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By: Ebony G.
Ms. Tootsie's Restaurant Bar Lounge
If you're really hungry, I would not suggest going to Ms. Tootsie. First off the wait for 2 ppl was 50 mins on a Friday evening. Once we were told that our table was ready the hostess took forever to find us a table after just deciding to seat us right by the door. There was no place settings, no candles or condiments on the table whatsoever. The server took forever to take our drink order. We both ordered the iced tea which was so watered down that it wasn't funny. The waiter seemed preoccupied so it took another wait for her to take our orders. We ordered no appetizers and we're not given any corn muffins until like 40 mins after. Our order took about 55 mins to come from the time we were seated to time the food actually got there. The bbq wings were burnt and it looked like they just covered it with bbq sauce. The potato salad was bland and needed salt BAD. The pork ribs were good but we're like warm at best like it was sitting for a while. The Mac and cheese was awesome while the portion size of the sweet potatoes was very small. The chances of me returning to Ms. Tootsie is slim to none. Also the bathrooms could be alot better maintained. For the amount of business this place does the conditions and service should be far superior than what we experienced. Highly disappointed. The waiter was not tipped because frankly she did nothing to help the situation either.
By: zen-zalamari
Penrose Diner
OMG Breakfast is the absolute best time. The food, the wait staff, and the casual settings. It was always a popular local place to dine, but recently the word is out. Stadium events for sports, concerts, marathon runs in the area are drawing many new customers, It use to be just the same old customer faces, now I feel like I am vacationing somewhere new. The two nearby hotels, have found out too, as the quests stream across the street from the Skyview Hotel @Penrose Ave and the Holiday Inn @10TH and Packer Ave. Prices are good, the food is fresh & tasty, the smiles and friendly staff make it a place like no other, a place feeling to me and my family all the comforts of HOME {and no one has to clean up the dishes} Great Place. Don't Miss it, even former President Clinton stopped by on his way to PHL Airport and ate a fine meal, that only an all American Diner can make!!!!
By: vicki.kacerek.9
Continental Midtown Restaurant
I so agree with the "Horrible Terrible Attitude towards Disabled People"! I just had lunch there with my father-in-law and his 89 year old mother-in-law. There was a 25 minute wait and she has trouble standing for that long, as you can imagine if you are 89 years old. The hostess told us we could sit at the bar while waiting. She sat down, and the bartender asked her to move since she was not going to eat at the bar and he wanted the space for his eating patrons. We offered to buy a drink (3 of us, 4 bar stools available, we are using 1 bar stool), but he said no, she had to stand unless she was eating. She has problems standing that long and almost passed out! He just didn't care. TERRIBLE HORRIBLE ATTITUDE TO DISABLED AND ELDERLY!!!!!
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By: Zsavon R.
City Tap House
On, March 5th I sat at the Bar of City Tap and was served by all of the bartenders present. Yet, there was one who stood out. Eric, is his name. Eric, was very protective, considerate and aware of all that seemed to be transpiring on this Saturday night. With some things not being quite right, he made sure my friend and I were comfortable, and told us to give him the word if we felt like it was too much going on. We were pretty good at handling our own, but it was great to see that Eric took what he did to another level. It wasn't about just pouting drinks for patrons, but making sure they had an experience while dining at City Tap. He did this all with a smile and really added to our quick night out! Eric, YOU ROCK!!!
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By: Rosie M.
Cyber Crepe Cafe
*****Delicious food, wonderful service, and very nice people.Split a roasted veggie hoagie with an "eater", we were both satisfied and very happy. Warm baguette, grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, red onion, grilled asparagus, zucchini, and spinach with hummus. My daughter had a Parisian Crepe, with pear, brie and lots of walnuts and a honey drizzle...huge crepe and delish. Husband had a Crepe omelette with scrambled eggs, mozzerella, and gouda...very nice size and he was a very happy camper. The rose lemonade and blood orange iced tea were also wonderful. We give the Cyber Crepe Cafe high praise and thumbs up. Also great to see a neighborhood spot that is wheelchair accessible and spotlessly clean. A++++++
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By: Vincent N.
Cafe Lava
Good food and a good group of people that it bring's in everyday. Is just amazing. I eat there a least. 4 day's out of the week and order food on the weekend's after work. The work's are very professional they alway"s ask how are thing's and if you need anything. They are alway's explain what is good and what is on the memu and the spacial's of the day are. The owner is very talkative and is alway's enjoying the food with thr group of people that lava bring's in every day and it's a group. Lol. Cop's and fire fighter's and veteran get a discount. As well. One of the best place's to visit in philly. A must try. Stop in and grad your table why they are available.
By: mamaknowsitall
Trolley Car Diner
I am not a diner person, generally, but the Trolley Car Diner is not your average diner. It's really clean, for one! The food is absolutely delicious! Naturally, being a diner, breakfast is served all day, and my daughter and I typically go on evenings after work when I don't feel like cooking. The portions are huge, so she and I are able to share an order of pancakes! They also have turkey bacon and it doesn't cost extra. Oh, and I can not forget to tell you all about the milkshakes...thick, creamy and so good. So, so good! I haven't tried the "adult" milkshakes, yet, since I always share with my daughter, but I've heard those are amazing, too!
By: mamaknowsitall
The perfect place to take out of town guests! I remember reading a little paragraph like Cafette in the City Paper years ago, and searching, searching, searching to find it! It is located on a tiny residential street a block off of Germantown Avenue. Whenever my girlfriends come into town, I bring them here. The Sunday brunch menu is perfect. It's not too overwhelming, and there's enough diversity (french toast, salmon on bagel, salad) for everyone to appreciate it. The ambience is PERFECT for a group of girlfriends, especially in the spring or summer. You can sit out back on a little patio and chat over your thick cut french toast and coffee!
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By: Jessica J.
Broad Street Diner
I really love going to the Broad St Diner since they've re-opened. It used to be somewhat of a dump back in the day, but it's definitely changed since the makeover! I go at least once every couple weeks (during the week around 8 AM before work), and the staff is always very friendly and quick. It's never chaotic or crowded either, which adds to the relaxing ambiance. The food is a good deal for the money and it's always a nice way to start the work day. Some of the nicest servers I've experienced at a diner in a LONG time :)
By: Merle W.
Taylor's Restaurant
My husband and I recently went to Taylor's Restaurant on Ridge Pk. in Roxborough. They've completely remodeled and now have outdoor seating in the back. It's lovely. The menu has been completely changed except that they've kept some old favorites. This is a place you'd expect to find down on Main St. in Manyunk. Great place to meet friends and eat excellent food. We'll be going back again.

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