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By: Marija P.
Academy of Nail Technology
Being a licensed esthetician for 3+ years, I wanted to be able to offer more than just skin services to the guests, staying at two high end resorts in Scottsdale, that I work for as an "On Call" spa service provider. Since I already had my AZ esthetician's license, and having already gone through the chemistry, anatomy and biology for my first license, I was eligible for the 10 week nail licensing course, which literally let me finish in half the actual time required.The time just flew!!!The curriculum is fascinating. The course is not difficult and only requires a deep and true desire to learn and excel. Instructors make sure you are given all the information that you will be tested on and its only a matter of buckling down and absorbing it all. Miss Linda, the owner/instructor, is an expert in her field, truly inspiring and always available to answer questions, or to demonstrate yet again, a procedure one might be having difficulty with.I loved interacting with my fellow students and developing relationships with returning clients. I would do this all over again - and would truly recommend this school and program to anyone considering a future in performing nails services. As with any school or program - you will only get out of it - what you put into it! If you dont take it seriously or anything else in life for that matter - then, your failure to learn or to access the potential of it all - lies on your shoulders.Tuition is very affordable and totally earned back within months of finishing school if you are serious about getting licensed and employed in a timely manner.I am busy with work beyond words- specializing in natural nail care services and treatments, nail repair, and LED gel polish applications- I can only say Thank You to the entire McKew family for affording me this opportunity to advance myself and my services rendered.
By: Jared W.
Bella Vida Salon
Years ago I went into a Smart Style and they butchered my hair. It was bad enough that people were stopping me in the street to tell me how bad it was (I'm not kidding). I went to Alex and he fixed it without shaving my head - which was incredible. Fast forward a few weeks, my mom goes to a different Smart Style, and I kid you not, they ruined her hair (I don't know why she went there instead of Alex, who I was recommending). She goes to Alex and he fixes it. Not just fixes it - but makes it so good that my overly-picky mother is thrilled. We've both been going to Alex ever since. It's really great because he's very professional, but very laid back. He can joke around, but you'll never hear anything negative or offensive from him. He takes the time to listen and find out what you want and then makes his suggestions, but ultimately in the end you get what YOU want instead of what he thinks you should have (which I think we've all experienced at least once or twice with other stylists in other places).The whole environment at his salon is very stress-free. Get some tea, coffee, water or wine, sit back and relax. You get a massage (if you want one, I skip but my mom always has hers, I'm just not a "touchy" person) and then you just sit back. I've never left unhappy.I know that sometimes it can be a "red flag" when a place has all 5 star ratings, but he really does deserve them, and I'm saying this as a customer, not a family member or a friend. He does a really fantastic job.
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By: J R.
Presto Nails
It's a really nice salon... But... I have had my WORST mani/pedi's here! On two occasions the tech filed straight through my nails, into the nailbed. Severe pain and bleeding. I had to take pain meds for several days, the damage was extensive. After the first time I didn't return for over a year. Finally I did give them another chance because they're so close to home (I wish I hadn't) and the pedicure was great, but the newbie tech (she seemed to have NO training whatsoever) put so many thick coats of polish, it never dried and smeared off. For my manicure the tech decided to dremel off the remaining polish around the edges, instead of simply using a qtip and acetone. Once again, the filing was so aggressive, it punched through my nail. More pain and bleeding. I don't know why Presto has such perfect reviews, every time I've been there was a disaster, and now I get to spend another year growing out all this damage from a single visit to Presto. My mistake... Never again.
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By: Liz T.
Creating Magic
Good evening, Here I am writing a review on Yelp. I was in class thinking to myself, "My nails look crappy and I am afraid to go to anymore nail salons. Maybe I should for someone who is not vietnamese or asian...." Not being racist, but I have had the most horrible services and then they get upset when you stand your ground. They become upset when I decided that I do not like the pain they are causing me. However, I found this great place and they were open till 8pm. I called as soon as i arrived home, and there after I was on my way to the salon to get my nails done. The service was friendly and familiar. We got to laugh together and chit chat. She was gentle and efficient. It felt like time went by quickly. As opposed to other places like Sienna, or Top Design Nails i felt welcomed and cared for with my sensitive fingers. Thank you for your services. I will continue to come back for more. I felt great being there. XOXO
By: scottrbees
Devine's A Salon
I chose Devine's because of the great reviews and want to thank the woman who wrote about her boyfriends experience. I'm a guy who decided to grow my hair a little longer and my wife liked it. Well, now I need a stylist -- not just another average franchise clipper. What a pleasant, productive experience. I called this morning for a same-day appointment and Linda happened to answer. She asked me what I needed before answering my request. Upon hearing my story, she said she would be available at 3:15 today. There is enough information about the "quaint" quarters and friendly/professional staff, which I found to be true. Here's the deal, this salon knows how to make a guy feel welcome. And I loved the attention and wonderful service I received. Linda is great and I couldn't be happier with the results.Give this place a try, men. We already know how much the women love it.Thank you , Linda. See you in 6-7 weeks!
By: K C.
Bamboo Nails
I love this place and recently (w/in the past 6 months ) I switched from acrylic to gel and let me just say I wished I would've done it sooner!!Here is what I've noticed:1. The gel grows out with my nails .. in other words when the corners of my natural nail starts to curl the gel adheres to it so NO LIFTING !!2. I have gone up to 4 weeks between fills w/no breaking (however I try and go every 3 weeks) or chipping! 3. The gel shine generally last 3 weeks for me! (I wear gloves when I clean) 4. The color selection is unlimited .. I used to wear only pink and white acrylic 5. The price comparison to other places maybe a lil higher ($5??) and it's worth it because other places are not using the same quality product ( I've tried multiple places cuz I'm frugal!) The owner, Kim, is a perfectionist and does top notch work and it shows in the daily compliments I get on my nails !!
By: anthony.olivas.52
Realty Experts
this company is great . staff is ever so kind and pleasent to work with....i highly recomend working with them .thank you kevin ,you have been a great silent role model , youve been a brother a friend and a silent partner your reality advise has been life changeing thank you for your very net profiting advice i look forward to doing biz. with your company Anthony Olivas Da Mousefather Mousefather Entertainment L.L.C. 5345 E. Taylor St. Ste.305 Phoenix,Az. 85008 623-396-8974
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By: Katie M.
Rowdy Hair
Best haircut of my life. I normally do not go out of my way to write a review about a place however rowdy hair is by far one of the best places I have ever been to get a haircut and I have been to a lot of places it is a little pricey but totally worth the money if you want a great haircut I got my haircut with a guy named Maddie and it was by far the best experience ever since salon is very clean and the people are very nice and they hold a great conversation while you were sitting in their chair by the way the chairs are comfortable for people who are getting things done that take a very long time in the sink to get your hair shampooed are amazing because they come to you rather than you going to it if you were looking for a place to give you the best haircut of your life this is definitely the place
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By: Jeanne P.
Ashford Management Services
I have a rental property Maricopa since 2008. I have had other property manager in the past that I have worked with on my property. However, this is the only time that I am pleased and impressed with the professionalism,honesty, trustworthy and good working property manager and the "I will take care of it" and "I am on top of it" attitude from any of the property management until Kim tool over.I can go on and on with all the tasks that Kim has put her dedication and commitment to test. She surely passed and have gone beyond it all. She is excellent and I really like Kim a lot. I referred her to my co worker and I also want her to manage my newly acquired property in Phoenix. Thank you!!
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By: Hazel Z.
City Property Management
I love the board portal and view it as the single most significant tool CPMC and the team has given our community. The most important reason is the transparency it provides us and the window it creates into our neighborhood. We can see the financial health, the correspondence with the neighbors, and find areas that need the most attention at a push of a button. This portal allows the board to identify those areas that are most important to the community giving the board the power to control what is important verses the manager having to guess. There are so many other tools the portal provides and is an indispensable aspect of our community. Thank you!

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