By: Maria C.
Caring Heart Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Inc.
I think something needs to be done by the state in general about all nursing homes period. i think it's unacceptable in general the ratio of nurse/patient in these facilities. l don't know how a DON and an administrator would think it is okay for a nurse to care for 60 resident by herself. l would not put my loved one in any such facility; sooner people start realizing this the better for their loved ones. All these facilities cares about is their bottom line and their big bonuses at the end of the year. In a place where you have only one nurse for 60 residents and two or if you are lucky, three CNAs, off course, someone will end up with a bed sore. l know because l work in one of these facilities. It is a safety issues for one, to have that many residents to one nurse, not only to the staff but the residents as well...especially when most of the residents have dementia and are combative and this is one of the reasons we have way too many falls on the floors. Something needs to be done with all these nursing homes in general and until state steps in and deal with the severity of these problems, our loved one will continue to suffer and pay the price of nursing homes under staffing.
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By: Dave L.
Botanica San Lazaro
I walked in and said to myself I want to be a part of this, these ppl thought of everything, nothing was left out. I purchased every that I needed for my bano, they had fresh plants and it was a success. Go Judge for yourself and I guarantee that you too will be impressed.

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