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By: Rhoda L.
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
Full Bathroom Installation/Basement Mr. & Mrs. Walter LynchThere are so many reasons that my husband and I are so grateful and feel very blessed to have found Gary & Company Contracting.For starters, one month prior to contacting Gary, I had signed a contract with another contractor. Big mistake! But before I get into why this was so. I’d like to point out a few things that could be a teachable moment for those who are considering hiring a contractor or handyman to do work in or around their home. Always make sure that the person you hire is a licensed contractor, preferably someone that can do it all. If this is not the case, and they have others working for them.Make sure that the person or persons that they bring to your home are licensed or if not, at least will be under the instructions of the licensed contractor. Basically allowing for someone with credentials to be held accountable for any wrong doing.Make sure you have their information such as license number, address, phone number along with pictures of previous work that they have completed. Make sure the pictures that they show you are pictures of what you are considering hiring them for.When giving down payments and second payments, make sure that the project is moving along. If you and the contractor agree that they will buy the supplies, make sure you are provided with receipts and supplies are brought to your home prior to project starting. All of this I learned from Gary after the first contractor took our money, came to our home a few times only to not complete the project. He embezzled a substantial amount of money from us which left us devastated He left our basement floor tore up and nothing was ever installed. All this brings me to what Gary did for us. I reached out to him in the morning, that afternoon he was at my door. He sat down with me and was extremely understanding.Not only did he listen, but throughout me telling him about our ordeal, not once did he make me feel like a fool for trusting this other person. It was at this point that Gary walked me through the proper steps to take whenInterviewing a contractor. All the things to look for and things that should be a red flag. That same day he did an assessment, called and emailed within a couple of days with a proposal that was fair and very reasonable. Gary and his team started within two days, but prior to, he bought all of the supplies from Home Depot, brought them to our home, producing all of the receipts. I would say the whole project didn’t take over two and a half weeks. This was a full bathroom, not a powder room. Gary and his employees were extremely professional but in a lighthearted way , personable but not intrusive. Always courteous and all respected our home each and every time they entered and would leave. Needless to say, my hubby and I are so happy with our beautiful bathroom! We have gotten so many compliments from both family and friends. My lasting words and advice that I would leave to any home owner looking to remodel or upgrade their property, always follow your gut. if it sounds too good to be true, and you don’t get a good vibe, no license, limited information, no references or reviews to read, escort them to the door.
By: mzrae83
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
For All Viewers, I am proud to claim Gary as my contractor. He is very professional, trustworthy, reasonable with his prices, complete all job tasks in a timely fashion /proficiently , provides alternative methods of payment based on client needs, great listener, dependable including his staff, organized, and provides great suggestions/feedback to any questions his clients may have. I have recommended Gary to the people I love which are all my family and close friends. I have also recommended him to any/all persons I have come across that needed any type of work done. Included volunteer to show some of his work to future clients just to vouch and confirm he is a creditable contractor. Thus far Gary has done the following reconstructions to my home:1.Install full tile patio in my back yard2.Created an entry way fence door and put up private fence in my backyard 3.Reconstructed and expand the entry ways to my stairway and kitchen 4.Install new door bell 5.Remove excessive pipes from my living room and bathroom6.Install a built in custom made closet in my main bedroom and second bedroom 7.Fixed a leaky pipe from my toilet on the second floor8.Sheet rock my entire upstairs hallway including both bedrooms 9.Reconstructed and expanded my closet in my bathroom including created built in shelving 10.Reconstructed and sheet rock my existing main bedroom second closet 11.Sheet rock my bump outs on both floors 12.Upgraded all my electric wiring in my entire house including electrical box 13.Rewired my phone line, added/install outlets, stove washer, and dryer 14.Extracted, expand, and replace my window in my dining room15.Corrected the frame work around my main bedroom window and bathroom 16.Installed electric wall mounted heater in both bathrooms 17.Installed electric ceiling mounted heater in my living room, dining room, two bedrooms, and kitchen The list will continue on until my house it the way I want it to be. Getting to the point; this professional young man that my family and I call Young Blood is the best we have ever encountered. You would be definitely making a wise decision to select him for whatever you may need because he does it all. Young Blood/Gary is reliable, responsible, and ready to assist you so let him fix your problem or enhance your property. Just let him know Mzrae sent you.
By: stephen.simpson.568
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
Gary is truly one of a kind. He is patient, caring and doesn't mind how long the job takes as long as it is done right. This is the first job of many that I will be hiring Gary for. This job was installing a dishwasher for us in a very small space. We have never had a dishwasher and he came in and made it happen for us. Our next project is a complete kitchen remodel which we will definitely plan on hiring Gary again. Gary is not only our contractor but has become a friend. I am pretty sure this is simply Gary's personality and mannerism shining through. Quality work and friendly attitude to accompany it. Highly recommend!
By: lebrown
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
I was recently introduced to Gary through a friend when I encountered some electrical issues at my building. I must say, I was very pleased with the quick response and the low cost estimate. As Investor, it is important how I spend money and the quality of service that I am provided. Since meeting Gary, I have use his services at other locations, and I am proud to say that I will be using Gary & Company for many more jobs. Gary is courteous, professional, and prompt all times. I highly recommend Gary for meeting your needs and will be referring him to my follow colleagues. Thanks Gary. Le
By: Adam L.
DNG Complete Home Improvement Corp.
My chimney has been getting worse every year so this year my wife and I decided to get it fixed. Luckily we came across DNG Complete Home because they did a great job. During the construction Dave and crew were very easy going and easy to work with. As the project progressed, Dave continued to provide feedback and help us through some of the decisions yet to be made. The entire crew was attentive and they were also very quick to respond to emails and return calls. Couldn't have asked for much better service. Awesome work guys, keep it up!
By: Maria A.
DNG Complete Home Improvement Corp.
My chimney/fireplace is VERY old. I had a few contractors come out and say it should be knocked down and to start over. Like it was too much work for them to repair and clean. Well I don't have that kind of money. Well DNG worked with my budget and made sure my chimney and fireplace was safe. The made repairs to the inside and replaced bricks on the outside. They did much more than I thought and really went out of their way to make me happy. Now I can use my fireplace whenever i want and its not such an eyesore! Great group of guys...
By: Sammy L.
DNG Complete Home Improvement Corp.
We had a weird smell coming from out fireplace/chimney and we couldn't figure it out. Had a few people out to find the problem and nobody would help or tried to charge for an estimate. DNG gave me a free estimate and solved the problem. They helped get rid of the smell and I had them do a few other repairs to my chimney. All the work they did was really well done and the price was pretty decent too. I would recommend them to anyone who needs some chimney, fireplace or even brick work.
By: Synae C.
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
Gary just installed 3 security doors and a closet door for me. I callled on a Monday afternoon, he came by that evening to take the measurements, scheduled to meet me at Home Depot to help me choose the right doors, picked up the doors on Saturday and stayed until the job was done. I'm very satisfied. I thought he was professional, polite , dillegent and honest. It's important to find a contractor you can trust and if that's what you are looking for, I recommend Gary.
By: cdavisharvey
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
I have had to use the services of Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC many times over the past three years. I have always found them professional from beginning to end. Some jobs have been planned, and the company worked out a payment schedule for me and gave me advice on how to save money without cutting quality. Some have been emergencies and the company responded quickly. All work done exceeded my expectations.
By: monicarutherford
Gary & Co. Contracting, LLC
Gary Contracting has done various work for me; upgraded my electrical system, installed electrical outlets, painted my kitchen and designed/installed new garage door. I am very happy with all the work he has done! He is very meticulous in the way he works and I really like that. He has affordable prices and payment plans for people on a budget. Will continue to use for all future contracting needs.

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