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903 Noble St, Philadelphia, PA 19123

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    I called them on 3/25 to order a cab service. The rep asked me for my address which I gave to him. He then asked me a question which I could not understand; I think it was ""where is this street located"". I asked to repeat the question. He repeated the question but I still could not understand so I said: ""I am sorry - could you repeat the question."" The guy got irritated with me and hung up the phone. I called back 5 times and he would either put me on hold and then disconnect or just not pick up the line. I find this type of rudeness to the customer beyond any belief whatsoever especially after I have been their customer for 5 years.

  • Avoid Using at ALL COST!

    Avoid using this cab company at all costs. If you must use them, ALWAYS get a receipt or, at the least, remember your cab's number. I thought I remembered mine, but I was mistaken. I often ride cabs in Philadelphia and usually pay in cash so the driver doesn't give a receipt (which, in retrospect, they should ALWAYS do). This was my complete downfall. I left my wallet in the back, noticed it 30 seconds after the cab sped away, tried to run him down, but failed. So, I called their dispatch immediately. Without a receipt or the cab number, the best they can do is issue a text to all drivers (who, by the way, are always talking on their cell phones). A text? Are you kidding me? What happened to CB radios? ""Cab at 7th & South. Please stop. Lost wallet in back seat"". I wish it was that efficient. I called back every 30 minutes to check in. During my last call, (1.5 hours later) I asked what the dispatcher was texting to the drivers and he said ""Lost Wallet. Please call dispatcher if found."" When I tried to tell him it would be prudent to include where I was picked up and dropped off at, he continued to talk over me. Literally, I couldn't get one word in. He just kept talking over me, and over me, and over me. I can't stress enough how much he kept talking over me. So, I loudly asked him to please stop talking and click, he hung up on me. GREAT customer service; NOT! I called back to speak with a supervisor. She was most helpful and took down my pick up and drop off location, but that was 1.5 hours after I was dropped off. God knows where my wallet went.

  • Paying by credit cards in Philly taxis

    Why blame a minimal wage cab driver for refusing to accept a mode of payment that takes away 5% to 10% fee from his gross earnings and puts it in the hands of bankers and credit card companies, who get paid hefty bonuses. It is estimated that cab drivers have to pay roughly $50.00 a week as bank fees. That's $2,600 a year per driver!

    For people in the service industry or business, that would be the same reaction if the Government announced a 5% to 10% increase in the taxes they would have to pay. Or, what if employers started charging 5% service fee to do a direct deposit.

    Moral of the story: If you want to go cashless, let the consumer or credit card companies spend the bank fees for their convenience and not the immigrant taxi drivers. Or better still, bank fees should be paid by the federal government as they save money on printing bills. FYI, Las Vegas taxis charge customers a $3.00 surcharge on all credit card taxi trips.

  • Cab drivers are Jerks

    I took a cab from Cav's on del. ave. to north philly, about a 10 min ride. The guy tried to charge me 35 bucks for the ride saying I threw up in his cab. First off I threw up outside the cab and the inside was fine. Also, I got charged twice on my credit card. Before I got out I made the guy give me twenty bucks back in cash, so it evened out. But now I have to deal with this extra charge on my card, what a pain!

  • Best Cabs in the City, Hands Down

    Never a wait on the phone. Always on time. In fact, most of the time, the cab is waiting within 10 minutes - and always within 15 minutes. Amazing. It makes me wonder what makes the other cab services so bad.

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