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By: Jared W.
Bella Vida Salon
Years ago I went into a Smart Style and they butchered my hair. It was bad enough that people were stopping me in the street to tell me how bad it was (I'm not kidding). I went to Alex and he fixed it without shaving my head - which was incredible. Fast forward a few weeks, my mom goes to a different Smart Style, and I kid you not, they ruined her hair (I don't know why she went there instead of Alex, who I was recommending). She goes to Alex and he fixes it. Not just fixes it - but makes it so good that my overly-picky mother is thrilled. We've both been going to Alex ever since. It's really great because he's very professional, but very laid back. He can joke around, but you'll never hear anything negative or offensive from him. He takes the time to listen and find out what you want and then makes his suggestions, but ultimately in the end you get what YOU want instead of what he thinks you should have (which I think we've all experienced at least once or twice with other stylists in other places).The whole environment at his salon is very stress-free. Get some tea, coffee, water or wine, sit back and relax. You get a massage (if you want one, I skip but my mom always has hers, I'm just not a "touchy" person) and then you just sit back. I've never left unhappy.I know that sometimes it can be a "red flag" when a place has all 5 star ratings, but he really does deserve them, and I'm saying this as a customer, not a family member or a friend. He does a really fantastic job.
By: Yenri P.
Kreative Kampus Learning Center
I started bringing my son here about 3 years ago. I researched many different daycare's before picking Kreative Kampus. I chose them for because they had excellent hours, provided diapers, great rates, solid credentials and it was on my way to and from work. Three years later I'm glad I chose them. The women there are friendly and always have a smile. If they notice anything different about my son they call me right away. They also provide "ouchie reports" for the little boo boos that happen in a little dudes day to day. They are even quick to tell me of any cute events or things that happened while he was there. Like most things nothing is ever perfect; However they have handled every incident appropriately and made documentation available. They even helped in potty training my little guy! It's also super helpful that the staff reinforces the values and acceptable behavior that I reinforce at home. Because of their support he was easy to potty train & is well behaved
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By: Cesar H.
Lifeprints Child Care and Learning Center
As a parent of 2, all we want is for our kids to be in a safe environment and that would give us a peace of mind knowing that they are in great hands as we drop them off every morning and go about our working life. We have never felt any negative vibe or negative intuition about the staff and the facility at all every time we drop off our boys in the morning. Our boys have been enrolled here for over 3 months now. They get nothing but love from the teachers especially the infant room. Very nurturing and caring staff and the facility is very clean. In fact, the last 3 months we have been coming here, our boys only got sick maybe once compared to them getting sick almost every other week from our previous day care. Incidents happen where they get bit or scratched and vice versa, but they are toddlers and its bound to happen from my opinion. The staffs are on point in notifying us about the incident report and actions they took to remedy the situation.
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By: Liz T.
Creating Magic
Good evening, Here I am writing a review on Yelp. I was in class thinking to myself, "My nails look crappy and I am afraid to go to anymore nail salons. Maybe I should for someone who is not vietnamese or asian...." Not being racist, but I have had the most horrible services and then they get upset when you stand your ground. They become upset when I decided that I do not like the pain they are causing me. However, I found this great place and they were open till 8pm. I called as soon as i arrived home, and there after I was on my way to the salon to get my nails done. The service was friendly and familiar. We got to laugh together and chit chat. She was gentle and efficient. It felt like time went by quickly. As opposed to other places like Sienna, or Top Design Nails i felt welcomed and cared for with my sensitive fingers. Thank you for your services. I will continue to come back for more. I felt great being there. XOXO
By: ahwatukeedad
Get Stretched
Denise is extremely knowledgeable in her practice, displays high professionalism and is genuinely concerned for her clientele’s health and wellbeing. Her office is located in a shared, professional office suite that is easy enough to find. I was a little reluctant to my first (ever) massage; however after my wife's persistent encouragement, I was extremely impressed. I've also tried the stretching that Denise offers and never new how inflexible I was. At work, I spend a great deal of time on my feet and hours on the computer. Compound that with the stress of the job; I was suffering from low back, neck and shoulder pain – not to mention the tension headaches from stress. My wife is correct in that I should get worked on more often, but even the times I’ve been able to get worked on by Denise has been a tremendous benefit. Go see Denise, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
By: evanrude33
Jesse James Body Wellness and Massage
I'm a very physical person. I run, lift, rock climb..you name it. But it has taken a bigger toll than I was consciously aware of on my body. I've received a ton of bodywork over the years and I can honestly say I have NEVER experienced the feeling of healing I did with just one of Jesse's treatments. The session literally encompasses healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The entire time I felt safe and directed; almost like Jesse was having a conversation with my muscles. His intuitive nature is the perfect match for his strong technical skills and in the extended session time (mine was 2 hrs) there is some very specific, effective, supported and deep healing that takes place. I never write reviews...but am compelled to tell everyone I know...Book a session with this guy, he is a true healer
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By: Katie M.
Rowdy Hair
Best haircut of my life. I normally do not go out of my way to write a review about a place however rowdy hair is by far one of the best places I have ever been to get a haircut and I have been to a lot of places it is a little pricey but totally worth the money if you want a great haircut I got my haircut with a guy named Maddie and it was by far the best experience ever since salon is very clean and the people are very nice and they hold a great conversation while you were sitting in their chair by the way the chairs are comfortable for people who are getting things done that take a very long time in the sink to get your hair shampooed are amazing because they come to you rather than you going to it if you were looking for a place to give you the best haircut of your life this is definitely the place
By: Ron O.
A Massage by Matt
Guess I had a runners issue and was only able to take "baby steps" with my right leg, lost full range of motion. After seeing two ortho doctors, and an MRI with no "real diagnosis", a friend suggested I give Matt a call to see if a massage possibly would give me some relief. Glad I did because within the hour massage (Matt comes right to your home), I was actually able to almost walk normally again. Matt not only had me walking again, but I was able to run the following weekend about eight miles. This guy knows his muscle groups, what's right, what's wrong and where every single tendon is located and what it does. I was amazed to say the least after almost THREE MONTHS of doctors not being able to figure out what was wrong with me. THANK YOU MATT.
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By: Anissa H.
We love kids child care
I have my son in the summer program and after school. As much as they have to do as teachers they always make my son a priority. He also has severe food allergies and they go out of their way to accomodate and allow me to bring his lunch in. Everyone there knows who I am and my child. I come from out of state not knowing many people and this experience allows me not to have to worry about my son while I am at work. They have even called me before a field trip to make sure my son was going so he would not be left out.. who does that? The front desk which is the pulse of the operation exceeds in organization and strong customer service experience. I am only saddened that I will not be using the services during the school year.
By: charlottej
Primp and Blow
I've been going here since they opened & am now a complete blow out addict. A lot of the reviews I've read in various places just astonish me & I can't help but think that with all the competition popping up around town that it must be other businesses trying to bring down their online ratings. Much of the negative things are pretty silly. I hope that people realize this and give it a shot. As someone who has been here dozens of times and to both locations, I can say the service and skills at Primp and Blow are top notch! Many of my friends have been with me and have always been extremely happy too! I just can't say enough good things..it really has gotten to be one of my favorite things to do to pamper myself!

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