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By: Sam F.
RingSide Pub & Grub
My friends and I stopped in after finding this place online. This place is boxing theme which I think is cool. They should show a boxing movie once a Week. Wednesday and call it like Winner Wednesday or Thumpin' Thursday or Fightin' Fridays. The drinks are a good price. The food is great! I recommend the knockout if you are in the mood for a burger. I bought this like family size Corona. The quality is great for the price. The owner was nice enough to chat with us off and on. She is funny, lovely and she cooks too! Marry me! *Cough* I mean have a merry ol' time here. She is putting together great events. Please list all your events so I can check it out. Oh and do you do Taco Tuesday? I live right down the street and is only slightly out of my route home. I forgot to mention this on the Facebook review but you could totally do boxing video games too! The ringside gals are in bikini's. If you have anything against nice ladies in bikini's this place might not be for you.
By: iambettijo
The Cheesecake Factory
I'm one of those people that LOVES it when a restaurant offers me something to nibble while I wait for my food, which is probably why I frequent Mexican food restaurants (mmmm... chips & salsa!), but when I'm not in the mood for Mexican I love to go to Cheesecake Factory. They bring out little loaves of sourdough and this deliciously soft brown bread. Love them both. My favorite meal is the Bang Bang Chicken & Shrimp -- the name is not only fun to say but it is yUMmy! This dish is thai-inspired with peanuts and a little bit of spice. Oh and be sure to save room for dessert -- there's LOTS (like 50) amazing cheesecakes to choose from.
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By: mark.shea.758
Long Wong's
I LOVE THIS PLACE ! the dining area inside has got the largest collection of phoenix memorabilia I've ever seen in fact soo much so that the owner opened a gift store just to handle the volume of colorful handmade items both new and vintage from elvis to jaws yah the shark to gumball machines 5 ft tall to hand blown glass trinkets of love for the special person . its a treat for the eye as well as the pallet and remember this is long wong #1 he started the long wong wing revolution where all the others are judged by . long live the ron at my favorite long wongs.
By: sondra23
I've gotten take out from them for years and while they're always incredibly busy, they're always nice, the food is always just what I ordered, they frequently give a little extra of the sourdough bread cause they know we love it and we're regulars now and with Marie Callenders gone, they are the ONLY great pie place around town to grab a pie anytime. And theirs are so so good. Thanks guys, please never close! Oh, also grew up with the one at Metrocenter and it was where I discovered they made bar-none chocolate milkshakes...thick and delicious. Nom!
By: jeffrey.croy
Moon Valley Cafe
I have seen this place plenty of times so I finally went in, first thing I noticed was it was fairly busy which is a good sign. I was then welcomed in and told to sit where I please! I sit down and am greeted nicely. Then when I look at the menu i notice how cheap things are! When my food comes out it has plenty on it and it is absolutely delicious! I will most definitely be coming backcontinue to go restaurant
By: Stan B.
Elephant Bar
We've enjoyed the Elephant Bar and Grill in Peoria occasionally, and we're VERY glad we found the one in No. Phoenix now. I especially like the wok dishes ( too many good choices though) Menu is extensive, a global menu theme leaves choices for everyone. During peak hours it can get busy but they have plentiful staff to keep things moving, and the food is worth it!
By: longwongspaz
Long Wong's
We've been busy serving chicken wings to the Valley for 33 years. We're originally from Buffalo, New York. So if you want wings done the Buffalo Way, come to us. Our prices are unbeatable. We sell them by the dozen or in the 50 piece bucket. We also serve great american food-burgers, pizza, hot dogs, subs, bottom-less wings and salads too. So check us out.
By: teffi12
Alice Cooperstown
It was a fun day for us and decided to eat for snacks out. We directly go to Alice coopers town. When we arrive there the place is not crowded that's why we got a sit easily. The starter was awesome the nacho nacho and go for entree and its awesome my family love it. The place is a good to hang out with families or friends for a good conversation.
By: Audrey H.
Alice Cooperstown
This place is great, my boyfriend and i went for lunch and as soon as we walked in we were greeted kindly, the waiter was so great we left a 10$tip not much but we usually leave 3$ at other places when service is dull, but this was not the case the food service was fast the Food was great. Difinetly would go back!
By: Debra S.
Diana Milner, Phd P
I recently moved to Phoenix and had a hard time finding a therapist with office hours that accommodate my schedule. Dr. Milner has been very flexible and has made it easy for me to schedule appointments. She's been amazing...professional, caring, helpful and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her.

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