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By: walker19149
Red Lobster
This Red Lobster restaurant is a getting a major overhaul with a new management team that is putting an end to some really bad practices. The servers, bartenders, hosts/hostesses are being given a complete revamp with a focus on better service, better attitude, and an end to caving in to the recent customer scams that are trying to take this restaurant under. The food is delicious and the service is good, but the clientele have spun out of the control with people insisting they received bad service in order to have their meals comped or so they will be given some freebie for even the slightest inconvenience. I sat next to a table where an elderly woman got up and began cursing like a sailer to a manager after being seated about three minutes who began screaming that every time she comes, she gets bad service - and she made a scene in front of the entire restaurant! I had to wonder why she continued to come? I have also witnessed a couple on my other side eat a meal they didn't order saying they didn't know they didn't order Lobster! Lobster (at $25.00 at least) that they didn't think they should pay for after eating it!!! Times are a changing here, however, because a new management team is weeding these types of customers out! And thank goodness for those of us who enjoy the food, the service, and will pay our bill!
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By: thealan
I agree. This is a very clean Target. Their empty shelves are especially clean! I bought an Ebson WorkForce 500 Series Four-in-One printer at this store twenty-one months ago (December 20, 20009). An excellent price. An excellent printer. There is only one problem. It uses ink cartridges. I thought this Target would be conveinient as it is located right next to my apartment in the Boulevard Plaza Shopping Center. Well, so much for Target and conveinience. The management at this Target store has frustrated me for all of the twenty-one months. When I need an ink cartridge, it's hit or miss. Out of this color or that color. At 7pm last night I gave them one more chance. NO BLACK INK CARTRIDGE! Customer service called a manager who explained that this is a very popular item and it is difficult to keep it in stock. (A lot of other things are out of stock also, but that is another story). "Why don't you buy a multi-pack?" or "why don't you try one of our other stores?" Yeh, yeh, yeh! Why don't you take a bus? And why is Best Buy and Staples so well stocked? That is where I should have gone in the first place! I'm done with Target but I am giving this store two stars for being clean, especially their empty shelves.
By: Giovanni P.
This little restaurant opened recently with little fanfare. I went in for lunch and was pleasantly surprised. They serve home style latino food such was yellow rice with beans, pork chops, empanadas, etc. For eight dollars, I got a huge heaping portion of yellow rice with beans which was the best I've had at a restaurant, a side of salad and stewed pork rib. It was more than enough for two people. The interior is simple but light and clean with plenty of room to eat in. The staff speaks mostly Spanish but you'd have very little trouble with English as well. They were incredibly friendly. I think it's cash only at this point. Definitely give it a try if you're in the neighborhood or nearby!
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By: Cynthia F.
Nicholl's Seafood
I went here with my husband and 16 month old daughter. I ordered the chicken tender platter for her. It came out fairly quickly but the chicken was a little dry. The fries however were delicious. My husband ordered their crabs which he downed 3 whole bowels. Obviously he enjoyed them. My dinner was delicious. I got the shrimp platter. There was fried shrimp, shrimp cocktail and shrimp salad. YUM! The waitress was so nice and sweet and very good with my daughter. It does seem to attract an older crowd because my hubby and I were the youngest ones there. A little pricey though.
By: Lisa K.
Seafood Bay Inc
I love this quirky little neighborhood place! I used to live in the neighborhood, and it's a friendly little place where it's common to greet many people as they come in, so many familiar faces. The servers are attentive and pleasant. One thing, though, NEVER order the crab cake Lite Lunch Special, it consists of only 1 tiny crab cake and a shot glass serving of cole slaw. Seriously not an acceptable amount of food, and an outrage, even at the bargain price. if you're over 3 years old, it's not enough food! Other than that, it's a great place all around!
By: Teresa S.
Walmart Supercenter
This walmart never has enough riding carts on the first and second week of the month when it's the busiest people always have to wait on a riding cart for sometimes up to a hour as much money as walmart makes they can afford to buy more riding carts for people who have a hard time walking or seniors
By: ronjhon711
Honey Restaurant
this is one of the best pizza shops in Philadelphia. I go there all time,they have very good food big portions and great prices. if in center city and looking for good cheese steak,go there .they have clean dining room and fast service.
By: D. M.
Constantly long lines and no staff working the registers. If they keep the payroll down the Managers get a bigger bonus. There is a noise blaring by the home goods and it's so annoying. Some kind of alarm. It's been blaring for weeks.
By: Ed G.
Gallo's Seafood
We scheduled a banquet luncheon with Sue the restaurant manager for a Saturday afternoon for 30 guests. The experience was wonderful. very friendly staff, delicious seafood. and very accommodating. Not one complaint. Thank you Sue, Ed G.
By: cdm1250
Olympia Restaurant
The food is the best. Its clean good service you also get a lot of food for for nothing. They also have the best damn coffee I've ever had and the waiters are polite and kind. I love this diner its the best!

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