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By: joe.rolleri
Sun Devil Heating and Coooling
found this business listed on Craig's List. I called spoke to Jason the owner I explained that my AC was recently charged and was and now the ac unit is not turning on. I checked the unit it was not turning on. I also stated that BEFORE THIS it was blowing warm air. I would like the entire system checked. A technician cam out on changed bad capacitor. Then proceeded to check just the ac unit nothing else...... I called and spoke to the tech I asked him to check entire system. and I insisted on this He said the system checked out fine..... He said the vents were pushing 70 degrees. So I took them for there word. When the temp started to go up outside after 2 months, my home was not cooling upstairs, my SRP bill doubled.( I verified that is was after their visit) I recalled them they said that it was not related and I would be charged a service call. I said yes it is, I told you before unit stopped working it was blowing warm air. No we do not warranty service that we do not preform. You checked the entire system??? That is not covered??? He said there will be a charge. We called another AC company they came out, found the AC unit downstairs was good, so the capacitor they changed was fine, he said wow very intresting I will need to check the rest of the system. He then checked the vents upstairs found, temp output only 10 degrees lower than room temp. He said something is wrong. He checked the handlers, I asked is this part of the entire system he said yes. He found a DEFROST STRIP WAS SHORTED. This strip was on before Sun Devil came out and after. My SRP bill was $1700 in three months. Know since the other company fixed the other issue usage is down by over 50KW WOW. If the Tech from SUNDEVIL did what I asked by checking the entire system "handlers" I would not have had to pay someone else to find it and an enormous electric bill....... . I complained to the BBB, the company's answer was."We offer a full refund of the monies charged ($157.20) in good faith that we don't want to continue this charade with this customer. This does not mean we are admitting fault, but however, have chosen to handle this situation legally and don't wish to impact our rating with the BBB through any unresolved differences."I just wanted them to admit to the mistake, and not make sure to do what customers ask them to do. I do not know why their tech did not check the entire system????
By: mamabear34
Aptive Environmental
We were greeted today by a very nice sales person today. We agreed to begin service with Aptive based on our initial meeting and the extensive initial service we were told we'd be receiving today. We also agreed to an additional charge of 10 dollars to have our garage specially treated. What we received was a guy showing up with a backpack sprayer and granules. He didn’t even treat the perimeter of our property. He applied granules throughout the yard, the interior of the house sprayed, the perimeter of the house sprayed, and the perimeter of the garage sprayed. This was even less than our current company does. When asked why our whole yard was not treated as we were told it would be, the applicator told my husband, "They’ll bring the truck with the tank and do a full spray on your yard NEXT month.” This was NOT what we signed up for and not what we agreed to have done - contract cancelled. ......... Anyone else think these other reviews sound canned?.......
By: ivans3droom.com
Moxie Pest Control of Arizona
Are first time using Moxie was in San Tan Valley, very good service loved them. They answered all my questions and even came back a few weeks later to spray the inside because I was not home at the time they sprayed the out side.We(My Family) moved to Phoenix, called them up and told them we moved and we would like it sprayed. At first the receptionist said it would be a month and I told her I would like it a lot sooner like the next day because I was having problems with ants. So she said "Okay we can do that" that following day Tyler should up. Tyler has only been with the company for a little while but still answered all my questions and was able to help me with my ant problem. He was very nice to my family, even my 4 year old kid who would not leave him alone. I love Moxie and plan to keep using them as long as they keep hiring kind people and keeping up the excellent service. Thank you Tyler
By: desirae.weaver.58
Moxie Pest Control of Arizona
Someone had came and talked with my husband about using your service. He was convinced easily which is rare. Austin came to my house today and let me know that he was in the area and could do my home earlier than scheduled, otherwise come back by. His customer service was incredible and he was informative of how t works and the future treatments that he would do. He explained what he was doing and reviewed what was discussed last night to make sure everything was correct. Coming from a company who relies on feedback from customers I just knew I had to share. You have a wonderful technician working for you who is friendly, and really cares about doing what's right for the customer. Numerous times he asked if I had any questions or if there was anything else he could do. AWESOME job, so glad to have started my service. Fast and easy. Thanks again.
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By: Isaac V.
Moxie Pest Control of Arizona
Very pleased with the level of customer service and communication I experienced this week from Moxie Pest Control over my first complaint in 4 years of patronage with them. Signed up long ago via a polite door to door sales lady. Customer Service representative's Mariah & Celeste are awesome, Justin my most recent service tech was very informative and courteous, and owner Austin is the man.Rare to have a company be so transparent and professional in their effort to resolve my complaint, thereby exceeding my own expectations. I highly recommend Moxie Pest Control for anyone with pest control needs like mine. I rarely recommend companies but when I do they get all my friends and families business. - Isaac V.
By: Curtis C.
Just Plumbing
Solid service and smooth transaction in every way. We called for help about 9 AM 3/4/15. Receptionist got in touch with the plumbing techs immediately,... then gave us an 11 AM to 3 PM window. Jason "J2" (Senior Tech) arrived at Noon. He explained all costs (initial & advanced). We said "go to work," and that he did.Jason is a pro. He solved our problem efficiently after we had spent 3 hours and money on rental sewer snake equipment.We felt like Jason was on our team as he wanted to do the job properly AND keep our costs down. He did that for us.WE RECOMEND JUST PLUMBING at 5031 E Ray Rd, Phoenix & Ahwatukee area. Costs and fees are comparable with other Plumbing Companies.The Cook family.
By: morenitao
Bulwark Exterminating - Pest & Scorpion Control
I just had my home serviced by Bulwark Exterminating. The tech, Charles Allen, arrived promptly for our appointment and did a thorough and expedious job. He explained how the chemicals used would help irradicate the infestation of crickets around our property, minimize & iradicate scorpion activity, and identified termite mud holes around our home. After he spread granules and sprayed the perimeter of our home, I immediately began to see crickets, beetles and a black widow crawl out of their hiding places. He was friendly, accomodating and extremely professional. Our experience with Mr. Allen was very pleasant. We're looking forward to seeing him next month.
By: Jacob E.
Aptive Environmental
Incredible! Brad is our quarterly service professional. He is professionally punctual and shows genuine interest in our pest need's every time he comes to our home. Since starting service with Aptive Environmental, we rarely see any bugs on the inside nor OUTSIDE of our home! What I appreciate most is the fact that every time Aptive performs a service at our property, they service our home as if it were the first time they had ever been here. They pay great attention to detail and actively seek for any potential nesting sites. I recommend this comany to EVERYONE who wants to rid their home of pests and create a safer more comfortable living environment.
By: lilbits
Moxie Pest Control of Arizona
Spencer was very professional, quick, and courteous. He got the job done and checked with me about other areas I wanted sprayed or didn't want sprayed, Conner came to my door to inform me about the company and its services. He was very thorough with his explanation and walked around the house to show me everything that the technician will be taking care of. I am also retired military both Conner and Spencer thanked me for my service we spoke about the military some and I was given a much needed discount since I am living on a fixed income. I will definitely refer Moxie to anyone else who needs pest control.
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By: Auna L.
Aptive Environmental
My daughter was stung by a scorpion about a week ago and was understand my nearly terrified to sleep in her room!We happened to just have these gentlemen ring our door bell offering our services. Their employee Michael came in and did his job quickly and with such a great attitude.We have a little dog and he was a little upset and continually barked at Michael. However he handled it perfectly, petting our dog and trying to feed him some treats.All in all I was very impressed with Michael and he professionalism and his genuine personality. This was the best way to reward him. I thank them for their service.
Tips & Advices
There are many different types of PIs. The easiest way to differentiate is to break them down into specialties, which include, but are not limited to, background checks (for a potential hiring candidate or investment); civil investigations (gathering evidence for a civil trial); surveillance, (missing person, cheating spouse); insurance and insurance fraud (conning an insurance company); non-insurance related fraud (misrepresentation by a job applicant); corporate investigations (loss or theft of proprietary information); accident reconstructions (to determine cause, location, liability); domestic investigations (divorce, infidelity, drug, sexual or physical abuse); and infidelity and/or cheating spouses.
The best way to find a PI is through a referral. If referral is not an option, begin by researching online  to find PIs in your area. After identifying candidates, check their qualifications such as history, education, and practical experience. Interview the candidate, check affiliations and certifications, and, of course, costs and fees.
In certain instances, PIs can and do work in concert with law enforcement in criminal cases. However, PIs do not have the same authority and, therefore, are limited in the scope of their investigative authority. On the other hand, not being a member of law enforcement allows the PI to work outside some of the strict rules that law enforcement and the legal sector are bound by. Often the PI is working in concert with law enforcement where information sharing is vital to all parties.
It is absolutely legal to hire a private investigator, as long as both parties are operating within the boundaries of the law.
Laws allowing PIs, or any private citizen’s right to carry guns, vary from state to state. Concealed weapons permits are a separate license. Laws on carrying weapons and concealed weapons vary from state to state, so research and understand the laws in your state addressing weapons and concealment.

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