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By: Chris S.
Healthy Habit Health Foods.
Three years ago I was diagnosed with a FUNGAL BALL (ewww!) in my sphenoid sinus (the deepest, hardest to reach sinus cavity). I was terrified after researching this condition on the web as it can be fatal and the surgery is quite dangerous. I went to one of that year's "Phoenix Top Docs", an ear, nose and throat specialist. He immediately wanted to do surgery!!! I asked for a less invasive therapy (anti-fungal medicine) and he refused. His reason? The "blood supply up there is minimal and so the medicine would never reach it..." I persisted, suggesting "It can't hurt to try". He flatly refused again, so I found Healthy Habit Health Foods on-line & went searching for help. Dr. Dan took me by the arm, whisked me around the store and filled my basket with close to a dozen anti-fungal herbs and suggested a special diet as well. He also assured me that I wasn't going to die and that I could beat this - he gave me HOPE!!! About 10 months later, that whole, gross, huge fungal ball CAME OUT. What a miracle - this is sooo rare! I adore Dr. Dan and am convinced he saved my life and I would recommend this store to anyone. I do advise you though to ask for help, because it can be confusing. The place is jam-packed with so many great items that it is hard to find stuff. But I love this too, because i know it is jam-packed for a reason - they care so much about their customers and want to be sure they have something there to help everyone. Finally, I shop around when it comes to supplements and most of the time, they are cheaper than anywhere else, even the on-line stores! Good luck with your health and never give up. Shining On... Chris
By: maralina
Valley of the Sun Pharmacy
I absolutely love this pharmacy. Started out with the usual (Walmart, Walgreens, etc.) and used to dread having to go to any of them. They treat you like a number and often screw up whatever the prescription might be (amount, refills, etc). Wound up with a new prescription for a compound and had to find a compound pharmacy. Found Valley of the Sun through my insurance and gave them a try. I cannot express how absolutely thrilled I am to have found them! First, EVERYONE there is kind, compassionate and caring. Second, they remember who you are and usually know exactly what you are picking up before even saying anything. There is never a long wait for anything and they always try to provide your request no matter how different or unique. They are sweet in person, sweet on the phone and just big enough to provide all your compounding and any other prescription needs while still having that small town feel. One of those rare businesses where you walk in the door and someone says "Hi !" Nowadays, I LOVE going to the pharmacy. Today, both the husband and myself get our prescriptions filled at Valley of the Sun and will never go back to the others.
By: Maria R.
Lotions and Potions Phoenix - Metro Center
I have loved this store for almost 40 years! Fragrances, essential oils, organic body care, oil warmers are just a few of my favorite things! NOW, I am all-in on their Designer perfume sprays! Everyone on my gift list receives them for birthdays and Christmas and they even ask me for them by name! I met the owner in the Alley-Metrocenter in the 70's, and she is still doing her worki! She is an amazing perfume creator, because she recently blended a custom perfume just for me! I think that they have about 1,000 oils and they all smell incredible alone or blended in the body butter and sugar scrub that are organic. I am now buying all of my essential oils here, because they smell better and work better than the doTerra I used to have. And the price is better here for better quality! I love having experts to talk to. I just can't say enough about this great store, especially because they gave me a FREE Birthday Gift today! My birthday was first of this month, so I got a custom scented body lotion with my favorite Amber fragrance. THANKS to Lotions & Potions for that and I will be back soon!
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By: Matt V.
Rosy's Pharmacy
SIMPLY THE BEST !!! I am very glad I was forced to change pharmacies when my insurance wasn't taken by Walgreens. I went to Rosy's Pharmacy and found out about their service and competitive prices. You'd think that by being an independent pharmacy they wouldn't have competitive prices, but they were actually better than Walgreens. They're so friendly and Rosy the pharmacist goes out of her way to provide the best customer service possible. Every time I open their door, they greet me by my name and with a smile. I love that they are sensitive to the fact I run out my meds and they look ahead to the earliest time my insurance will allow me to re-fill it for the co-pay. I'm grateful for this.Now my mom also comes here for her hormones they make there in their compounding lab.I just wish they'd stay open later but DEFINITELY, absolutely, HIGHLY recommend :)This pharmacy is on 12th Street and Northern. I'd definitely recommend it.
By: Jamie R.
EuroMed Foundation
I am so glad to be here. Everything up to now was all very negative, the oncologist, the surgery and chemo, no one gave me any hope with my cancer. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, stage 4 and went through surgery and then chemo. Then felt ok for about a year until it started to spread again and my Ca125 shot up again. Then came more chemo that made me really sick. It came to the point I was told there was not much else they could do for me. I found this clinic online and decided to try it. I have been treated here for the past 2 years. I was never sick from the treatments, my ca125 is now normal, my scans have continued to improve and I feel great. I met several patients with similar results as mine. I love this place and wish more clinics existed like this. They have been a life savor for me.
By: Ned G.
EuroMed Foundation
I have adenocarcinoma of the lung NSC. I was diagnosed 7 years ago and given less than a year to live. They offered me chemotherapy to 'maybe' extend my life by 6 months. I decided to come here instead and underwent intense treatments for 8 weeks, then I have returned for treatments to keep my cancer in remission. The treatments were easy but I live 3000 miles from Euromed clinic, so it's not been easy travel wise. However its been more than worth it for my health. I feel great and I do not even know I have cancer now, though its in my organs but no longer growing. In fact it has been shrinking steadily. If you have cancer and prefer the alternative route then I would consider Euromed doctors, they have helped me a lot. I do not know about other places. This is the only clinic I have been to.
By: amygdala
Quick Pharmacy
Just moved into the area and was looking for a pharmacy close by. I was shocked that my prescriptions were filled so quickly! This place lives up to its name. Also, I had an adverse reaction to a medication that was filled by my regular grocery store pharmacy because they switched manufacturers as they so often do. Quick had the medication by the previous manufacturer in stock, but didn't know if they had enough to fill the script. They were willing to order more from that same manu. even though they had another on hand. (At grocery store pharmacies you get what they give you and you don't have a say in the matter). The staff is great, too. Plus, free home delivery (?!) Highly recommended!
By: Ragan C.
EuroMed Foundation
Anyone with a life threatening cancer should come here. These people saved my life! I was diagnosed with B cell non bodkins lymphoma, after many rounds of chemo I had run out of options and it had spread all over, I lost a significant amount of weight and was in very bad shape when I arrived at euromed. After a few treatments I began to feel stronger. Fast forward 2 years and I have gained all my weight back and feel normal! My cancer has been in remission and am monitored monthly from home, with occasional visits to Phoenix for treatment. I have met many patients here that have had similar stories as mine with all different types of cancer. I highly recommend the doctors at euromed!
By: Betty F.
EuroMed Foundation
I am very happy with the treatment I have received here. The doctors and nurses have been very attentive, experienced and have communicated with me very well. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2011 and after my surgery and chemo, I had a regrowth about a year later. I was told I needed more chemo but had a feeling it would just come back again, so I looked for alternative treatments. I researched places in the states, Germany and Mexico and finally decided on EuroMed Clinic after speaking with one of their patients. My cancer is now in remission and I am in a maintenance program that monitors my cancer closely. So far it's been a life savor for me. I could not be happier.
By: Angela R.
EuroMed Foundation
Euromed has been a life savor for me. I have ovarian cancer stage 4 and exhausted all conventional therapy including debulking surgery followed by several rounds of chemo. I was down to 90 lbs when I started treatment at Euromed 3 years ago and my CA125 was over 1000. I am now 125 lbs and my CA125 is 60 and still falling. My scans continue to improve with overall 80 percent improvement since I started treatment. I was very sick and close to passing when I started treatment and I owe everything to the great care I have received from the skilled medical team at Euromed. One of the doctors there is an ovarian cancer survivor which put me at ease knowing this.

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