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By: Leslie P.
Krasiva Windows & Doors
We recently had Krasiva Windows install Vision 2500 Weather Shield windows in our home and we wanted to share the experience we had with you. From the beginning of the process when we met with the sales representative until the installation was complete and we opened up our new windows, we could not have been happier with how it went.From the outset when the sales rep came and visited us, there was no pressure, no empty promises and no nonsense, which was certainly refreshing. We explained what we were looking for and what our budget was and he came up with a package that perfectly fit our needs.He explained how the process would go and gave us a very clear timeline of how everything would work. We were constantly kept in the loop as to the progress of our order, and when the day finally arrived for installation, the installers arrived early and were ready to get to work as soon as was most convenient for us. They were quick, efficient, courteous and most importantly, very good at what they did. The windows were installed amazingly fast, and the difference was noticeable immediately.We had always accepted that we could hear neighbors dogs barking, some street noise and other sounds coming through our old bedroom window and sliding door, but the first night with the new set installed by Krasiva we both marveled at the absolute silence in the room. It was really shocking to realize how much noise we used to have and how now it is all gone. In addition to the quiet, the look and feel of the windows is phenomenal. We had them installed in the middle of the summer, and once they were in the temperature in the house took a noticeable drop. The technology used on the Vision 2500 Weathershield windows is pretty incredible, as you could not tell that it was over 110 degrees outside if you felt the glass.Thank you so much for the craftsmanship and the professionalism you had on display with our windows. We could not be happier with our purchase and could not have asked for anything more from your entire staff. We can't stress to you how nice it was to be kept up to date and told exactly when everything would be done, and then have that deadline hit exactly on the mark. We wish other companies were as thoughtful as Krasiva. Thank you again and we look forward to more window projects with you in the future!Sincerely, Randy and Leslie P.
By: C P.
Precision Fit Door and Window
We had to order and install 3 large new windows for our kitchen. Two of the windows had to be shorter than their old counterparts, and one window had to be larger because we gutted the kitchen and the old window sizes were completely wrong for the space. Precision Fit came out to measure and assess the situation. Even though our house is a single story, it was a very tough job because the windows are all at a two-story level (the lot slopes from high on one side to low on that side of the house) and it involved cutting through very thick stucco. Jason ordered the perfect windows, the first is a picture (fixed) window with 2 side casements, the second is a large gliding window, and the third is a single-hung (up and down). I almost ordered the wrong dimensions for the casement sizes until Jason told me that the proportions would look better with wider casements than what I had originally imagined. I am so glad I went with his recommendation! All the windows look great proportionally, exactly the way I wanted. We ordered the Simonton brand windows, and I must say, they are better looking and feel more solid than the other new windows that we had installed last year by another local company---before we were lucky enough to find Precision Fit. I wish Jason and Rob had installed all of our windows, but I didn't know them at that time. What a difference! Dealing with Jason and Rob was such a pleasure compared to that other window company. I am really happy that we found them. In fact the other window company only ordered the windows, and then we had to find an installer to do the job. Precision Fit did everything! They measured, ordered, and installed. Initially, we actually came to Precision Fit to install a new front entry door. The window job was only added on. Our entry door is coming next---can't wait! Jason ordered it along with the new hardware, and Jason and Rob will be staining it and installing it soon. That will be a big job too because we are going from a 6'9" door with a transom and sidelights to an 8' door with sidelights, no transom. It is extremely difficult to find good work by contractors these days, so finding this company was very lucky for us. Thanks for doing great work, Precision Fit! We are very thankful.
By: Warren d. S.
Krasiva Windows & Doors
From the very first day (Pierce handing out flyers), our association with Krasiva has been absolutely amazing. The phone call we made to schedule an introductory appointment to learn more about their products was the beginning of a most professional relationship. John Peterson took his time, ensuring we understood the different products and what would be best for our needs. Not once did he try to sell us anything! But once we did decide to purchase our windows, John started the process by measuring all our windows, scheduling a “lead based paint” inspection, and completing all the paper work. In a matter of just a few weeks, another measurement of all windows was complete, the “lead based paint” inspection was done, and all we had to do was to fellow the guys around getting complete answers to all our questions. When our windows arrived, Wayne and Edgar knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Their expertise made the installation look so easy. In just a few hours all five windows were installed, insulation inserted around the window where needed, molding attached, sealant applied around the entire window, and each window cleaned to perfection.During this entire process we were totally astounded by the professionalism and friendliness of everyone we came in contact with. Superlatives cannot adequately describe the knowledge, workmanship, and cooperation extended to us by the employees of Krasiva. We were diffidently impressed and are very happy with our new windows.Thank you everyone at Krasiva,Warren and Linda SmithGlendale, Arizona
By: Michelle K.
Reliant Capitol
Well, so far, From beginning to end,I'm giving 5 stars. First contact with a service operator Mary, to a follow up administrator Summer, to the scheduling manager Staci, I received nothing but professionalism and expert knowledge which enabled me to focus on other personal issues. It's a world of difference between having confidence and trust in a company and being on the fence. At every stage my trust and confidence grew. The windows were available to install on time. The installer (Tennis) showed up with the correct windows that were in perfect condition (unlike the contractors who showed up with the wrong garage door, and the contractors who showed up with a flawed counter top). Installation was completed on time and done nearly to perfection, which is more than I can say for other work that was done on my house by other contractors. Granted, though, I am particular. Would I use Reliant again? I am planning to do so next year when I have the rest of my windows upgraded and the exterior of my home coated. Additionally, they have also given me an ideal estimate for a bathroom remodel with a detailed project plan.
By: Torrie K.
Precision Fit Door and Window
We bought an older house and our doors were in horrible condition. We had Precision Fit do a custom sliding patio door to our backyard that is so wonderful! It helped reduce cooling costs and it changed the whole appearance of the back of our home and our back yard. Since we were so happy with the work that was done on the back door, we had them replace our front door. The customer service and professionalism was top notch! Jason knew exactly what to do with both of our awkward door spaces and recommended the best doors for the situation. We could not be happier!!!!
By: Ray L.
Precision Fit Door and Window
If you are looking for new windows, look no further. With the purchase of a 20 year old townhouse, it was obvious that we needed to replace the windows. Jason was so helpful, very professional, certainly knows the products well. The installation was great, Mark and Andrew were careful in every detail, and we couldn't be happier with our choice of PrecisionFit to handle this project. Reasonable price, great product, and wonderful service, all rolled together make this a most satisfactory company to use.
By: Tammy B.
Marc's Glass
My roommate called Marc the day after a person attempted to break-in to his bedroom. The entire glass pane shattered. Marc came out the same day measured. He gave us a price that I could afford. He was kind and personable. The payment was half down and the rest upon installation. Our window was repaired this afternoon by two of his crew. I would highly recommend Marc for his great service and caring personality.
By: John P.
A Thru Z Door
I needed to find a door that would work in an old house. The guy who helped me here suggested revamping the original door as the size was odd and would probably be $$$ to get one exact. After an hour of work, it was perfect ! I was very happy with the service and saving $ Great company
By: Trey W.
Great Gates Inc.
@Laura D. I apologize for not returning your call in a timely manner. Please feel free to call me again and ask for me in person and I would be happy to answer any of your questions. Tyler 602-424-6060
By: Jack K.
Sears Home Improvement
Sears Home improvement did some great work on my cabinets in my kitchen when I went to get the house remodeled would recommend

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