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By: Jared W.
Bella Vida Salon
Years ago I went into a Smart Style and they butchered my hair. It was bad enough that people were stopping me in the street to tell me how bad it was (I'm not kidding). I went to Alex and he fixed it without shaving my head - which was incredible. Fast forward a few weeks, my mom goes to a different Smart Style, and I kid you not, they ruined her hair (I don't know why she went there instead of Alex, who I was recommending). She goes to Alex and he fixes it. Not just fixes it - but makes it so good that my overly-picky mother is thrilled. We've both been going to Alex ever since. It's really great because he's very professional, but very laid back. He can joke around, but you'll never hear anything negative or offensive from him. He takes the time to listen and find out what you want and then makes his suggestions, but ultimately in the end you get what YOU want instead of what he thinks you should have (which I think we've all experienced at least once or twice with other stylists in other places).The whole environment at his salon is very stress-free. Get some tea, coffee, water or wine, sit back and relax. You get a massage (if you want one, I skip but my mom always has hers, I'm just not a "touchy" person) and then you just sit back. I've never left unhappy.I know that sometimes it can be a "red flag" when a place has all 5 star ratings, but he really does deserve them, and I'm saying this as a customer, not a family member or a friend. He does a really fantastic job.
By: kikilover101
LA Fitness
I walked in and my mouth dropped. Compared to my "home" gym I was floored at how huge this place was, clean, at the many machines, racquetball courts, basketball courts, the huge class room, huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi, the many cycling machines for the cycling class, the punching bags, the weights, so many weights...And it's air-conditioned!And it smelled so clean...I arrived to the class 30 minutes early because I'm used to my overcrowded gym where people arrive an hour early for class, save spots, etc...I grabbed my mat, picked my spot, and waited patiently...I waited and waited for other people to come into the room...About 5 minutes left to class I wondered if maybe the class was cancelled...Then slowly people startled to trickle in... Members here aren't as rude and respect personal space...For those wondering, I did the yoga class with Glenda...She's a great teacher, down to earth and super helpful...She's the type of teacher that walks around to help you correct your poses...
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By: Liz T.
Creating Magic
Good evening, Here I am writing a review on Yelp. I was in class thinking to myself, "My nails look crappy and I am afraid to go to anymore nail salons. Maybe I should for someone who is not vietnamese or asian...." Not being racist, but I have had the most horrible services and then they get upset when you stand your ground. They become upset when I decided that I do not like the pain they are causing me. However, I found this great place and they were open till 8pm. I called as soon as i arrived home, and there after I was on my way to the salon to get my nails done. The service was friendly and familiar. We got to laugh together and chit chat. She was gentle and efficient. It felt like time went by quickly. As opposed to other places like Sienna, or Top Design Nails i felt welcomed and cared for with my sensitive fingers. Thank you for your services. I will continue to come back for more. I felt great being there. XOXO
By: baltihorse
Fresh Start Women S Foundation
I live right around the corner from this boutique and yesterday was the first time going in. Let me say, WOW! They make a great first impression from the moment you walk in the door. All of the lovely ladies who volunteer are very friendly and helpful, and really make sure you have a great experience in the shop.I was looking for work shoes, and Linda helped me tremendously, without me having to ask! She spent the time with me trying on different shoes to find the perfect pair, and in fact I found two pairs, plus an armful of clothes too good to pass up!The prices are WONDERFUL for a girl on a budget, and they have a lot of business-savvy clothing from great brands (I snagged a pair of GAP slacks for under $10!). I highly, highly recommend this shop. From bags to casual to business clothes, I'm positive there is something for just about anyone lucky enough to walk in!
By: Amalia P.
Elite Homehealth Services
Elite Homehealth Services are just as the title suggests: the elite in providing health services to patients all over the Valley. Angie and her team of professionals hold the highest standard in the quality of services one can ever expect.: from Nursing to Physical and Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology and most importantly Wound Care and Ostomy, the specialists at Elite are sought after by Valley Hospitals and Clinics for their expertise, professionalism and knowledge. I am an Assisted Living manager with many years of experience in the field and a vast network of medical professionals and yet, when it comes to home health needs, I only go to Elite! I strongly recommend to look them up and I guarantee that once you use their services, you will never go somewhere else!Amy - most satisfied customerSent from my iPad
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By: Katie M.
Rowdy Hair
Best haircut of my life. I normally do not go out of my way to write a review about a place however rowdy hair is by far one of the best places I have ever been to get a haircut and I have been to a lot of places it is a little pricey but totally worth the money if you want a great haircut I got my haircut with a guy named Maddie and it was by far the best experience ever since salon is very clean and the people are very nice and they hold a great conversation while you were sitting in their chair by the way the chairs are comfortable for people who are getting things done that take a very long time in the sink to get your hair shampooed are amazing because they come to you rather than you going to it if you were looking for a place to give you the best haircut of your life this is definitely the place
By: Lori H.
Corrective Integration Personal Training
Dom the trainer is very knowledgeable and has many useful certifications. Although his business is great for some, the vast majority of clients are better off elsewhere. The best way to describe his business model is selective, arrogant, and selfish. He has very high prices, doesn't like to work with you, and will deny you entry due to what he would call "a waste of his time". For the rich, very athletic, back bone lacking people that want to kiss a trainers feet because he thinks he knows everything, this is most definitely the place for you. The other 99.9% of us are better off somewhere else, plain and simple. Please save yourself the trouble and bring your business elsewhere.
By: Lynne M.
Top Gun Fitness
I have been a member of Top Gun Fitness for almost 2 years now. Scott Sims and Tom Bass are the owners and I cannot tell you how dedicated these guys are to helping you get results. I know how scary it is to walk into a gym when your 100 plus overweight but It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I have lost over 100 pounds, gained energy that I never had but most of all have developed great friendships. Everyone there is so supportive and encouraging. If you want a gym that is dedicated to helping you get healthy, strong and encourage you every step of the way Do Not Hesitate. I can promise you if you make the commitment they will deliver.
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By: Manuel C.
Team Select Home Care
My grandmother has Alzheimer's and cannot be left alone at home. After trying to deal with this disease for the last 2 years, we finally figured out it would be cheaper to get in home care then for me to go home constantly. We called Team Select to find out more about some of the in-home care programs they provide. They we're very helpful with getting us into the right program. I feel it is a huge weight off my shoulders as well as my families to know that someone is at home with my grandmother. Making sure she is taking her meds, eating, and using the restroom. Thank you Team Select for helping out our family during this difficult time
By: William P.
Park's Hair Haven
Both Amy and Kim have a wonderful salon in Room #5 which I visited on 9/20/2016. Amy was my stylist and we reviewed several different men's hair styles and we agreed on the best looking and low maintenance style as us men usually don't like to fuss with our hair. To my delight it came out very nice and I love it!!!!....Salon is very clean and pleasant with lots of personal waiting around as she is by appointment only. I highly recommend Amy as she is very professional, talented, and friendly. She is now my regular stylist....Thanks so much Amy.

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