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By: frequentflyer29
Aria Health
This hospital is great! I came to the ER at 2:30am even though I had a minor complaint and I could have just waited until the morning to see my primary. it only took 2 mins for the amazing triage nurse to assess me and they let me sit in the very comfortable waiting room. There is a 40 inch flat screen tv and it is air conditioned. There is even a staff member in the waiting room at all times in case I have any questions, like "when will I be taken back" and "what do I have to do to get some pain medicine around here." I know a lot about the waiting room because I spent most of my time out there. When I did get back to a treatment room I was again assessed by an fantastic nurse, who was able to nail down my reason for being in the hospital (pain medicine). I mean they are really spot on. Then I saw a resident, who was very nice and sympathetic. They gave me this medicine, I think it was called toradil, or something. They said it was the best pain medicine on the market, so I was very grateful. Soon I was taken to cat scan and xray for multiple tests. By the time I got back I am pretty sure I was glowing in the dark, but I dont care as long as I know that there is nothing seriously wrong. Then the Attending came in, and he was very handsome. I asked him on a date but he said he was married. Thats OK with me because there are not a lot of places that take my access card. But I digress. I was informed that all my tests were negative and it was safe for me to go home. I was relieved that there was nothing wrong and felt confident that I made the right choice in chosing Aria for my healthcare needs. All of the staff members treated me with respect and dignity, even when I did not always do the same for them. I will definitely come back for some more of that Toradil stuff.
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By: Sandra S.
Albert Einstein Medical Center
My name is Jim cherrick I needed a liver transplant back in 2013. Prior to getting to Einstein I was at 3 diff hospitals. 4 rehabs who treated me for symptoms of liver disease but then realeased one hospital wanted to hospice me said nothing they could do getting me to a liver hospital seems sensible a dr told my caretaker at that hospital to get him to a liver hospital and that's how I got to Einstein . 15 min into my appt at Einstein he said I was staying a remained there 7 straight weeks at Einstein and 3 weeks at willow rest rehab part of Einstein. I was put on transplant list and received liver transplant Jan 15 , 2015. Einstein had a team concept that actually works . Thanks to Einstein I'm alive and successfully recovering
By: sats54
Temple University Hospital
I had to take my 92 yr old mother to Temple for a test in the Radiology dept. Her family doctor once again didn't get her referrals right. We weren't going to be able to get the test done without them. Thanks to Donna Bcssler we got the referrals & the test done. Donna was so sweet & called the doctors office, had to walk the nurse through the process 3 times. I can't say enough how much she helped us, I wish I remembered her coworker who also helped. They were so sweet about it too. Usually you get pushed around or told forget it but they did everything to make sure mom got her test that day. They made a bad situation turn into a good one. Many many thanks to you Donna !! Radiology B
By: P C.
Kindred Hospital South Philadelphia
Everyone here took very good care of me even though I did have one or two rude nurses. The staff is very caring and always looking in to see if I needed anything. Dr. Patel is fantastic! I appreciated the Patient Advocate coming in to talk and spend time with me everyday. I can't say enough about the care from the Wound Care Nurses. They are phenomenal! I've never had the good care they have given me. Maybe if I did I wouldn't have had to come here. The food was also good and I had many choices. Towards my last fews day here I starting taking more advantage of the different menu choices. I wish I did that from the beginning. I would recommend this hospital to anyone needing this level of care.
By: paul.reese.33
Aria Health
From start to finish, From The ER to the rooms and many tests they had to do, Everything was prompt, Everyone Was so very Kind and Helpful , I mean everyone, , they made a bad problem and made it much better. I can't say enough good about the hospital , I was in Aug 5th and 6th, Undercover boss should go and see the hard work they do, and honor them four it
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By: Donna K.
Aria Health
My mother was admitted yesterday to the 3rd fl her nurse was a male nurse. His name is Ed . He went above n beyond helping my mom n then today she had a. Student nurse, also a male n he couldn't do enough for her. Thank u guys for such a great job taking care of my mom
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By: Jc R.
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Been a patient for more than a year now,since I started this whole process everyone has been treating me like I'm there father/brother/son. It's that good,that truly helps with treatment!!!
By: Gregory H.
Mercy Catholic Medical Center Misericordia Hospita
Very compassionate. The doctors are on point and human. My room was very warm in fact hot but it was handled with the first complaint.
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Many hospitals have their own websites that include information about services offered and how to contact personnel. But you can also search online, in the phone book, and through health and medical-focused review websites.
Medical service prices vary according to the hospital, the type of procedure, and many regulations. The price that a patient actually pays will depend on their insurance coverage policies. If they do not have health insurance, patients may establish payment plans with the health care provider directly.
Most Americans older than 65 are insured under the Medicare program for emergency hospital visits and basic medical care. Whether you are about to turn 65 or already have, you should familiarize yourself with the Medicare program and the benefits it provides. Medicare can work in conjunction with a workplace or other private health plan. Seniors should also take the time to establish legal documents concerning future medical care and end-of-life procedures. These include a living will, advance medical directive, and related documents.
Visitation rules vary by hospital, but in general, any biological or legal family member of a patient is allowed to visit them at an appropriate time and at the patient’s discretion. Friends are typically  allowed to visit at the patient’s and their caregiver’s discretion. A patient may also designate a support person to make decisions on their behalf regarding visitation.
Ambulances are driven and staffed by medical professionals who will transport patients to the closest hospital that can provide the specific services needed. Some hospitals specialize in certain types of emergency care - facilities that specialize in trauma, heart attacks, stroke victims, and children are a few common examples. The patient being transported has the right to request a particular hospital, but the ambulance personnel may refuse this request if they have reason to believe treatment is required as soon as possible. Paramedics may require you to sign a waiver before transporting you to a hospital that you request.

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