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St Francis De Sales School

Religious General Interest Schools

(215) 387-1749



917 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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  • DeSales is an Exceptional School

    St. Francis DeSales is one of the rare schools that shows compassion and dedication to every student that walks through their doors. My experience with the school and their students has only been positive. I work with many schools in the Philadelphia area and comparatively DeSales is exceptional. Students are held to the highest standards; academically, spiritually, and personally. Their commitment to to each student's development shows their dedication to education. DeSales has flourishing engineering, music, and after-school programs that enrich student's experience and give them the opportunity to develop their skills and talents. This does not mean they are easy on the students, rather children there are challenged to be their best in every respect each and everyday. All schools in the Philadelphia should follow their lead because that commitment to the students as people is surely missing from education today. I hold the school in the highest regards, and was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly impressed with the work they are doing.

  • School exposed Father Navit to Students
    Disappointed parent

    Father Navit has been at the school since 2004 to 2010. He is named as one of the 20+ Priests on Administrative leave. He was whisked away from the school without any fanfare (unusual) and sent to Doylestown parrish as a Vicar with high praises. The school sisters, I believe are programmed to be submissive. They tell us that they are taking care of our ""gift"" but they allowed this priest to have access to children one-on-one just because he was a priests for no reason. He gave candy to kids to entice them and took children out of classes with the teachers permission...the said teachers that are there to supervise our children and then they lie when question. I sent my child to this school based on its rigid reputation and becuase I was impressed with this school. Even if they were a blue ribbon school, how could ANYONE trusts them. They sent out letters to parents saying they learned this from the newspapers..LIE....the Archdiocese informed them by memo so insult the parents. They are still in the busiess of cover up. Please parents, before you think about St. Francis, think about the leadership how they cower to the priests and we don't know antything about the priests, their backgroud, where and why they were transferred. How could the Archdiocese put a man like Father Navit in a could they betray our children?

  • A Sound School for the Money

    St. Francis DeSales still offers a good education. My daughter graduated from there with honors two years ago. She is doing well in high school and taking Honors and AP classes. It is my opinion that she is doing well because of the foundation established at St. Francis De Sales.

    Currently, my son is attending St. Francis De Sales. As a 1st grader, he is receiving homework assignments of mathematics, phonics, reading comprehension, etc. He is required to read at least 20 minutes a night. So far, he is progressing nicely and appears to be following in his sister's footsteps.

    All in all, the St. Francis De Sales education is worth the money.


    if there is one thing i know is that the teacher are mean to us kids dissrespectful DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD THERE!

  • A waist of money

    This school is a huge waist of money! It has a great rep, because once a upon a time it was a good school. However, under the new leadership the quality of the school has declined. The teachers are not certified or qualified to run a classroom. Most of the teachers can not manage their classrooms. The communication is non-existent. Trying to contact the principal or any of the teachers is close to impossible. When you do get a response it is usually condescending and pompous. Science and History takes a back seat to Religion courses which are over emphasized. St. Francis De Sales has turned into the typical Philadelphia Catholic School; all issues are swept under the rug. The parish is money hungry. Mostly importantly, there isn?t any diversity in the staff. The school is majority African American, yet there is only one African American teacher. Nepotism overrides diversity.

  • Communication

    They take your money while their teachers go through a tough time and they expect you to be understanding while your money is cashed and your child is left with an aide for a month. Their communication is horrible although they are a good school....I don't like that part of their organization.

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