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By: maggie.razzi.9
Richmond Elementary School
I have formally worked at the Richmond Elementary school l My very sick, disabled Son, graduated from their elementary school in the gifted status. I attended Catholic school my whole life..until CollegeRichmon is. a imperfectly uncrowded and top of the line Elementary schools in this 19134 zip Im code. Personally I don't know what that status is up against parochial schools, any Redder bBut I have had experience with the charter schools..wow can they lie. I'm going to tell you quickly how to ensure that your child does fabulously in Richmond Elementary.. YOU AS A PARENT..BE PRESENT! Be familiar, and be known! VOLUNTEER FOR EVERYTHING! Enjoy your child's elementary years, be a part of it. If you can't.perhaps grandma or even aunt "Emily" , can stand in for you! Be a trip mom..your needed. You'll receive love from helpless kids whose parents are never there. Consider a Part time job, with the School Board. It's great to say that you work for the Philadelphia school board! Its a status that is not. to shabby! :-) . Talk to your child's principle! Hand him a letter of your offer to help, emphasis, your ability to handle kids in a crowd. Also , tell him in the letter how eager you are to be involved in all of. your your kids field trips! & seasonal parties, cupcake mom's( my son had severe food allergies/ Anaphylactic. reactions!! In a strange coincidence my principle had. a son a little older than mine 1 in 10, 000 chance as did we, to have such terrible terrifying life threatening food allergies ) My son Shane's principle in my case was absolutely thrilled at having me around taking 97% of the headache that comes with a sick kid in your school. Many life skills are valuable in the district. But , first of all... if you are able to take a f/p time job with the School District of Philadelphia...Talk to the principle and no one else...the positions can tend to be cut throat, so If you get onanyone's , as well as everyone's good side lol ! Make sure it's the PRINCIPLE OF YOUR SCHOOL. 70% of most schools depends on the involvemen of the parents, grand parents, guardians etc . BE THE ADVOTE FOR YOUR CHILD,! Make sure that everyone knows who you are! :-)In fact once they know that you are present You alone can be the difference between a positive and successful experience, or a total washout your kids barely have a chance...if your involvement in the child's education is to get them on the bus..JUST HONESTLY , REMEMBER..IN LIFE ...CONSIDER YOUR SELF BLESSED..IF YOU GET 30% back on the 100% you've invested. My solemn advice to getting the most out of , and the survival of your experience with the dreaded Richmond School would be to" MAKING YOURSELF PRESENT AND KNOWN" be that loud mouth , force of nature where itll be utilized in the best possible way..
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By: Christopher M.
Richmond Elementary School
its a great school but the nurse got to check the hole school kids hair its crazy my kids got to do thete hair everyday i had to take them to this place to get there hair done costed150 reallly but its a great school ...
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By: Robert C.
Abigail Vare Elementary School
I'm looking to find out where I can get information on teachers and classmates from 1967 to 1973.Great times were had. Learned a lot. Loved the teachers.
By: renee.andress
Richmond Elementary School
I have been up there 3 times now n i like ehat i saw i hope she gets to go to their open house tho

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