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By: Danielle G.
Five Star Auto Auction
I have always been Leary about car auctions the "you get what you pay for" saying. Well my brother told me about five star auto auction I went online and the first thing I saw was the say that the test all of their cars they understand that people need good cars the will last and they believe in karma. Unfortunately I could not get off work so my husband went to the auction Feb 14, 2015 to get me a car. He ended up getting a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo for $1,700+ tax once he got it home and I looked at it I knew It was not going to be good I took it to my Mechanic he drove it and come to find out the shocks were bad, needed a front Axel, and the transmission was slipping I went into panic mode we just spent $2,000 on a car I could not put my baby in. I stressed the whole weekend until Monday Morning I took the car back and talked to Shane I planned to give him a piece of my mind but their was no need to he drove the car and said not to worry they were going to take it back only down side is they did not give refunds I would have to wait till the next auction. It was not Ideal but I was ok with it. My boss reluctantly gave me March 7, 2015 off so that I could go to the auction. I woke up early went to the auction their was lots of people waiting just to find out they rescheduled it so now what there was no way my boss was giving me another day off I spoke to Shane he tried to get me my money back But his hands were tied ( no refunds) so After talking to a partner of Five star auto auctions Jason we decided I would come in and chose from a few cars so I could get the one I wanted and would not have to wait longer. Shane picked what he felt was a few of the best cars they had and I ended up getting a 2003 Pontiac grandam GT I feel like at this point Shane went above and beyond for me to get me in the best car they had he had his guy hook the machine up to show me it was good as well I did pay a little more but I feel as though it was worth it Shane even filled up the gas for me. Yes It took way to long to get the problem resolved and that is why I am only giving 4 stars but I am extremely happy with the outcome I honestly believe that if it was not for Shane and his honesty and professionalism it would have turned out completely different. I love my new car and I would recommend others to use Five Star auto Auction. Just like with any car you purchase do your research they update the site regularly you can see pictures of the cars as well as vin numbers check the cars out get a car fax. So you can read this review and decide for your self what you feel is best for you but I am glad that their are still honest people in this world Thank you Shane
By: Jennifer W.
Tri-Star Auto Auction
Very disappointed with the vehicle I bought. It said Cold A/C and was running. Within 1 hour of driving off the lot every hose, line, cord etc exploded or ripped off. Now on top of new tires and brakes, I need new power steering pump, all a/c parts replaced, new shocks, radiator hose, battery and cables and who knows what else just to make it drive-able. Also got an "extra key" that fits nothing. Wish I could have looked at it better. It was buried so I couldn't see it until it was pulled out. Buyer beware!
By: Alvin E.
Russo and Steele Collector Automobiles
I always receive professional service each time I visit or purchase from Russo & Steele Collector Auto.The staff were very nice and able to answer all of my questions. I recommend this auction to everybody ! You may also visit Repokar Car Auction - the best place where you can buy or sell a car.
By: Alvin E.
Tri-Star Auto Auction
I have purchased many items from Five Star Auto Auction and everything has been great! Staff is very friendly and helpful. Bidding process is easy. Highly recommend !I visited Repokar Auction and I would say it is a very pleasantly place to visit. The staff is friendly and friendly !
By: Alvin E.
Dealers Auto Auction of The Southwest
5 stars. Great selection of cars, easy and affordable financing option !!!Visit Dealers Auto Auction for your next purchase !!!I often attend Repokar Auto Auction because they are professional and provides variety of car makes and models for affordable prices!
By: Alvin E.
Tri-Star Auto Auction
I was there last Saturday and It was awesome ! The staff there was extremely friendly. I gave them five stars! They were very helpful.On Sunday I visited at Repokar Auto Auction... This is really interesting and very huge inventory to choose a good car from!
By: Charlie G.
Five Star Auto Auction
I know that people always look for an excellent service and fair prices. Five Star auto auction offers good prices, as well as Repokar auto auction does. Nevertheless, repokar has a greater range of vehicles. Anyway, I appreciate your professionalism!
By: Alvin E.
Insurance Auto Auctions
4 stars. Good place to buy a car ! Good prices and Good selection ! Process is quick and all staff is wonderful. But I have my favorite auction - Repokar Auto Auction ! They have more variety of cars ! I am happy every time I make a purchase !
By: Alvin E.
Auction Smart
The Best auction ever. I recommend to all to come here I saw an excellent auction.He reminded me other Auction I went to a while ago and I was very fascinated.Who has the possibility can visit and will not regret - Repokar Auto Auction !
By: Mike R.
Russo & Steele
we went to scottsdale 13 and had a great time! we bought a car and sold a car, and are very happy with both transactions. much more "car guy" oriented than some of the competitors. much more about the cars than about the circus

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