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By: nushratjahanbonna
Phoenix Real Estate Team
Phoenix Real Estate Team is really a good real estate team.Their work is very good.They help all people who wants to buy a home and sale a home.That real estate show is such type of agency who are providing good opportunity for their customers.I am very very great full to this company because this company help me a lot.when i was no hope then this company help me.when i was helpless to sold my house because I needed money for my mother.then this company sold my house within 1 i love this company very much.So i suggest people who wants to sale their house you can go beside them.I think they will help you as you can visit That Real estate Show official site...
By: Mike E.
I was in a tough position back in 2009/2010.... Just divorced, left my job, moved back to CA with my house in Gilbert, AZ. The housing market had hit an all-time low and could not break even on my home on the market. In comes Amy with all her short sale experience. I must admit that the process (at the current time, bank, etc.) took some time but she bent backwards to show and eventually sell the home. I was amazed and grateful for her experience and professionalism. In the end, the property went to another family and my credit score was barely affected. Thank you so much Amy and PropertyAZ...:-)
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By: Santos A.
Theresa first came into my life when she handled the sale of the home we were renting. She went out of her way to ensure that the interests of the renters (our interests) were represented, although there was nothing in it for her. She even went to bat for us with the new owners and helped us negotiate with them on the new lease. We were so impressed with her genuine care, concern and follow up that we are working with her now as our real estate agent as we seek to purchase a home.
By: Todd S.
I bought a rental property in AZ about a year ago, and the entire process has been smooth due to Patty. I live in Chicago and did not know the AZ market, but Patty sure did! We looked at several properties and Patty knew right away which houses would make a good rental. She responds to all my questions in a timely manner, found a renter quickly and the statements/deposits are automatic. It has been great knowing that I do not have to worry about my property so far away.
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By: Antonio J.
We own a home in San Tan Valley, AZ that we turned over to Theresa and Amy to manage as a rental property about a year ago.We could not be happier with our choice! Thy have always answered our questions and addressed any concerns with very quick response time. We definitely have peace of mind that our property is being managed in a professional manner. If you are looking for someone to manage your rental property, we highly recommend Theresa and Amy with PropertyAZ!
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By: Patricia C.
I moved here from Maryland. I needed to find a house to rent. I talked to Patty from Property AZ. I gave her the parameters of my needs of a house and my preference to live in Surprise. She had me looking at houses the next day. I had many options to choose and I was able to easily make a decision. Patty is very knowledgeable, efficient and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone in needs of renting out a property or trying to get property to rent.
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By: Randy G.
I have rented two different homes from Property AZ and I have been very happy with both experiences. They have responded quickly to any repair request and have made the whole process of paying rent and communicating with them very easy by allowing us to use a portal to pay online or enter repair request. My property manager is always very helpful and answers my emails or returns phone calls right away!
By: Arlan L.
PropertyAZ helped me locate two rental homes which I purchased that they now manage for me. They also helped me find the perfect first home for my son. They are extremely professional, responsive and easy to work with. Everything is documented, communication is clear and timely. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for home transactions (purchase, sale, rental, investment, etc.).
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By: Jared C.
The best part wasn't buying the house but the personal touch after we purchased. She didn't vanish we still call her with any questions and she is always more than happy to help. If she doesn't know the answer her husband is amazing knowledgeable in all aspects of maintaining a home. Thank you for everything Theresa and Tom we feel like your family not just our real estate lady!!!
By: Karla H.
Amy from PropertyAZ has been a great property manager for our places in Phoenix. She has looked after our places since 2010 and has been there for us whenever we need her. Since we live out of state it’s hard for us to be there and we know that Amy will look after issues we may have. Her smile and great personality has been a pleasure and we look forward to a long relationship!
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