By: mattjc
Alcatraz Locksmith
I woke up on July 4, 2012 and saw that it was raining. I walked outside my condo to check out the rain in a shirt and basketball shorts with no shoes. I turn around to go back inside and my front door is locked. I checked my windows and sliding glass door and everything was locked. Started to panic not only due to the fact that it's raining and I have no shoes on but it's 4th of July and I didn't think anyone was open. I googled phoenix locksmith and came across Alcatraz. Gave them a call and within minutes Todd was at my condo with his tools and got me back into my house. Not only was he funny but had great customer service. Hopefully I never have another situation where I get locked out (he also made me 2 free sets of keys, front door & security door), but if I do I know who to call. I highly recommend Todd and will refer him to anyone who might need his services. Thanks again Todd!
By: debitz
Jim Lock & Key Shop
I was looking for a few large jailer key rings which were just not available in the area. I called Jim's Lock Shop and asked him if he had them in stock. Although he did not have any, he took down the pertinent information and said he would make a couple of calls for me. Jim called me back and said that the one resource did not have any and he was waiting for the other resource to call him back. He called me back the next day and said he could order them for me. Although I have to wait about 10 days or so for the jailer key rings, I know that Jim went above and beyond to assist me with getting what I wanted. When I have any needs having to do with keys I will take all of my business to Jim's Lock and Key Shop. Thank you so much Jim!
By: nushratjahanbonna
Phoenix Real Estate Team
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By: Leonard T.
Aqua Locksmith Store
I called Aqua Locksmith Store based on the reviews I read here. I emailed to the company first, but he didn't see my email, so I called. They was very nice. He apologized for not seeing the email, and they asked me to give him the information and send pictures of my locks by email. I wanted to change a lock in the apartment I have just moved into. I wasn't in a hurry, so we fixed an appointment, and on the day we had said, he came on time, was very nice, changed one of the locks for a good price and was just very professional and nice. I will definitely call him again if I have any problem or if I need a new lock, Aqua Locksmith Store is the company to use.
By: Mike E.
I was in a tough position back in 2009/2010.... Just divorced, left my job, moved back to CA with my house in Gilbert, AZ. The housing market had hit an all-time low and could not break even on my home on the market. In comes Amy with all her short sale experience. I must admit that the process (at the current time, bank, etc.) took some time but she bent backwards to show and eventually sell the home. I was amazed and grateful for her experience and professionalism. In the end, the property went to another family and my credit score was barely affected. Thank you so much Amy and PropertyAZ...:-)
By: Lexus E.
The other day I went out to dinner with my wife and new baby. We finished and tried to get back in our car and then I relized I locked them in my car. Its was pretty cold out and felt so bad for my little baby. We tried to go back in the restaurant but it was closing for the night. I looked up locksmiths in my phone and called. I thought it would take forever but had no other choice. The locksmith was there in about 20 minutes and had my doors open in one. It was great service and was fast and definitely saved me and my family that night! Would recommend company to anyone with key needs!!
By: bloodhoundrsrch
Ram Financial Service
Finally a place that will actually tell you what you need to hear not you want to hear & have a plan in place to help! My wife & I were facing bankruptcy if we could not find something to salvage the situation. We ran into RAM here on the yellow pages & had a great consultation the same day. We really got into the root problems & what would actually work & what would not. We were able to put a plan in place instead of doing nothing or just thowing in the towel. So far so good this is a great service with some great people here to help find solutions.
By: Angela O.
TG's Locksmith Service LLC
Tyrone arrived at my place of business very promptly. He discussed different type of rekeying options, and different levels of security, such as rekeying so the locks can't be "bumped" open. He explained the different parts of the lock and key process, allowing me to make an informed decision in the level of security that fit my budget. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. His prices were the best I found in the greater Phoenix area. I recommend him whole-hardheartedly.
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By: Santos A.
Theresa first came into my life when she handled the sale of the home we were renting. She went out of her way to ensure that the interests of the renters (our interests) were represented, although there was nothing in it for her. She even went to bat for us with the new owners and helped us negotiate with them on the new lease. We were so impressed with her genuine care, concern and follow up that we are working with her now as our real estate agent as we seek to purchase a home.
By: Jack A.
Aqua Locksmith Store
We got locked out of our loft in Phoenix, AZ on a Sunday evening, Search Online for a locksmith and picked Aqua Locksmith Store , he was at our place within 15 minutes. We have a pretty heavy duty lock I guess, we had no idea until he started working on it, but pretty soon he unlocked it and even did a little maintenance on it before he left!! I'd say the entire experience speaks to his efficiency, skill and service! He charged an incredibly reasonable competitive rate, $89.00.
Tips & Advices
Locksmiths-in-training can receive foundational knowledge and skills through programs offered at technical colleges or vocational schools. These would include basic courses on lock mechanics and manipulation, along with general skills like business management. From there, most trainees seek an apprenticeship, where they work alongside a professional locksmith. This allows them to gain experience in the field. It can also put them on a course toward certification.
Upon arrival to your home, a locksmith should ask you to prove that it is in fact your residence. They should also be able to unlock most common locks without requiring them to be drilled or completely replaced. Be sure to obtain an invoice that lists all charges before agreeing to pay.
  • If possible, research local locksmiths online and take note of any that have poor reviews or complaints.
  • When calling a locksmith, confirm their address matches what you found online or in a directory. Then ask for a cost estimate for the service you need, and ask to have them bring a written copy of this estimate.
  • Some states require locksmiths to be licensed. If your state is one of them, require the locksmith to bring proof of registration when they arrive.
The term locksmith traditionally referred to people who designed and built locks, but today is generally used for those who repair and replace locks. Locksmiths can be available on-call to help people if they're locked out of their home or apartment.
  • First, determine the type of lock you have, as well as the manufacturer or model if possible. You should also obtain measurements of your door and frame.
  • Remove exterior and interior knobs by unscrewing any visible screws you find. Many knobs will include a decorative cover on the interior side that can be removed.
  • Once you've removed the entire lock, find the screws on the inside of the door frame to remove the latch or deadbolt.
  • With everything removed, repeat these steps in reverse order to install the new lock.

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