By: Mike H.
ACME Markets
I shop here on a weekly basis. For the most part it's a pleasant shopping experience. I purchase all my lunch meat in there deli, which is also a good experience w decent customer service. However one deli employee is horrible. Her name is Shawnta. I have never felt so disrespected and literally nervous ever time I have to give her my order. I don't understand how she still has a job. She should be fired immediately. I don't order my lunch meat if I see that she is working anymore. It's unacceptable. Other customers have said the same thing to me as we stand and wait for our numbers to be called. She needs to go. I've never left a review before,but I had to for this women. Shawnta is a short black women with white ropes in her hair. Steer clear of her ,she's miserable and will disrespect you almost ever time.
By: ryantong
Supremo Supermarket
Overall, I recommend shopping here. The employees here are very, very friendly. There's a great variety of produce.
By: cestro919
Kim Woo Store
The best chicken sandwich in South Philly by far
By: coolsweetchic
LPC Grocery
The guys and the owner of the store are good ppl

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