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Classes Offered: Yoga

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  • Love it!!

    I've been going to classes here for just about a year, and I love it. It took me a while to find a teacher who's style was what I was looking for, but then I found Chris! Chris Fluck is my favorite teacher in the studio, by far. He doesn't baby you, or whisper through class--If you're looking for calming, peaceful yoga, this style is not for you. He sticks with the traditional dialoge, but infuses a little humor into it to keep your mood positive. He gives critiques without giving criticism, and is just really encouraging.
    The space can get a little cramped, since it's limited by a small center city building, but there's not really anything you can do to change it.
    Overall, if you're looking for a whimsical, zen type of experience, Bikram in general is NOT for you. If you can handle the heat and sweat, and aren't afraid to push yourself, I highly reccomend it!!

  • Awful, Awful, Awful

    I love Bikram but this place SUCKS. The staff is absolutely and positively horrible. Rude, rude, rude, rude, rude. Last time I was there a staff member who wasn't teaching that class (but was participating) literally started yelling at another student because he was using a towel to stretch. The staff member was screaming and looked like he wanted to fight the other guy. It was INSANE. Worst studio ever.

  • Will never quit

    I've been going to this studio for a few months. I've had eight different instructors. Seven of them were great. They were friendly and helpful to me as someone new to yoga. They continue to help me get better by providing gentle corrections and suggestions. If you?re looking for a yoga class with instructors that will baby you, this isn?t for you, however. The one time I was treated rudely by an instructor, I got over it really quick because I liked what I was doing and I no longer let myself get offended by people who may have problems with their ego or interacting with others (or whatever may be the case). More important than the (mostly) friendly and helpful instructors, I go because I like what this does for my body and mind. The calm feeling and concentration that this brings to my life is as strong as any other method of meditation I have used. It lasts all day and I cannot imagine ever quitting Bikram, even if I was stuck with the one rude instructor every time.

  • the worst yoga experience I've ever had

    While I have been a longtime fan of yoga and admire the rigor and techniques that hot yoga employs, the teacher, Emily C, completely ruined my experience at Bikram.

    She was remarkably rude and extremely inconsiderate, and I felt like I was in some sort of an army boot camp that did not allow me to relax and go at my own pace. What I typically enjoy about yoga is the serenity of it and the ability to push yourself at your own pace with the encouragement and support of your instructor. Emily created an atmosphere that was anything but that, and I cannot emphasize how unhappy I was with her class.

    Definitely not going back to Emily's class...I was considering trying out the other teachers who I've heard much better things about....but after reading some of these reviews, it seems the ""militant"" atmosphere and disconnected vibe is prevalent throughout all the classes... Looks like I'm gone for good.

  • great instructors

    I'm athletic, but was completely new to yoga when I came here. The instructors are awesome, very supportive and helpful. Felt comfortable being a newbie. Classes can be very tight for space, especially on sunday mornings.

  • I should have known when I walked through the door...

    So...I have done hot yoga in the past a few years ago and I was looking to get back into it. After checking around, I chose Bikram in Sansom. When I arrived at the building, I had to step over a bag of restaurant trash that was taller then me (in the hall of the building) to get to the stairs (Bikram is on the third floor). I found the place to be filthy and gross. The womens ""changing room"" is a little space behind a tapestry and people just throw thier belongings all over the place. The guy at the front desk talked to me like I was an idiot and I found him to be abrasive. Much to my disappointment, he was also the instructor of the class. This guy was a nightmare, he barked orders at everyone in the room and made these really annoying remarks throughout the whole session. His tone was not calming at all but more of someone who should work at an auction house and not a yoga studio. My past yoga experiences have been calming and peaceful and that is what I expected at Bikram. If you are looking for a ""whatever"" kind of yoga experience in a dumpy environment then go for it. But if you are looking for something more peaceful and lovely, I suggest you look elsewhere. Maybe it was just that one instructor...I doubt it

  • Worst ""yoga"" experience I've ever had

    I've been a fitness freak my whole life, and a yogini for five+, and this was the first time I ended a physical practice feeling worse than when I started. The one thing I liked was the heated room, though in a well-planned yoga sequence, you build your own heat-- heat in the room is just icing on a cake. Here, it seems more like a crutch you can use if you choose not to breathe properly. When I got there, one of the staff members made a catty comment about folks choosing the elevator over the stairs to get up to the studio (which I hadn't done), a red flag. But then the session-- eek! Regardless of the tradition, yoga is not supposed to be just a workout; it's a physical & spiritual practice that connects, cleanses and energizes the internal systems and opens the mind, clearing the way to connect to a greater power. The ""beach body"" is a side effect, not the goal. This, on the other hand, was more like boot camp with some disjointed yoga postures sprinkled on top. The instructor barked commands the entire time, and his only non-commands referenced the number of calories we might burn or how listening to him would ""change your life."" I felt none of the ""namaste"" energy I've felt elsewhere; indeed, the instructor walked out of the studio while everyone was in savasana without a closing bow or anything, something I've never seen before. I actually walked out feeling angry, also a first. If you're just looking for a workout that doesn't involve an elliptical or an iPod, this might be your spot (though I have to say, I'd still recommend Jazzercize or Zumba or belly dancing...pretty much anything over Bikram), but if you're looking for real yoga, this is not the place.

  • Best Yoga Studio in Philly

    A terrific studio, with excellent teachers, flexible class schedule, life-changing practice. This is serious practice by people committed to yoga, but it's accessible to beginners.

  • Cobra Kai of Yoga Studios

    My mom turned me onto Bikram during a visit home for the holidays in Northern California. Immediately hooked, I returned to Philly determined to regularly sweat yoga-style... Unfortunately this place is the only Bikram studio in the Center City area. If you are looking for a militant and competitive environment to practice yoga -- then this is the place for you [hence my Karate Kid reference]. I'm no purist, but that's not really what yoga is about for me.

  • hot stuff

    i attended my first c[lass last night and must say that i was extremely pleased with pretty much everything about this place. walking in to a cheery greeting and a welcoming atmosphere was exactly what i needed after an obnoxious day at work. i was made to feel comfortable immediately and although the class was extremely difficult, the attitude of the instructor and his attentiveness both throughout and after the class was outstanding. i will definitely go back to this place.

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