By: twains3007
Abacus Inn
I have been eating at Abacus Inn for the past 20 years. In that time, this restaurant has gone through several owner ships. The food is of superb quality, and of very large portions. Their prices remaining in a lower level range with the economy ( reasonable ). They have had a considerable staff turn over in the past couple of years. But for good reasons. To answer the below reviews, The food can be prepared anyway you like it. This being said, ( extra veggies, spicier, more wontons in the soup, more sauce, sweeter , just about any way you prefer it . Just ask your waiter. The restraunt is very clean, and the owner will listen to any legitimate complaint . He also takes care of them. Try Abacus Inn, You will not be disappointed. Also, they have the best Chinese soup in the city of phoenix. Especially their Hot and Sour soup. Their delivery service is tops. Just remember to ask and thou shall receive. Twains3007
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By: noshockr
China Super Buffet
I live in the neighborhood, but even if I didn't, I would travel back to this place. I ususally get a "to go crate" and I stuff it full of as many as I can of the wide variety of authenic tasting Chinese dishes. The cost had never been more than $6.50 for all this, and I think it's well worth it. Buffet is about $8.00 which is cheap by my standards. They always have several types of beef, chicken,shrimp, and fish that are all excellently prepared.
By: jcarmel
New Super China Buffet
The waitresses and staff are so friendly and helpful here! I have been celebrating my mom's birthday here for three years and the back room is ideal to reserve! We even had "Happy Birthday" song in Chinese! Choices of food is great and served well. Place is so clean and it is only three years old so I don't think the next reviewer was really there, as the carpets were brand new then and still look brand new.
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By: thisbemelissa
Canton Dragon
I've been going here since I wad a little girl, my parents love this place! I take my kids here now. They have very good service, the food comes real quick. I've never tried delivery though. The food us great! It's better than panda express ;) I recommend this place to a lot of people. I even took my tata here right before he passed away & he loved out. :D
By: Alex C.
Desert Jade
Cheney95 should move back to NY ,Typical loud mouth from the rotten, rat infested city. I've been to China town many times and it gets worse every time .... jade is the real deal and happy it's close by my home. Have tried basically every dish there and never been disappointed ����. Wish they delivered for those sick days����
By: lshantz
Chen & Wok
The service was great. The food was excellent! Very reasonable prices. They were quick. They deliver. It is dated, but that is typical pot strip mall shops. They don't survive with poor service or poor food. I asked the people in front of me if they had been here before and they had. They say they love the place.
By: Rick A.
King Wong Chinese Food
Omg what can I say about this place best service friendly staff n the food omg best n them egg rolls the best in town n it price omg nice I love it . me n my FAM we always go there for Chinese food o the severving on the plate dam there big u need to try this place.
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By: balloonn355
Hong Kong Restaurant
The food here is delicious and fresh. The good thing is that they use very little oil which is very healthy. Came from SF, I ate slot of Chinese food, and the Chinese food here is traditional, not some fake Chinese food you get out there.
By: tnicolejones
Pink Lotus Express
The have great pork fried rice, and the carb puffs are good. This place is a whole in the wall on the North East corner of 35th Ave. and Union Hills Rd. in the little strip mall on the 35th side north on Mc donlads.
By: cruyff
Gourmet House of Hong Kong
Best Chinese food in town, Environment looks like a restaurant in Guangzhou, China. Service is good. Prices are unbelievably low for the quality offered. Congratulations to the owner, who is always there.

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