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By: maria.weinstein
Seastone Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I love this rehab facility because thanks to it, i got my son back. My son graduated from the 30, then 90 and is now doing the long term OP, which allows us to see him 4 times a month to check on him. He can also go back to the real world, as well as spend time in the facilities receiving guidence from those wonderful gentlemen who embrase him with their wonderful energy. I highly recommend this facility to those desperate mothers like myself who want their sons back. I had to learn from my son to be more tolerant to change and learn that sometimes getting out of your confort zone is the best for the family. Now my son is a better person and i can see light in his eyes thanks to this program.Thank you Seastone
By: nick.ferrari.315
Seastone Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I feel like a new man. Since the moment i entered those doors i just felt like home, The environment and the people who worked there made me feel like a very special person. I was going thorugh a pretty tough time in my life when my family decided it was better for me to shut off for a bit and then decided to send me to this incredible rehab center. This has been the best decision i have made aong my family and i will never regret it. Thank you Seastone!
By: bjspauld
Oxford Rehabilitation Center
Oxford Rehab is the cream of the crop. The staff are enthusiastic and welcoming from the time that you first hit the door. The staff are also well trained and genuinely express care in nursing you back to good health, and do a great job at doing so. They know exactly what treatments are needed to decrease pain in problem areas and assisting you to live normal life again. I couldn't imagine attending any other facility. OXFORD REHAB IS THE BEST!
By: Sophia R.
Seastone Drug & Alcohol Rehab
My cousin has been going to this facility and he has been improving a lot. He has been there for over 6 months now and i can tell the difference from when he was doing drugs, to now. He has not only changed phisically, but also mentally. He now wants to go back to school and start working doing community service around his neighborhood. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who has a relative who is going thotough a rough time.
By: kavitap
Oxford Rehabilitation Center
I came to Oxford Rehab to get treatment for my back pain and I was greeted by a super friendly & fun staff. The building does not look that large until you enter this facility. It is huge and they have some different pieces of equipment. I had a though exam. Treatment was very effective as I was better within 2 weeks. I can now go back to my college basketball without back pain. Thank you especially to Audrey.
By: carla.bennet.77
Seastone Drug & Alcohol Rehab
I would recommend this place to anyone! The place, the people and how they help you in everything you do and what they teach you is what makes this place unique. The staff is amazing and so fun to hang out with. Hopefully I can go back and visit the place soon enough. Thanks a lot!!!!
By: elizabeth228
Oxford Rehabilitation Center
Wow Oxford Rehab Center is such a cool place to regain muscle strength and reduce pain! With the aquatic therapy and heat&ice treatment, huge gym, and relaxing massage therapy, PLUS the chiropractic care and all the other cool little things it is the place to be!
By: Kimberly L.
Self Help Movement Inc
Self help will only work if you really want the help. Currently, I am seeing someone who is a resident. He's taking his treatment very seriously and it's working wonders for him. If you're really ready to get help, I would recommend this rehab in a heartbeat.
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