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By: Don S.
Moore Tool & Equipment
Very poor customer experiance with Mr. Taylor. Apparently late to open shop i ask if i should run for a cup of coffee and give him time to open and he replied "no what do you want?" i said are you sure? He replied, "what, you dont take me for my word?"So i followed him from door to door carrying my collet adapters trying to explain what i needed and what my problem was and going he could solve my dellema even if i needed to purchase a new 5c collet indexer. When i tried to explain my issue he just told me, "you dont know what the hell your talking about". I turn around and walked away. I will never step foot on that shop again and endeavor to never refer anyone then them again.Be aware! Just a grumpy man!
By: Christie S.
Anderson Security Agency
Absolutely horrible company. I wouldnt hire them to watch my pet snail. They treat their employees like crap and pay them low wages yet charge their clients high rates. They are simply in it for maximum profit. Debbie A. who is in charge of HR has a horrible attitude and her sister Kim M. who owns the company is so out of touch at how her employee's are really treated. I've seen them overcharge clients for hours never worked or for post's that were not fully covered by the amount of actual guards payed for. Worked for this company and each year got worse and more befits cut so the company and exec's could maximize profit and pay. Family run company who's father previously owned a security company but was sued for negligent death. Father gave company to daughter to avoid paying settlement and is now listed as an Executive Advisor, but all major decisions must be approved by Senior, aka Kim's father Howard Anderson.
By: Rod L.
Bluehorse Solutions
They fixed what others couldn't. I had cox & geek squad out and they both said nothing was wrong on their end it was the other ones fault. BlueHorse Solutions fixed it!
By: Manny F.
Imperial Protective Service, LLC
IPS continue to do an outstanding job for our company and family, they are truly a professional organization.
By: Ivette P.
Volt Workforce Solutions
I never had so much issues with a company. I started with this company in March and ever since then I have not got one paycheck that is correct or on time. I have had two checks given me the day after pay day and not even the full or right amount. The little old Lady in the front desk will finish her conversation with her coworkers and finish everything on her desk before she attends to your needs. She will give you attitude and tell you to wait, and if you wait you are waiting a good 15 min. I have had to go to this office several times i already the know the location by memory. Because of such the poor service I have thought about continuing my work with them. I will never go through this workforce again. It is a horrible and stressful experience and I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through.
By: Rebekah S.
Desert Machine Tool Repair
This man is a menace to society. He is a road raging lunatic trying to run people off the road along I10. I was traveling at 80 mph and he tried to run me off the road because I wouldn't get out of his way. When I called the number on his van he proceeded to call me filthy names then had the gall to call me back and leave me this message. "You know I deal with stupid people like you everyday of the week I run 1000 miles a week , you have no right running the fucking left lane you got your head up your ass. you want to run under the speed limit you can go fuck yourself. when you get on the freeway take your fucking tampon out and fucking drive you cunt"the speed limit on I10 is 65mph. I was doing 80mph on cruise control when this happened.
By: Barbara T.
Dependable Staffing
Brandt is one of the most unprofessional, unethical clients we've ever worked with. He requested additions, which we performed and completed and then he subsequently short paid our invoice. I would recommend that you steer clear of Brandt and Dependable Staffing!
By: Christopher E.
Labor Ready
Don't ever take an asap job with this branch you gonna get paid a week later sad for the people that have important things to do.
By: Melissa W.
Allegiance Staffing
Awhile after I posted my review a got a phone call asking me to take down my review or they would give me a 25$ gift card.....what do I look like Brianna and David are theif they steal from people. Still never got paid for my job. Going on week three. I work to take care of my baby. I work for a lot of temp agencies no problem but this one. Is the worst. But they did it to the wrong one. I will fight to get my money. I don't care if it was 5$ it's mine and I worked For it
By: Sara C.
LaborMax Staffing
Worked with them on several different occasions. Very professional every time I called. Very personable and took care of what was needed. Great company, great people.

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