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By: jewelsd
Diamond Furniture
From my experience so far i am pleased with the customer service i got i always go in to talk to Jose Valle hes the one i talk to all the time and he keeps it real on the furniture that i want and that's the best but works with me because they are a bit pricey. I don't know who talked to the people below me with the 1 star rating but i haven't had a bad experience yet. My bedroom set is on layaway and i hope not to have any issues when it comes out. I spent time on the mattress that i am paying a lot for. So i know i want it and think it is worth is. Ask for JOSE VALLE he is a great employee and helps you out meaning he knows what he talks about with whats good furniture with me I'm the customer that doesn't want anything used i want it all brand new, no scratches bumps NOTHING. He tried talking me into furniture that is way cheaper but had a scratch or two. Its good for people who don't mind that but i mind anything of mines that i pay for being messed up in my opinion he knew how i turned out to be after a few meetings that's just my style so he knows not to offer to let me look at things i don't like or want. I am from that neighborhood so imagine that haha.
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By: tami7894
Brother's Fine Furniture
I was panicking because I had to quickly get a new apartment and had ZERO furniture and VERY limited funds. I stumbled across Brothers on Craigslist as I sat in front of the PC sobbing over the fact I would be moving into an empty apartment, and using milk crates as chairs until I could afford furniture. I paid them a visit and a month later, my apartment was fully furnished. Those having bad experiences could only blame themselves for not being more careful with their choices and money and not asking questions about delivery and such PRIOR to bargaining. I am always a very skeptical buyer and walked in there expecting to be swindled and sent home with crap, similar to the stuff you buy at IKEA that falls apart after 6 months, and well, I ended up with an apartment full of wonderful, sturdy furniture that makes me look like I actually had the $$$ to spend at a ritzy store.Totally worth it.
By: Chanel W.
Dollar Tree
I've always loved the dollar store and have been a valuable customer for years.... However, I had an AWFUL experience last night (9/15/16) at about 8 PM when a cashier by the name of JOE threw my change on the counter after ringing me up.... I asked Joe why he would do such a thing, he smiled like it was funny and than turned his back towards me.... I could not believe that someone working in customer service could treat customers in such a terrible rude way!!!! All the other staff at this particular location have always been polite and courteous, but this new boy JOE, is insanely ignorant when it comes to serving customers... I live around the corner from this location and now I'm going to dread going in there if Joe is working.... I should not have to worry about having my change thrown at me again... I think I will just stop shopping at this location!!!A Dedicated Customer!
By: Mike H.
ACME Markets
I shop here on a weekly basis. For the most part it's a pleasant shopping experience. I purchase all my lunch meat in there deli, which is also a good experience w decent customer service. However one deli employee is horrible. Her name is Shawnta. I have never felt so disrespected and literally nervous ever time I have to give her my order. I don't understand how she still has a job. She should be fired immediately. I don't order my lunch meat if I see that she is working anymore. It's unacceptable. Other customers have said the same thing to me as we stand and wait for our numbers to be called. She needs to go. I've never left a review before,but I had to for this women. Shawnta is a short black women with white ropes in her hair. Steer clear of her ,she's miserable and will disrespect you almost ever time.
By: love-green
Furniture Mecca
i am in love with this place. my mother took me there its not only furniture store they have everything for your house. we bought so many things for the house. i have to say this they have very nice selection of area rugs and curtains for unbelieveable prices. their bedding department need more selection or i guess they must sold out i saw the same bed in a bag they are selling it for $49 and i bought it mine from ross for $79. they do need to hire more people there was not alot of help but who care you are getting the good deal, they need to put big sign outside they sells house hold items. we also put bed room set and living room on layaway. sales man was realy nice person he told me about no credit check financing so i will be going back there next week with my pay stubs hope fully i will get approve :)
By: Lilli S.
Best Buy In Town Autos
I recently purchased a 2004 Burgandy Cadillac Deville from them. I read the reviews below and they could NOT BE ANY MORE FALSE!!! Brad, The owner of Best Buy is a sweet and caring gentleman and wasnt worried about the sale OR money! He was more worried about my needs and they type of vehicle I was looking to purchase!And as for Brad's staff, They were ALL VERY helpful and also very very friendly! I would recommend this car dealership to EVERYONE I know whom are looking to purchase a reliable vehicle.AND YES, I DID get a warranty, YES, I did get the tags and ALL of the information ON THE SPOT!I REALLY have NO IDEA what these other NUTS are talking about when they say deceptive, dishonest, and rude!! I DID not see ANY of this when I was there to make my purchase!
By: alex123.
This is a great furniture store if you are looking for a hassle free service and great prices. I got a Summerlands Dining room set from them. I was really surprised at the quality of the service they provided me with because my previous shopping experience with furniturecart.com was horrible. They got me a great deal on the collection and even managed to get it for me when other websites said it was discontinued. The prices were great and i got the furniture in two weeks from the day i ordered. I really recommend Furniture PM to every one, and i look forward to purchasing furniture from them again.
By: johna.s.
Brother's Fine Furniture
I am in the mattress business about an hour outside of Philadelphia. I often have people ask me where to go for a mattress in Philadelphia because my town is too far for them; and I always recommend Brother's. They offer the best prices and quality mattresses. I am a firm believer in their Therapedic brand, and I should know- I've been building mattresses for over 20 years. What I like about Brother's the most is their up-front pricing on a line of products that far surpass the chain stores. Keep up the good work. Word gets around in this business and I always hear good things about these guys.
By: Marie G.
Best Buy In Town Autos
we got a 2011 acura TSX at north shore auto mall last week with low mileage and the technology package. our experience with alex was excellent. he called us to schedule an appointment and the car was clean when we showed up. we test drove 2 different ones before deciding on which one to buy and then alex helped us acquire financing for the vehicle. they were able to meet our budget for a monthly payment and even took care of all the registry stuff for us. we picked up the car the following day. i would definitely recommend this dealership and alex to anyone that i know.
By: christinegabgray
Grossman Furniture
My experience with Grossman Furniture was fantastic from beginning to end. Seldom do I enjoy speaking with pushy sales people but I quickly realized AJ was not that type. He helped me find the furniture that suited my application perfectly, and even talked me out of buying an additional piece because he felt my room could not handle it. That type of honesty will keep me as a customer for life! Great selection, great pricing, and delivery was painless. Thanks AJ!

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