village Apartments
A quiet community offering an ambiance of sophistication and relaxation, this brilliant community features five floor plans with spacious interiors for your comfort and convenience. Relax in our beautifully landscaped community.North Mountain Village is perfectly located within walking distance to Fry's shopping center and Ross, the metro mall and provides easy access to major highways. Residents of North Mountain Village can enjoy a wide variety of attractions with fabulous restaurants and retail shopping all nearby. Interior Features • Ceiling Fans• Vaulted Ceilings• Frost-Free Refrigerators• Mini and Vertical Blinds• Space Enhancing Designer Closets• Energy-Efficient Designer Controls• Private Patio/Balcony with Locked StorageExterior Features• Sparkling Heated Pools and Spas• 3 Large Laundry Facilities• Covered Parking • Barbeque Grills• 2 On-site Playgrounds• 24-hour Emergency Maintenance• Located Adjacent to North Mountain Village Shopping Center • 24-hour Fitness Studio• Business Center• Clubhouse • Resident Activities• Coffee Bar• North Mountain Village (602)375-0247 Please Call For More Details.
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By: Sam F.
RingSide Pub & Grub
My friends and I stopped in after finding this place online. This place is boxing theme which I think is cool. They should show a boxing movie once a Week. Wednesday and call it like Winner Wednesday or Thumpin' Thursday or Fightin' Fridays. The drinks are a good price. The food is great! I recommend the knockout if you are in the mood for a burger. I bought this like family size Corona. The quality is great for the price. The owner was nice enough to chat with us off and on. She is funny, lovely and she cooks too! Marry me! *Cough* I mean have a merry ol' time here. She is putting together great events. Please list all your events so I can check it out. Oh and do you do Taco Tuesday? I live right down the street and is only slightly out of my route home. I forgot to mention this on the Facebook review but you could totally do boxing video games too! The ringside gals are in bikini's. If you have anything against nice ladies in bikini's this place might not be for you.
By: James K.
Deer Valley Village
"I have been meaning to write this. EACH time I visit I fall in LOVE with this place. I love visiting these apartments. They are WONDERFUL. Sure, they always help any guest I bring in a professional and timely manner, but it is the combination of the team and their talents with the personality of the community this makes IMT Deer Valley stand out to me. Julia Rich is so kind and thoughtful. I like seeing her in the office because she says hello in such a gentle way that I feel better knowing that she is around. She is extremely smart, and has a heart of gold. Colleen Carlson is a Rockstar she is always smiling and you can tell she LOVES her JOB and SHE LOVES the tenets (and their pets) Just a wonderful person. She does what ever it takes to make people feel welcome. Dominque Bailey is respectful to everyone I can tell he really cares about his tenants and he goes up and beyond as well he looks out for them. They are just - all around - the perfect team.
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By: Troy R.
Paradise Valley School Of Karate
My two daughters, 11 and 13 started at Paradise Valley School of Karate 8 years ago with no martial arts experience. Since then they have excelled in Karate, placing in multiple state, regional, national and world championship tournaments. My 13 year old is currently State Champion in Arizona, Regional Champion in Pacific Coast and Southwest Regions, National Champion, and two time World Champion as well as two time National Points Champion. She could not have achieved this level without the training of Sensie Wall, Sensie Hamel and the instructors at PVK. They have provide my girls with superior martial arts skills, a love for competition, and a level of confidence that most young people struggle to find these days. They have learned discipline, respect, and teamwork as well. I can't imagine my daughters training anywhere else but at PVK. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great experience and journey in martial arts.
By: twains3007
Abacus Inn
I have been eating at Abacus Inn for the past 20 years. In that time, this restaurant has gone through several owner ships. The food is of superb quality, and of very large portions. Their prices remaining in a lower level range with the economy ( reasonable ). They have had a considerable staff turn over in the past couple of years. But for good reasons. To answer the below reviews, The food can be prepared anyway you like it. This being said, ( extra veggies, spicier, more wontons in the soup, more sauce, sweeter , just about any way you prefer it . Just ask your waiter. The restraunt is very clean, and the owner will listen to any legitimate complaint . He also takes care of them. Try Abacus Inn, You will not be disappointed. Also, they have the best Chinese soup in the city of phoenix. Especially their Hot and Sour soup. Their delivery service is tops. Just remember to ask and thou shall receive. Twains3007
By: julies1980
Phoenician Pines
I live here at the Phoenician Pines and have had a completely different experience. I enjoy my apartment and most of the people here. But then again, any where I have lived there have been a few people that seem be unhappy in life and feel the need to make others unhappy too. My apartment is beautiful! I workout every morning and the gym is very clean. My boy friend and I use the pools on the weekends and they can get busy but very refreshing. I have not needed many things done but they always are willing to help me and repairs are done promptly. I would recommend anyone to come here.

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