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By: Michelle R.
Payless Car Rental
My husband rented a car on Mar 4th and 2 weeks later he discovered he misplaced his glasses. I called today to see if he might have left them in the car.I had the pleasure of speaking with Denny, who truly demonstrated he understands the relationship with a customer extends beyond the rental. Denny went out of his way to check every possibility for where they might be. When he came back to tell me he hadn't found them, I believed he had done everything possible.It's situations out of the norm, such as this one, that can make a customer relationship. If Denny had been too busy to check, if he said there was nothing he could do because it happened 2 weeks ago, or had given me any other excuse, this experience with Payless could easily have changed my mind about where to do business next time. It's not always the big things or the obvious that turn a customer into an advocate for you. Thank you, Denny, for clearly demonstrating you actually do care about your customers!Best regards,Michelle Romanica
By: Heather K.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I will NEVER rent a car again from anywhere else. There is a new policy in place at almost all the car rental places at Philadelphia airport. You can't use a debit card to rent a car. I had no idea and got the run around from expedia after renting a car from another rental place. After spending an hour and a half on the phone with expedia, they told me to go to another rental place and i would be ok. Not the case, same exact issue. I have dealt with enterprise before, and they were my last hope. After proving I had a round trip flight, they easily rented me a car. I was in town for a funeral, and wanted to kiss the girl behind the counter, I was so relieved. All the staff were very friendly and helpful from the time I got the car, to the time I returned it. THANK YOU enterprise for working with your customers and not throwing them out on the street because they don't have a credit card.
By: Howie S.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Wow, our experience was first rate. Several passengers were on the Enterprise shuttle at the Phiily airport. I thought I would need to get aggressive to be the first off the shuttle to avoid a big line. When we got into the Enterprise building there were 6 smiling faces waiting for us, all Enterprise employees ready to help us with our reservation. They gave out bottles of water and we were offered soft pretzels. A very friendly and professional employee gave us great service and we were quickly on our way. He followed us to the car (in the cold) and asked if he could help with our luggage. He also gave us his card and told us to call him if we needed him for anything. I was extremely satisfied with this level of service and the car was great. As a result Enterprise is now at the top of the list for my next rental car needs. Thanks for raising the bar in quality of service!
By: Tracy M.
Alamo Rent A Car
Speedy pick up outside of luggage claim. The line wasn't that long once inside to pick up vehicle. A nice gentlemen walked me to my car and helped put the luggage in. He tried one car but it was to small for my luggage so he took me to one with a larger trunk. The car had a new car smell to it. I returned it two days earlier than I thought and they reduced my bill without me even asking for it. We will be going back the end of September and will use them again. I had a bad experience with Budget last time and I am now an Alamo client. Thanks for make a difficult time easier in Philadelphia. My daughter was there for surgery and having a rental car was great and dealing with Alamo was the best.
By: Lisa B.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
This is the 1st time I've ever written a review for anyplace, but these guys (Pat & Ryan) deserve it & I hope they see this.I'm super busy with work & someone drove into the side of my car. The last thing I have time for right now is dealing with insurance, repair shops, & rental cars. My annoyance & impatience was evidence when I got the rental car 2 weeks ago & when I dropped it off today. They made sure they quickly took care of me (my facial expressions don't hide my feelings very well) and were very polite to me. I hate to admit it, but I can be one of those customers you don't' want to deal with because I can be a little short & snappy. They were very polite & provided excellent service.
By: Chris G.
Payless Car Rental
My wife and I just used Payless Parking last recently... Left our car with them for 11 days. Not only was it fairly inexpensive to park, they washed our car and EVERYONE was over-the-top nice. I commented to my wife when we left the car how nice the guy that checked us in was, and how genuinely nice the driver was... And then when we picked the car up 11-days later late in the evening, my wife and I both commented about how professional and nice everyone was... Believe me, posting this is not something normally do - at least not for *airport parking*, but these guys really did a great job. There are a lot of companies out there that could take lessons from these guys at Payless Parking & Car Rental.
By: Garrett K.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Even though I chose the car rental company based on the lowest price for this Thanksgiving Day trip I was very pleased with everyone we interfaced with during the rental and turn in processes. Our experience started out by me getting on the wrong rental car bus....but that other company's staff was wonderful and gave us a lift back to the Enterprise location.Everyone we interfaced with was very helpful, professional and courteous. After being offered water and a walk-around inspection we were on our way.Very positive experience all the way around - to include the driver of the bus back to the airport - he may be missing his calling as a stand-up comic!
By: Allan L.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I must say that, as an Enterprise Plus customer, I was more than a little disappointed in the vehicle I was provided. The vehicle was a very basic older model Nissan Altima that had 31,000 hard miles on it. It was not very clean and had very few of the creature comforts I receive when I rent full size vehicles using my Avis Preferred or Hertz Gold memberships. I was also disappointed in the length of time I had to wait for the Enterprise shuttle bus. In the time it took for the Enterprise bus to arrive, two Hertz, two Avis, two Alamo/Budget and two National rental car buses had passed by. Definitely not a good experience.
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By: Katie S.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
I use enterprise regularly for work for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months at a time and for personal rentals on occasion as well. They're by far my favorite car rental service. I feel as though I especially need to give a shout out to the airport shuttle driver in Philadelphia, Ruth. She was extra helpful, kind, funny, and able to make a rough moment in time not so bad. She went above and beyond what I believe any shuttle driver should ever be expected to do. Enterprise is lucky to have her. -As a frequent customer at different enterprises all across the country, I'm certainly glad she's a part of their team!
By: Jerry H.
Alamo Rent A Car
The airport shuttles run on a timely basis in Philadelphia, and the driver on my trip was exceptionally courteous, even assisting with luggage, which is not the norm for most companies. The check in process was easy, made even easier with friendly counter assistants. Finding the car was simple, we were met with a representative outside the building who gave us a choice of vehicles in our rental class, and pointed us toward the car. From the time of airport pick up to the exit from the rental facility was less than 10 minutes. Great Job Alamo
Tips & Advices
Although special insurance isn’t always legally required for a moving truck, all auto insurance providers and moving specialists suggest you buy the special policy from the moving truck company. This is because most auto insurance policies have exclusions for covering vans and trucks over a certain size, and also because auto insurance will not cover the personal property inside a moving truck.
In order to drive a rented moving truck, a person must be on the rental agreement. Just as with rental cars, getting another driver put on your rental truck agreement may carry an additional fee per day.
Moving truck rental cost does not include the fuel cost. Make sure to find out from the rental company if there is anything to know about the type of gas the truck requires, as well as the location of the gas tank.
The rules about moving trucks and weigh stations vary somewhat by state. Some states do not require trucks to stop if the occupants are doing a personal move, not commercial moves. Others require all commercial trucks to stop, regardless of what they’re calling. When in doubt, stop.
Yes, pets are allowed in some moving trucks. However, all moving companies clearly state that renters should not put pets in the cargo area, and that pets should be in a transport carrier or properly harnessed for everyone’s safety. Moving truck rental companies all have clearly posted pet transport safety tips that you should review before moving day.

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