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By: Gogol M.
Viva Healthy Life
I've been looking for help to quit smoking. While driving my car I heard an ad Tacony Health Center helps to quit smoking using auriculotherapy. When I came to the center I paid $150 and got back to my cigarettes right after the procedure.Still I wanted to quit, but I needed some real help and I googled for "best stop smoking treatment". Viva healthy Life and Dr. Tsan came out as #1 stop smoking ranked by Fox29.Few days later I saw Dr. Tsan. I told him my story and fist thing he said was: "Auriculotherapy is a very good technique, but it does detoxification only. This will not help you to stop smoking. To make long story shorter Dr. Tsan hypnotized me and 2 hours later I left his office and I knew at that time that I will never smoke again. His treatment was very effective. Now it's 3 months since I smoked my last cigarette and I know for sure it was my last smoke.Thank you Dr. Tsan
By: Parkin W.
Viva Healthy Life
The best thing about this center is that all holistic techniques are residing under one roof. You need acupuncture – you can have it here. Hypnosis for stop smoking – no problem. Need homeopathic treatment – yes, please. The good thing is that Dr. Tsan is certified in all these treatments and even if he assigned patient to one of his associates, still he is the one who administrating treatment and everything done under his supervision. I’m Dr. Tsan’s patient for a long time (probably more than 10 years. He is very professional and experienced medical doctor, certified holistic practitioner, gifted hypnotherapist and great person.
By: Nick M.
Viva Healthy Life
This office is amazing. Every service they provide is “top of the line”. Dr. Tsan - the Medical Director of the center and he is a “Universal Man”. He is great in all services that this center performs, but he is usually does only hypnosis, Reiki and homeopathic evaluation. He has a business partner who does acupuncture and psychoanalysis, but everything is performed under his supervision and it’s very important because he is SUPER. I was lucky because I had acupuncture done by Dr. Tsan. Before I had acupuncture treatment in China Town, but it can’t even be compared. Dr. Tsan is simply the best.
By: Henrietta R.
Viva Healthy Life
How convenient is to have all services at one place. And especially when one person can provide all of them. At this center Eric and Olga do acupuncture, but only Dr. Tsan does everything (acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, etc.). I found on Google that he is well-known not only here in the USA, but he is “famous” also in Europe. When I met him I understood why all this reviews posted. He the greatest physician and his personality is above and beyond the average. Victor Tsan and his associates changed my life and after their services I’m back to healthy life.
By: Chandler S.
Viva Healthy Life
Highly recommend going to Philadelphia holistic clinic. It has homeopathic division, hypnotherapy, acupuncture. Dr Tsan is a wonderful, professional specialist who listens to you and help find the best solution. I have so many problems with my health that can be addressed in alternative medicine office only. Just hope that financially I will be able to receive all help that this clinic can offer. I really need it.
By: Alex S.
Viva Healthy Life
My 9 y.0. son suffered from bedwetting. We tried everything, but did not work. When we brought him to Doctor Tsan he had a lot of positive attitude. With his specific accent He said: "Don't worry, I'll fix him". He prescribed him some homeopathic remedies and in the very first night the miracle happened. He is dry every morning for more than 4 months already.
By: Joe H.
Viva Healthy Life
I brought my 19 y.o. daughter to Dr. Tsan when her gynecologist diagnosed Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and said that she will never get pregnant. That’s when I brought her to Dr. Tsan.After 2 weeks of treatment she got pregnant and 2 months ago delivered a healthy baby boy Roberto.Thanks to doctor Tsan who makes miracle.
By: Evelyn T.
Viva Healthy Life
Every time I come to see Dr. Tsan for whatever reason – he always help me. Amazing, but he is good in ENT, in OBGYN, gastroenterology… Once, he even did a small “surgery” for me. Patients call him “universal doctor” and he really is. I recommend Viva Healthy Life and Dr. Tsan for all your medical needs.
By: Julia R.
Viva Healthy Life
My son was alcoholic. He lost his job and was about to lose his house and family. Google helped me to find Dr. Tsan. Amazing but after 5 sessions of hypnosis performed by this doctor my son is sober. He got back to work. He is family man now and everything is ok.Thank you Dr. Tsan
By: Gene W.
Viva Healthy Life
Dr. Tsan treated my sister with hypnosis when she was in a deep depression due to severe chronic stress. I am his patient for a long while and when my sister got sick Ii brought her to Viva Healthy Life. I would say: "Dr. Tsan is the best hypnotist in Philadelphia".

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