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By: Greg J.
Frank's Spaghetti House
We have been eating at Frank's for about twenty five years now. In the past, the lines would be out the door, you would have to give your name and wait for a table. All those days are gone now and it is obvious why. Frank's was always known for LARGE portions and great home made soup. The owner is now cutting corners so, that the soup is plain water, only luke warm, and the large portions of Chicken Parm that Frank's was known for, have now shrunk to almost half the size they were. When we went we always lately had to bring along some chicken bullion to add to our soup. Sandwiches are also not a good choice since the meat is rationed out and an Italian Hoagie that used to be great, now only has one slice of each lunch meat, making it a bread sandwich. A tossed salad is also rationed out to one piece of tomato, one thin slice of cucumber, etc. The owner makes the waitresses take the tossed salad into the kitchen to ask the cook for a slice of tomato to make sure they don't give out more than one. If you plan on using the coupons that the owner puts in the Northeast times or on his own website for Frank's, you must pay with cash only since he does not want to pay the credit card company's fee. Also you must have the coupon from the website printed out or he won't accept it from your phone. Yes, that is how bad it has become at Franks. It is a shame since it was always a nice place to eat. The help is always upset since the owner is constantly hounding them in front of the customers. I feel sorry for them. The owner is not Italian, he is Greek. Don't waste your money or time going to Franks. The prices are very high considering the quality and portions. The owner is not taking the interest that he once did, and cutting corners is certainly not the way to go.
By: karendelicious
While walking up the street from our last stop on a trolley tour, we were looking for a good place to have a hot lunch on a very cold and windy day in Philly. Walking into the restaurant and out of the bitter cold we noticed the wood fire oven glowing and giving the nicely decorated restaurant warmth and a sense of comfort. We passed by a table of diners who ordered 6 of the wood fired pizzas that were spread out on their table looking beautifully delicious. The menu had some great offerings and if was difficult to choose just one thing for lunch. A loaf of warm bread and a small bowl of seasoned olive oil was brought to our table with our sodas. It was a delicious dipping appetizer. We ordered the brushetta which was good but the tomato mixture was very cold sitting on the warm toasted bagette slices. I wish it would have been room temperature.. My son had a wood fired pizza, I had the gnocchi and my husband had the homemade ravioli. All 3 lunches were terrific. The tomato sauce on both the ravioli and the gnocchi was flavorful and creamy. The portions were just right for us and we left feeling satisfied at this last meal we would be eating in Philly for this visit. Wait staff was attentive and ready to refill sodas when they were almost empty. I am looking forward to visiting Pizzicato again when I travel to Philly in April.
By: Rita O.
Country Cookin'
The food was OK as far as the flavor of it, the best part about the food was that it was nice and hot. The wait for your food is extremely long u shouldn't have to wait 1hr for 2 or 3 platters. The platters were also a little pricey, If the ambiance and customers service matched the food I probably wouldn't had a issue with the price.The young ladies behind the counter are OK they lack customer service etiquette, especially when answering the phones. I hate to say this but they're kind of ghetto in the restaurant, but so is the owner. She (the owner) uses profanity entirely to much, especially in front of her customers and on her personal social media account which she advertises her business on. Had I seen that before I went to her restaurant I would not have went. Just because your in the heart of the hood doesn't mean you have to run your business as such.
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By: Rob P.
Liberty Choice
Really not one person left a review? Well I am not the one to write a review for good service and or food,or yet even write a bad review from a bad experience. But I do feel the need to leave a review for this place. They go up and beyond great customer service,prices,selection It is listed here as a restaurant,which is only half true,they are an entire store as well. Great hours as well,super speedy delivery,and they will bring anything the store has if asked. Need cat food and just don't feel like moving,just want to orde some grub and watch tv,no problem they will bring it with your meal,cigs? Not a problem just have your ID ready. Not going to mention the menu,its very large and everything i have had was perfect if not damn near. No body is perfect, but This place is the closest you will ever see.
By: franktepper
Original Village Pizza
Original Village has possibly the most delicious pizza in the area. I am always surprised about how cheap it is. I used to be a chef at a prestigious, expensive Bucks County restaurant, so I know what I am talking about. Yeah, their tomato sauce comes from a can, but that happens at every local pizzeria. Original's other food ranges from mediocre to excellent. I give Original Village five stars overall for food, service, and prices, but only three stars for atmosphere. Call in advance so that you do not have to wait 30 minutes. Italian food takes a long time to make! Other great pizza joints are Vince's, Charlie's, and Santucci's.
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By: Alyssa F.
Liberty Choice
I have been ordering from Liberty Choice for quite some time , from when they first opened. The reason why I give the overall rating a 2 is because the customer service is horrible. The employees that answer the phone to take orders are extremely uneducated and rude , they will never give you the amount of total before hanging up. They used to have an All Day Breakfast menu that got rid of cause when I and multiple people I know would call around 11am and the cook or employees would say that it would take too long and that I should order lunch . The food is great but expect no customer appreciation or at least hospitality.
By: Justine P.
We went here for restaurant week. I got to this restaurant before the people I was eating with so I went to the bar. They had a good happy hour, where I got a martini. It was strong and tasted good.There are outside and inside seats.Our waiter was very nice and attentive. I had the fried egg plant and it was good. My entree was the gnocchi and it was a really big dish. I took half of it home so I could have room for dessert. The cannoli was really good!The other people I went with also raved about their dishes. If you park above the restaurant they will validate your parking.Definitely recommend this nice place.
By: Kevin Y.
I have lived in the neighborhood for 6 years and this remains one of my top restaurants in the area. When I introduced my, now wife, to Angelino's, it immediately became her favorite place. When our friends are over, it's one of the first places they request when we decide to order pizza and wings. It's also one of our favorite local BYO. Their prices are great, their homemade Italian food is delicious, and they even have small jazz bands there on occasion. We're moving out of the neighborhood soon and we will miss this place. If you haven't already, give Angelino's a try, it's a neighborhood gem.
By: Holly M.
Evo Brick Oven Pizza
Ordered takeout this weekend. We had a large Stromboli with the works. Ingredients were skimpy. There were four inches of crust along the edge with no ingredients. Nothing but dough. If we wanted a hunk of bread we would ordered from a bakery. The crust could have been crispier. Way too much bread proportion. The onion rings were small and skimpy. Also ordered an antipasta salad. Probably the only thing worth ordering except one of the dressings was not what we ordered. Overall overpriced and disappointing. Was looking forward to a great pizza on the corner place. Sorry EVO didn't cut it.
By: Kevin Y.
Lazos Pizza & Grill
This is our favorite delivery restaurant in the neighborhood. Their pizza is really good, especially if you like pizza with thinner crusts. My wife loves their tuna salad. It's fresh, not too much mayonnaise, and they give you a lot for what you pay. Being a frequent customer, I asked them a while ago what the owner would recommend. The girl behind the counter said their oven baked rustic sandwiches. She wasn't kidding. I tried two of them and they were both amazing. The delivery guy is really friend, and their delivery is the fastest out of all places we order from.

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