By: ronyork
Magnum Precision Gunsmithing
No problems with having two pistols worked on, replaced the sights on both. One had to go back to Ruger for trigger work, they took care of all aspects and it wasn't that long of a wait. Head Smith was friendly, as was an assistant that helped me resight the guns.. Price was reasonable. Only issue was I also wanted to change the sights on a Tokarav (Norinco Model 213) and they didn't seem to want to do that. Any one with ideas, please post a review.
By: t.chavez
The Right Technician
Paul Repp is a fabulous Tech. agent. I work from home and it is important for my PC to be up and running. He replace some drivers and had my PC up and running within a day. I ran into problems with my work phone connection. He came back and corrected the problem immediately which was very much appreciated. He does have a work complete guarantee and he sticks to it. I will defiantly call him for future PC issues which will eventually arise again.
By: John B.
The Weapon Works
I had a case separation (cartridge blew up in the barrel) and couldn't remove the brass. Weapon Works not only removed the broken round, they polished and cleaned the receiver, checked and adjusted the head space and installed new rollers on the bolt of my CETME .308, all for a lot less than I was expecting to have to pay. These guys know their stuff. I'll be back with any future gun concerns.
By: lydcit
The Right Technician
I have just had my third visit from The Right Technician and have been pleasantly surprised each time by his technical knowledge, promptness and reasonable rates. He also leaves directions on my computer to access for minor issues, but is always available by e-mail on his website or by phone if necessary. WHAT A FIND!!!
By: moejo.johnson
Pearl Firearms Repair
Larry Stafford is an honest and conscientious gunsmith. Quality work, reasonable rates and a heartfelt dedication to his work. I was very happy and my shotgun was very happy . I would not hesitate to use Pearl Firearms again. I highly recommend this business.
By: Jeff F.
Lookout Mountain Outdoors
This is a great place to have a fire arm transferred to from online purchases they $20 for your 1st transfer then after that only $15! Joe and Paul are sure friendly and helpful. I'm also told the have one of the best bow techs in the valley for you bow hunters.
By: Ken S.
Magnum Precision Gunsmithing
In 1994 Magnum Precision built my custom Springfield 1911. 55,000 rounds later it's still working flawlessly. Original 2.5lb trigger. Amazing work.
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By: Sherri B.
Lookout Mountain Outdoors
No worms in 5 years. Nice store lots of supplies and the owner is very helpful. Located northwest of bell road on the west side of the road.
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By: Bill L.
BJL Computer Solutions
I have been in this business since 1990, love servicing customers computers. Setting up Wi-Fi and virus removal.
By: Lynn G.
Gunsmith Inc
Disappointed that he only works on certain guns. Not Baretta or Browning.

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