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By: Janette H.
Stick To It Window Tinting
After casually perusing the internet (at midnight, Saturday) for a reputable place to take my Impala, I came across Stick To It Window Tinting. The hours of operation caught my attention first: 7 AM - 2 AM... Yes, a full 19 hours! Then I read the nearly perfect reviews (4.8 stars, with 50+ reviewers) on Google. For me, reviews are better than a fancy website or line dancing raisins for advertising. Just an FYI: the website is pretty good too - informative with pictures and videos!So I call at about 8:15 AM on Sunday, and Keith answers courteously and professionally. I mentioned the make and model of my car, and he immediately gave me a price quote and stated that it would take about 5 hours to complete the tints all around (2 front sides, 2 rear sides, 2 rear side vents, and back window). As this was my first tinting experience in any state (CA-IL-AZ), the quote was significantly better than I had expected. I was able to set an appointment for 1 PM the same day! I arrived a few minutes early, as Keith was finishing with a client. When he was finished with his client, Keith explained the legal tint limit for Arizona and gave me several options and explained the benefits the tint would offer me. After making my selection, I handed over my keys and Keith graciously gave me a ride home. During the ride home, Keith confirmed that his hours of operation (7 AM - 2 AM) are 100% correct.About 20 minutes after dropping me off, Keith called me to verify some things (if I wanted the sunroof tinted, if I have satellite radio, etc.), which I really appreciated as I hate surprises. At 4:30, I got a text message which read "your car is tinted!". That was exciting for me, as I didn't expect the car to be completed until 6 PM. Keith came back to pick me up and bring me to my car. During the ride to his garage, he explained what I should expect with the tint, as well as some basic maintenance info. As I walked into his tidy garage, I was stunned! My car looked AMAZING! Not a single sliver of clear glass in sight. Even the glass behind the seals/frame were seamlessly tinted. I walked around the car in awe for a few minutes, admiring the (yes, I am going to say this) the beautiful tints. After my initial giddiness subsided, Keith explained that I should not roll down the windows or wash the tint for the next two days, and he put reminder tape on the window buttons (which is great for me, as I generally tend to roll my windows down within 2 minutes of getting in my car).Although this review comes less than 2 hours after leaving Keith's garage, I am extremely satisfied with his work, and I have already told one of my co-workers about Stick To It Window Tinting. I will try to remember to give an updated review after I have had the tints for a while. I know this was a long review, but Keith's courtesy, professionalism, and quality service merits nothing less than a stellar review, regardless of length. Thank you again for the superb tints on my Impala, Keith!
By: thefarrellfam
Arizona Solar Control
Arizona Solar Control is the only Window Film and Tint Company in Phoenix that I will refer my clients to. They do an amazing job with both customer service and the actual window film installation! Every customer I have sent to Arizona Solar Control has given me great feedback on their experiences. I have referred office locations for privacy window films, high-end homes on Camelback mountain and my recurring customers looking to fix a problem area or lighting and heat issue. All with great success! Being a great personal assistant means having all the answers and when my clients ask about window tint or solar films, I answer Arizona Solar Control! Thank you for taking such good care of my clients.
By: chrisj2011
Arizona Solar Control
Last year Arizona Solar Control installed a really nice solar window film tint on my upstairs windows. My grandkids are coming over a lot more now and I am always afraid they are going to go right through my arcadia doors. I called AZ Solar Control back because I remembered they had some sort of security window film as well. The owner Tom, is such a nice guy, he got me scheduled right in. Thursday, they came out and installed the security window film on both doors. They were done quickly, just as nice as I remembered them and now I feel so much better about the doors!Thank you for impressing me with your product and service twice. I will certainly refer you to friends and family!
By: jasonw464
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
I recently bought a used car. I noticed a “whistling” noise as I was driving down the highway and discovered the previous owners had a windshield that had been installed wrong. I know this can be really dangerous, so I called Suntech Glass right away. This company is easily the best in Arizona. Their prices are the best and their technicians perform at the highest level. Suntech took the extra time to fill out the insurance paperwork for me and they let me know that their work is backed with an ironclad warranty.
By: brubacherd
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
I want to express what great satisfaction I received from Suntec Auto when I needed a new windshield installed. I called for a quote around 1 PM and by 3 PM the job was completed. Pat, who did the work was extremely knowledgeable and very professional. I’m not only happy with the outstanding work, but with the cost as well. I will not hesitate to recommend Suntec Auto to everyone I know.
By: bruceborden
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
I rarely find myself having free time. When my windshield was cracked, I couldn’t find out where in the world I would find the time to take it in for a repair. Lucky for me, I found Suntec. They work for the customer and came to my office for the repair. I didn’t have to do a thing. Thanks again for your hard work, my car couldn’t look better.
By: bettybradshaw
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
I want to extend my gratitude to Suntec Auto Glass for taking care of me when I was in a tight spot. I needed a windshield repaired last weekend but just could not find the time. Sylvia helped me find a time that would work and sent a technician to my house. She even handled the insurance paperwork for me saving me more time. Thank you again.
By: carsoncross
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
It seems like everyone is trying to pinch pennies. Discovering a chipped windshield was not my idea of saving money. However, calling Suntec Auto Glass definitely was. They offer the lowest prices and since I work as a teacher, they give me a great discount. I love that Suntec Auto Glass is a company that looks out for the customer first.
By: roland.
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
A few weeks ago, I was driving home from work. I stopped at a busy intersection when the car behind me ran into me. I won’t go into all the details, but I found myself needing my windshield replaced. Luckily Suntec Auto was there for me. My windshield looks great and only at a fraction of the price that I would have spent anywhere else.
By: diannegreen
Suntec Auto Glass & Tinting
I was getting ready for a road trip, and had a massive crack in my windshield. I didn't think I'd have time to get it repaired before leaving town. My husband insisted that I have it done. Suntec came to my house and repaired the windshield while I was packing. I'm so grateful for their mobile service. I felt a lot safer on my drive!
Tips & Advices
Window tint film is typically applied to the inside of your car window. The film is first laid across the outside of the car window, and it's cut to fit the window's dimensions. Then the trimmed piece of tint film is installed on the inside of the car window.
Tinted windows offer several benefits. They can reduce the amount of heat in a car's cabin by as much as 50 percent, and this can lighten your fuel bill by making you less reliant on air conditioning in hot weather. Tinted windows block UV light, and this can protect drivers and passengers  from sunburn and skin cancer. Also, tinted windows protect the components of a car's cabin from being faded by the sun.
Ceramic tint is a type of film used to darken windows. Ceramic tint is a high-quality product, and it's typically the most expensive type of film tint on the market. This type of tint contains a ceramic particle that nonconductive and nonmetallic, and it can reduce solar heat within your car's cabin by as much as 50 percent.
A limo tint is one of the darkest tints available on the market. A limo tint has a VLT of just 5 percent. This means that the tint allows just 5 percent of exterior light to enter the car's cabin. A limo tint on the front side windows is illegal in all states except Michigan.
Window tinting percentages refer to the amount of light that a tint allows into a vehicle's cabin. This is known as the tint's visible light transference, or VLT. The higher the VLT, the lighter the tint of the window. For example, a window with a VLT of 30 percent would be much darker than a window with a VLT of 70 percent.

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