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By: jessy.lea.10
Lerner & Rowe
Lerner and Rowe were the best thing that ever happened to me after my car accident. I am not sure what I would have done without them. I went to them the day after my accident happened and I am thankful that I did. The lady who hit me had this generic insurance company that no one had ever heard of. They made everything so difficult. Lerner and Rowe made the entire process easier for me to deal with. The best part about the entire experience was that the person who was assigned to me. Her name is Sara Waugh. She helped me through all the accident issues and all the stress that goes along with it. I called her many times very upset and with millions of questions. I also sent her dozens of emails. No matter what the issue was or how stressed I was Sara always helped me through it. She gave me options, answered questions, and, most importantly, always listened to me. Sometimes I asked her the same question multiple times. Each time she would patiently answer me and make sure that I was comfortable before we hung up. She was also readily available to me. When she went on vacation she sent me an email of who my temporary contact would be and the dates that she would be gone. Just another example of how Sara always made sure that I was taken care of. She was without a doubt my saving grace!!!!!
By: Albert C.
Anthony Clark and Associates
Anthony Clark helped me and my parents at a very embarrassing time and saved us from some pretty bad advice from another law firm. He gave us a second opinion, knowing we had already talked to others and might be going with them. Anthony took the time to get the details, answer our questions and tell us the real pros and cons of what we were about to do. I was in a wheelchair, my parents were not doing well at all, and the divorce and the business were killing me with calls and letters, also making my parents miserable because they had co-signed. Anthony guided us through a difficult, complex case, which he warned me would be complicated from day one (which the other firm didn't bother to do, since they were so focused on getting into my wallet). Now that it's all over, I still send Anthony email and he gets back to me just like clockwork, even though our case is done. I would trust Anthony to represent my kids and I refer friends to him as they need it. Bad situation made better by good lawyer.
By: u0058687
The Law Office of Howard A. Snader, LLC
I saw Howard Snader in court. He made mince meat out of the prosecutors in an aggravated assault case. The case involved the defense of a 23 year old young man who was charged with multiple counts of assault following an incident at a Phoenix Suns basketball game. After a two day trial - Howard made everyone in the courtroom realize that the State's case was a joke and the man should never have been charged in the first place. Besides being extremely well prepared, Howard articulated the defense clearly and effectively. At one point he made a fist and forcefully punched the wooden lecturn, showing how the injuries to the alleged victim in no way corrabarrated the victim's claims. It was the defining moment of the case and made a lasting impression on me and the jurors, who delivered a not guilty verdict.After watching Howard Snader in action I definitely recommend him;
By: Charlotte B.
Lerner & Rowe
I am more than impressed with the service and care that I was given with Lerner and Rowe. Brian S the intake specialist came to my house right after the accident to take my info. I was almost immediately contacted by Jacque Krum assistant to my attorney. She was always on top of my case and called me back immediately with answers to all of my questions. I really enjoyed getting to work with her. My Edward Earle was very professional and always got straight to the point and I was always aware of what to expect. Both Jacque and Mr Earle were always very sympathetic and had my best interest in mind. The accountant Stephanie Smith was very sweet and professional also. All around you could not ask for a better experience after going through a traumatic accident. I will always be grateful for what they've done for me. Will recommend to everyone. Thank you Lerner and Rowe!
By: Trip M.
The Feldman Law Firm, PLLC
A few friends and I visited the Phoenix Convention Center for a pretty great show, then met up at a nearby bar for some drinks. Long story short, I was pulled over for my first DUI ever and ended up in lock-up. I had no idea how to proceed or what I was supposed to do, so the very second that I got out I began looking up DUI defense attorneys. I contacted a few and they were kind of so-so; you know the type, the basic, half-listening guys who are only looking for a payout, not really caring about the situation. But as soon as I spoke to Adam Feldman (yes, the actual guy!) I knew that I had found the right person for me. Adam actually listened to my case and didn't just write me off as another drunken fool; he worked hard and got the best results that I could have asked for. I cannot thank him for everything that he's done for me. This guy is the real deal.
By: Stevenson J.
Lerner & Rowe
overall the experience with this law firm i would have to say was amazing, this being the first firm that i have used that wasn't family lawyers i would have to say that im very impressed. they kept me in the loop with every aspect of my case, im pretty sure i became an annoyance with my continued calls to bug them almost every day but they were very happy to tell me what was going on. my case manager was cynthia and she was very happy to tell me what i wanted to know. mark grossman was my claims manager and just like cynthia gave me a number to his personal phone which to me let me know they are trying there best to help me out. with the case coming to a close Theresa was my accountant and she really helped me with understanding what and where my settlement was going and the amount i was getting back and what was going to the hospital.
By: Maurissa M.
Lerner & Rowe
When I was rear ended at a stop light, a million things went through my head. What am I going to do ? what if its more than a concussion ? Thankfully, I called Lerner and Rowe. Derrick, was the first person I spoke to. He walked me through the initial paperwork, and answered all my questions, more than once. The case Manager I was assigned to, Linda S. She was INCREDIBLE ! She always took my calls, answered my questions, and even told me what was going on before I even thought about it. The last person to help me was Ruth. There are not enough good things to say about her. She’s the main reason I’m going to recommend and return to Lerner and Rowe. Besides my settlement she made a scary process easy and even a little fun. Thank you Lerner and Rowe
By: garyosu
Law Offices of Michael E. Ziton, P.C.
I did the right thing by hiring Michael Ziton. Mr. Ziton is experienced, courteous and fought hard for my family. Let me explain. My son was facing felony criminal charges in Arizona. We interviewed 3 attorneys to represent him and Michael Ziton was the most engaged lawyer in terms of knowing how to deal with the criminal system and an over-zealous prosecutor. He had a great command of the law and facts in my son's case and took the time to listen to all of our concerns. Additionally, at a time when our family was in a state of turmoil, Michael Ziton made us feel at ease and relieved significant stress for us under the circumstances. End result? Charges dropped pre-trial. I highly recommend hiring Michael Ziton.
By: Arielle F.
Lerner & Rowe
I was in a car accident last summer and originally thought I would be able to do my settlement and file my case on my own. I quickly learned that it was not the best idea. I did some research and talked to a few different offices before deciding on going with Lerner & Rowe. Overall the experience has been really great! Donna was my case manager and she was amazing. She was always quick to call me back, and had answers for me. I was a little bit of needy client but she was always so nice and understanding with all my questions and concerns. Now that my settlement is coming to a close I would definitely recommend Lerner & Rowe to anyone that I know that needs Personal Injury services. They were great!
By: Marie H.
Law Offices of Michael E. Ziton, P.C.
Michael Ziton is a very experienced criminal defense attorney in Arizona. We were most impressed by how quickly Mr. Ziton responded to our email inquiry after finding him on the internet. Let me tell you, trying to find a good lawyer on the internet is very frustrating especially when you are in an emergency situation. Michael Ziton was there for us and helped us understand the criminal process in Arizona. We are happy we chose the Law Offices of Michael Ziton. Mr. Ziton and his staff did a wonderful job helping our family through a difficult time with very serious criminal charges. Happy the case is over and extremely happy with the outcome. You can Trust this law firm.

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