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By: Brian M.
AAA Family Dental Care
Dr Bhatt is very good with his patients. He has taken the fear of me going to the dentist out of the equation. I've been coming to him for 12 years and i would recommend anyone in need of a reliable, patient-oriented and very caring dentist who will put your mind at ease, to choose him for your dental needs. If it wasn't for Dr Bhatt, i would have constant pain in my right side of my mouth, he did an amazing job on my bridge work and because of him, I can chew with ease on both sides of my mouth. I also referred my fiance and her mother to him and they echo the same things that i've been saying. If you have any fear or worry about going to the dentist, he puts those fear to rest. He is also up to date with new technology and the innovative ways of making his job easier as well as making his patients remain comfortable while getting work done on their teeth. And mind you, this is coming from a patient who is somewhat difficult when getting dental work done. Because of him, I no longer worry about going to the dentist. He continues to this day to surprise me with his work and making it so easy on me.
By: dansela
Collision Decision
I recently got into a car accident on Spring Garden few weeks ago. A gentleman named Andy approached my vehicle and asked of I was ok. He then asked me if I needed a tow. I then arrived at collision decisions auto body shop at 7373 state road. I then walked into such a beautiful office and spoke to Mr. And Mrs. Padilla. They were such a pleasure to talk to. They reassured me that my car would be well taken care of and that it would be done in no time. I also received a rental for the time my car was being worked on. Few weeks later I got the call my car was ready. I picked up my car and was so pleased with the work that was done. There was not a dent or scratch on my car. I recommend anyone to take their vehicle to Collison decision auto body shop because they do such good work. I'm sure anyone would be pleased, not only for accidents but if your car needs any work done Collision Decision is the place.
By: danielle.kellogg37
Kabbots Towing & Junk Cars
I was stranded at the impound with my daughter for over 4 hours and after waiting for two different two trucks, each of them showing up with no tow license at all. I started to lose hope and a guy at the impound gave me Kabbots Towing card. I called immediately and Octavius answered. He not only showed up within 10 mins but he recommended an excellent repair shop to take my car to (Central City's Auto Body). Within 30 mins my car was out of the impound, Octavius had all of his required documents and my car was dropped off at the repair shop. Because my daughter and I caught the bus and was at the impound for HOURS, he gave us a ride home. Octavius is truly a life saver and I'll only recommend his towing services to any and everyone. Thank You Octavius & choose Kabbot's Towing, you will not be disappointed.Sincerely, Danielle & Elyse
By: rachellifeisgreat
VIP Towing & Recovery
GIRLS NIGHT OUT ALMOST RUINED!On my way down center city to celebrate a girls night out stuck on the shoulder of an on ramp to I-95. Being a female we thought we would be out back on the road in no time. That wasn't the case a couple of random people offered to help, of course we had to tools or spar, neither did the people that stopped by. Almost a hour later a VIP truck and pulled over asked if everything was alright. Thought it was nice of them considering they already had a car loaded on back, and still stopped .The driver checked out our tire, nothing major just a nail, driver plugged us up and & charged us only $20 and threw in a can of fix a flat. We were back on the road to continue our night.Thanks for helping us out VIP Towing and you guys definitely have some of the nicest trucks in Philly, by far. Keep up the good work
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By: Marissa P.
Dental Dreams
I'm pretty surprised by these reviews. I had the best experience with my children after having the worst experience at another dentist. Perhaps I happened to have a better Doc, but it was great. Actually, I have to admit I never considered the place despite being a convenient location. We happened in because my son had an emergency and our ped rec them. It was such a great experience, we went back for 6 month check-ups. What pleased me was the work was good, absolutely fabulous bedside manner with my boys, did not try to do work my boys didn't need (as two other local Dentists tried) very convenient appointments, very clean and... the staff was great to me. So.... Idk if we are talking about the same place. This is about Columbus Square near the Walmart in South Philly.
By: melanie87
VIP Towing & Recovery
HATE PHILADELPHIA, LOVE THIS COMPANYRecently moved to Philadelphia, landed an awesome job, only to my luck coming out of work my first day and noticed my car wasn't there. Calling all around city, to then find out these people called the “PPA”, in which are infamous for towing at no mercy had taken my vehicle. Google referred me to a couple of companies, most which the wait time was too long, or the only response was an answer machine. I then got ahold of VIP, owner/ dispatch told me all trucks were out and about, until I got a call right back from the owner himself. Owner, actually came down to the area in which I was at, drove me to Spring Garden, then to the PPA to help get my vehicle released. Who knew, it was such a process, but VIP was more than happy to help me out.
By: Vince P.
Stuart J Danzig DDS
I am almost 33 years old, and have been seeing Dr. Danzig since I was 10 when he was located on Tyson Ave. He truly is one of the most honest people you will ever meet. When I was in high school, I had to temporarily stop seeing him due to horrible dental coverage from my parents. I won't say the name of the dentist, but it was on Rhawn Avenue not too far off Frankford Ave. They said they saw 8 cavities in my mouth, and wanted to drill. Instead, I asked Dr. Danzig if he could check out my teeth and tell me what he thinks. He said he only saw one cavity, and it was so small, he would barely call it a cavity. Ever since I started paying for my own dental insurance, I've been faithfully going back to him ever since. If you're looking for a trusted dentist, look no further!
By: mikeamalia
Karagodsky Dmitry Dentist
Just a quick note to say thanks to Dr. Dmitry Karagodsky. I was looking for a Philadelphia Dentist I could trust with my teeth and had asked around to find a good one. A friend who had been to see Dr. Karagodsky for teeth whitening recommended because of his gentle approach and fact they really care about your teeth. I made an appointment to see Dmitry and was really impressed by his dental clinic and the way they treated me. I badly needed to have my teeth straightened because they had grown all over the place and looked a little vampirish. Dmitry helped me out though and now I have a perfect smile that I'm stoked to show the world. All I can say is a huge thanks to Dr. Dmitry Karagodsky for all your work. You are by far the best Dentist in Philadelphia!
By: Cassandra T.
Eidelson Richard V DDS
Best dental experience I've ever had!The office was clean and spacious, and Dr. Eidelson was absolutely wonderful. He is very experienced and professional, and he also has a great personality. He will never push you into getting a procedure like other dentists do. I was presented with all of my options and together we determined what the best plan of action was for me. There was little to no discomfort during my procedure and I couldn't be happier with my result!Dr. Eidelson puts your needs first (including your financial needs) and makes the entire process feel relaxed and stress-free.I have been to several dental offices and this was by far the very best. Give them a try if you can!Plenty of parking too!
By: joannaluz
Dentex Dental at Liberty Place
Who knew a visit to the dentist would be so pleasant. The staff are lovely, the work was professional and efficient, the office is warm and very clean (and, as superficial as this is, not as ugly on the decorating side as most dentist/doctors offices tend to be...). The important thing is that through clear explanations and pointing out all the visual details, I really felt I could trust the dentist, who will be repairing faulty work done by my last dentist. They also work with customers (even if you're uninsured, like me) to make their services affordable. I highly recommend Dented (at Liberty Place), and my husband turned me onto it after also having a good experience at the South Philly location.
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