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By: Trish M.
Kershaw Esposito Real Estate
We rented a property from this company with a one year lease and when it was up we asked about staying on another year. We were told we could stay. Whenever we called the repair was slipshod as they looked for the cheapest fix. Shortly into our second year we decided to move and gave the required notice. I received an email from the property manager that we could not move as we had a lease and would either have to pay for the year or find someone else to rent the property. I replied that we never signed a lease for the second year, this was simply a bullying tactic. We cleaned the house and painted (paint was left in unit from previous tenant) where we spackled. Upon inspection of the house we were told that the paint appeared "shimmery." This wound up costing us $500 of our deposit as they claimed this was how much it would cost to repaint. I guess they didn't bother to look for the cheapest fix when we were paying for it. I would not recommend using this company to rent or purchase.
By: Alberta B.
Peer Peopert Management
My experience has been completely opposite of the other reviewers. I sold my house after 8 years because among other reasons, I was done chasing contractors for shoddy work. I looked at quite a few properties and talked to quite a few property managers before going with Peer. And I am so glad I did! I immediately liked the Property Manager Barb and loved her responsiveness in getting my lease signed and working with me on a move-in date. Since day one, any issue, big or small, has been dealt with in less than 24-48 hours, with Barb either texting or calling me! I am thrilled! I thought I might have a problem with noisy upstairs neighbors, but one discussion with Barb and it was taken care of. I highly recommend Peer Property - my bi-level apartment is open floor plan, gorgeous hardwood floors and beautiful new appliances. Throw in Barb's responsiveness and good nature and you can't go wrong!
By: Vince R.
Peer Peopert Management
It's funny how the person below has lived in one of these apartments for years, but doesn't know her landlord's name...Barbara. I met her over the summer and she has been nothing but helpful and responsive. I am a young professional and my roommates love our new apartment. I've had hundreds of friends comment on how nice our place is and asking about how we heard about it. The truth is....I got lucky meeting Barbara...she gave us a tour while also helping out a friend and watching over her friends 10 year son. There were no surprises and she got us in a brand new place August 15th. She's a person who cares and puts people in some really nice homes. If you don't respect kind people or don't enjoy top of the line living spaces, then Peer Property management is not for you.
By: Sharon P.
Brennan Tree Service
***** EXCEPTIONAL ***** My Dad is 83 years old, and a few of his trees broke during a bad storm/hurricane here in Philly. We contacted Brennan Tree Service and got a call back the SAME DAY, and the owner came to look at Dad's yard the same day. The NEXT DAY they took everything damaged out of the yard, trimmed all trees, removed ALL DEBRIS - not a leaf remained on the ground - and did a PERFECT job! We prayed beforehand when looking for someone to help us out, and God sent us Brennan Tree Service. We are very happy and overjoyed with the work that was done. This is a GREAT company with a WONDERFUL owner and wonderful staff. A+ and 5 stars for Brennan! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)
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By: Colleen K.
Peer Peopert Management
I have been renting from Peer Property at Second and Oxford for a year an a half and have had such an excellent experience. The apartments are beautiful, large, and well-kept, repairs are completed quickly, and management is responsive to any issues. In fact, I needed to move to a larger apartment and decided to do so within the same property because I loved it so much! In particular, Barbara has been such a pleasure to work with - she works hard to create a welcoming and livable community, and really cares about her residents! Thank you for the wonderful experience!
By: dannie323
Precision Tree Service
i was completely surprised to find a tree company that put so much attention into property mr henes is one of the most hororable men i have ever ment not only did his company do unbelievable work but went as far to call for six months to make sure the trees he planted were ok but he also came to the property to check on the if you are looking for a tree company precision tree is the company i had a hard time finding him because the phone number has change but here is his number (215)624-1519
By: Keren P.
Peer Peopert Management
I have been living at Landmark for the last three years and have had exceptional experience. The apartment is beautifully done; management is very responsive and takes care of issues in a timely manner. The area and community created at landmark is pleasant and welcoming to all us tenants. I totally recommend renting from Peer Property Management. They are easy to deal with, communicative and responsive when you have any issue.
By: Anthony R.
Peer Peopert Management
I am renting from Peer Property management for several years now and love living here! The units are so nice and specious, everything’s new and so well kept. The management company is nice and helpful. I already recommended to a friend, who moved here just a little bit ago, and would tell anyone this is a great place to live!
By: G S.
Peer Peopert Management
New, modern building with beautiful fittings. Though only a couple of years old, the roof leaks into the 3rd floor units, and sometimes into the 2nd floor. Off hours, maintenance is not available, so I've witnessed renters clearing snow off the roof to stop leakage. Management is poor, but still a pretty place.
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By: Alec K.
Stratford Management
Tips & Advices
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