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By: amiracol
Greenway Village Cocktail Lounge
This bar used to be awesome until they hired the bartender with half of her head shaved (weird). I think her name is Jen. She has a dirty mouth and doesn't serve women without a crappy attitude. She encouraged a male patron at the bar, someone I have never met, to speak to me obscenely and when I asked her to correct the issue she 86'd me with the owner's permission. I'll be advising everyone I know in our company and at KUPD not to entertain the thought of enduring her terrible attitude and worse service. She should have been fired for the way she spoke to me and provoked verbal violence out of her friend toward me, instead the owner condoned it. If you want to have a good time don't go to this bar on Thursdays or Mondays, as far as I know that's when she works~ and she is disgusting!Taylor and Brooke are awesome however and are the best bartenders around! They make great drinks and the atmosphere is always fun and entertaining with them!If that creepy "True Crime" action figure was gone the place would be 4 stars at least!
By: jimmyspoon
Bobby C's Bar and Lounge
great soul food,nice atmosphere, really good local jazz musicians. An all around good place to eat and make new friends. Has an "old school" touch. ample parking,and easy to get there. I love it.
By: bruce.gowland.7
Jay's Cocktail Lounge
this place was really cool. small and nice. and they had this bartender named Ashley. and she was fabulous. go check it out it's worthwhile. and to you Ashley, I am for sure your biggest fan.
By: allisonrigsby22
Merc Bar
My friends and I always go here every Friday night. The place is not that bad for me but whenever we go here for some drinks we always end up having fun.
By: francespeterson363
Merc Bar
We really had a blast in here. I like that they have so many great drinks in here and they are playing some of the best music out there all night long.
By: Laurie T.
Big Daddy's Sports Lounge
Best wing's and pizza. Staff and owner extremely nice. It's a fun place to come and relax with your family.

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