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By: Chantell K.
Premier Pain Institute
I am in the healthcare industry and work with a lot of different pain doctors. When my partner hurt his back and couldn't get out of pain - Dr. V was the only person I would even consider taking him to. Sure enough - with a selective nerve injection - a 15 minute, non-invasive procedure (non-invasive procedure = no cuts in the skin at all - not to be confused with minimally invasive) he was able to walk out of the office, where he couldn't even get out of bed to use the restroom without tears (and he is a very tough man). Anyway, I wish more people knew he existed bc his training in trauma, cardiothoracic surgery, and anesthesiology are VERY unique. I've never seen anyone with a torn up L4, L5, and S1 recover that quickly. Against the doctors wishes, he was back in the gym a week later - that's how unbelievable this doctor is. So if you didn't know - there are options that don't involve surgery out there that actually work. Also- to comment on the other rating I saw on here with one star - pain clinics get a lot of drug seekers - and if you can't trust an anesthesiologist to identify one - I don't know who can. Plus i don't know who other than a disgruntled employee would write a review like that - I feel sad for anyone that wouldn't go to him. He is literally the best-kept secret for anyone in back or any joint pain and I hope anyone with pain tries seeing him before jumping into surgery!
By: sleepingood
AZ Pain Medicine Clinic
Let me say...I hate going to doctors. I have a really bad back with a herniated disk with constant pain. I hate the drug-seeking looks i get. The website is not a good outlook on this place. Its not like a "pain clinic" where you go in and come out with the meds that you need. This doctor is very sharp, and asks ALOT of questions, and is VERY easy to judge. So if your looking for a pill dispensary, this is NOT the place. However if you really are in pain and have a real problem that you can prove, this would be the place to go. Like in the other review i agree she is VERY knowlegeable. I understood more than any other doctor ive been to. My reccomendation is to be very honest and forthcoming and you will not have a problem. This doctor is very caring but doesnt like to be lied to. I have a feeling thats why someone else left such a horrible comment below. BE HONEST! I left this office very happy, and very happy that this doctor actually listened to me. I actually feel like this doctor is HELPING me, just not sedating me.. Heres to feeling better...Thanks Dr Mastrin...
By: diane.karhumaa
Sun Pain Management
Diana K., 09/02/2015I have been seen by this pain management for about 5 months, and I am very surprised by the reviews. I have rec'd nothing less than respect from the front office to Dr. Towns, Cynthia, and Tammy. I feel that this team is doing everything they can to help me live with the pain I've had since 2010. When I call I get through right away, the only time I've waited over an hour to be seen was my first visit, otherwise I've been in the room, been seen, and walking out the door within an hour of my appt. I have noticed that some of the patients in the waiting room are very disrespectful, and complaining about everything possible. Maybe some of you should try being nice and not bitching constantly. Just a suggestion. They are working under get stress, and has the FDA breathing down their necks every minute, so as not to be written up and possibly having to close their doors. This is not the only pain management I've been to either, there have been a few and this is a good clinic as far as the employees.
By: jacquelines
AZ Pain Medicine Clinic
I have RSD/CRPS II plus no cartilage in my ankle due to a very bad car accident that occurred a little over a year ago. I am in daily pain and wasn't feeling as if my last pain management doctor truly had my best interest in mind. She was a very nice lady but was quick to dismiss the pain i was feeling, and I always felt like a number. I was NEVER able to talk to her on the phone, and it was almost just as difficult to get a knowledgeable receptionist/medical assistant to answer my questions in regards to my pain. After switching to AZ Pain Medication Clinic, I always feel cared about. I see my doctor EVERY time. If I have a concern, I can call and my doctor is always quick to return my phone calls. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a truly knowledgeable, caring pain management doctor. She takes things very seriously so drug seekers need not apply. I am so glad I found this Pain Management Doctor - she is amazing at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone
By: uniqueldy
Sun Pain Management
Nearly 4 years of pain management & lots of Rx's for pain that more often than not did not help & always doped me up. Then I moved to Phoenix & took a neighbor there & she said they were good. I call my Queen Creek PC for a referral & was blessed to have my 1st. appt. with Dr. Toure Knighton. At my 1st visit I came with my last pain Rx that was 3 months old & still had pills. I explained I couldn't see taking something that didn't do anything but dope me up. He gave me a Rx that works & doesn't dope me up! At my last visit I again expressed how please I was to have something that works & doesn't dope me up & I told him he was in my will. He smiled. I do not understand the horrid reviews, I never had a long wait even though the waiting room was full (I come 10-15 'before' my appt.), and except for once (NEVER again will I see rude NP Shawn) always saw my doctor & received the best care I have ever gotten from any pain management office.
By: gratefulpatient2
AZ Pain Medicine Clinic
These guys are GREAT! I have never felt better. Their office staff are kind and really helpful and the girl at the front desk was able to get me in on the same day! That is unheard of in pain med offices. The Dr. (Mastern I think) is very knowledgable, she listened to everything about my situation and prescribed my pain medication right away. She also told me things about my condition that no other Dr. had taken the time to tell me that really helped. All I can say is I am so glad that I found this place! They have my highest recommendation.
By: Jeffrey C.
AZ Pain Medicine Clinic
The providers and staff of AZ Pain Medicine Clinic are great! They provide a caring and stress free service to their consumers. I was hesitant when I began treatment, because of previous experiences with another clinic in Phoenix. I would suggest their office for treatment of pain, to my family and friends.Jeffrey ClaytorGoodyear, AZ
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By: Luis N.
Prime Medical Pain Management
Great staff, Julie who is one of the staff members has been amazing and very helpful and very professional at her job along with all their staff. I recommend going there because you will be treated as a real patient.
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By: Jim G.
The Pain Center of Arizona-Paradise Valley
Bring a Snickers bar, you're gonna be there a while!As far as pain care......nothing yet, but I remain hopeful!
Tips & Advices
Several forms of pain management exist that are not approved typically treated by physicians or covered by health insurance plans. These include therapies like acupuncture, for example, or herbal preparations sold in stores. Before beginning any form of treatment or medication not approved by a doctor, it’s a good idea to still reach out to a physician or expert in alternative medicine for advice, or conduct some research online first.
Managing pain in children can be complicated, as kids may have more difficulty communicating their pain to doctors. Children also need to be more carefully monitored when taking most medications.
Health insurance might cover a selection of approved pain management therapies. Every insurance plan is different, so patients should check with their provider to make sure.
Patients might be instructed to continue therapy at home, either through regular exercise or specific treatment. Some people also find that getting frequent rest, taking warm baths or avoiding certain foods, for example, can help manage pain.
Side effects depend on the exact drugs and dosages used, as well as the disease being treated and many other factors. Some pain-relieving drugs, especially opioids, are known to cause drowsiness. Many antidepressants also cause a variety of adverse effects. Doctors must work closely with patients to minimize these side effects in the course of treatment.

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