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By: k8.b.walsh
All Star Electrical Services LLC
They responded to my email inquiry within 1 minute. Although the website claims to offer free estimates, I was told on the phone it would be $25 to come out. They made an appointment convientient for me, came out on time and the service technician was very polite, immediately introduced himself and had a uniform on. However, once he got there, he waived the $25, and quoted $182 just to trouble shoot. We were not experiencing any issues, but were following up on a tip from a neighbor who did not think our wiring was set up correctly out by our pool. For peace of mind, I agreed. But I wish I had been told up front it would be that expensive to trouble shoot. He wound up giving me 10% off, so the total bill was "only" $164. And the best news he did not find anything wrong with our set up, except a white wire that should have been a red wire. But he took me back and explained everything to me in detail, showing me exactly what he reviewed. I felt like he was honest and I would definitely call them again if I experience any electrical issue. Just now I'll know there's no free estimate (I think they should take that off their website) it'll be more than $25 service call they tell you about on the phone (I think they should just be honest about how much it costs to troubleshoot an issue when they make the appointment.) I debated putting 3 or 4 stars here, but since I can't put a half star, and I would call them again, I put 4 stars. Especially since they did not find anything really wrong, I feel like I can trust them.
By: Toni E.
All Star Electrical Services LLC
We had an amazing experience with All Star. Ben was our tech. First he came out at 10pm at night to give us an estimate. While most companies are trying to "get over" when you have a call during non business hours, they were EXTREMELY reasonable in the fee they charge. I honestly thought he dispatch misspoke. The estimate was fair and when we called back the next morning to get the work done, the same tech came out within 30 minutes of our call. Ben was a workhorse and literally did not stop until the job was completed. He was at our home from 10 -6:30 pm as it was a big job that required re-wiring, clearing out past bad jobs and installing a new panel to code. We offered several times to feed him and he just replied he wanted to continue on and finish the job. By the way, there was no heat or power and a high of 36. The work was excellent, clean and to code. I would recommend this company to everyone. We picked them based on 5 star reviews and they are obviously well deserved. Thank you so much, I plan to share your information with anyone that needs an electrician.
By: jimscquales
All Star Electrical Services LLC
With the temperature reaching 100 degrees, I called All Star Electric yesterday (Saturday) at 9:15AM, spoke with a personable gent, "Erjon" who agreed to be at my home between 11 and noon. I needed a separate line installed for a bedroom air conditioner. Erjon arrived @ 11:15. I explained what I wanted done. He provided much appreciated professional suggestions and drew up a sales agreement with a reasonable rate.Then the shocker came when I asked when the job could be done. He said he could do it immediately. Wow!! Who would have expected that?His work was superior, going nonstop, setting up and climbing an outside ladder, drilling through bricks for the electrical wire, cleaning up as he went along. All being done in sweltering heat.Bottom line--Perfect, professional work, facts seldom found in today's society. I recommend All Star without reservation and give a special commendation to Erjon for his superior style of work.review provided from yelp.com
By: Helen L.
Linc Electric
We called Linc Electric one morning when we discovered that we had a problem with electrical outage to our garage. Call back was within the hour and we had a technician at the house the same day. The problem turned out to be quite complex, but the technicians sorted out the issue, and even did some spur of the moment work as we discovered several smaller issues. Another problem was discovered as they worked on what we thought was a small issue, outlets that didn't work in a finished basement wall. They discovered that we had a dangerous wiring situation and remedied the problem. Their work was excellent, but more important, we felt safe after their work was complete. During the course of all of the repairs, they inspected all of our wiring and corrected every issue that was found. I have the highest level of trust in their work.
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By: Moretti S.
Barry Fisher Electrician
Barry Fisher was recommend to us.We called him to hardware some ceiling fans that had erratic remotes and to fix outside outlets that weren't working. Barry looked at our service,discovered and showed me how nothing in our system was grounded and our service box was seriously overloaded. Other electricians and even a certified home inspector had looked at our electrical service and never told us of these potentially catastrophe problems.Barry grounded the system and put in a service box with more breakers and rerouted all the connections. Outside outlets then worked because they were grounded! Turned our only one fan needed slight adjustment. We didn't have to make an appointment for this. Barry did all this work immediately,the same day he first came to the house. We were satisfied.
By: Nunya B.
Barry Fisher Electric
Knowledgeable, Professional, Fair Pricing, Follows Codes/Regulations, Licensed and Insured. Mr. Barry Fisher was a blessing to our household at a very urgent time. Our 40+ year old electrical system overloaded, causing flickering and dimming lights. Mr. Fisher came out the same day and told us exactly what we needed to upgrade and get our system functional. He arrived on the day and time we scheduled and the only way we know he and his assistant George were here is because of the perfectly working lights and electrical sockets. We would DEFINITELY recommend Mr. Fisher for electrical work anyone needs. In our case he replaced a 100 amp circuit breaker box with switches, the external conduit, and repaired multiple electrical sockets.
By: Alexa V.
All Star Electrical Services LLC
We had a great experience with our technician from All-Star Electrical Services! The technician was on time and quickly fixed the electrical problem we were having. It was a minor problem but they came out the next day (after calling at 8pm the night before) and were able to complete the job on the spot. Our hallway light stopped working and we tried to replace it ourselves with no luck, the fuse kept blowing when we went to turn it on. But the technician knew exactly what the problem was and quickly installed a junction box for the new light fixture. He even recognized a few other electrical problems throughout the house (it's an older home) and gave us quotes on the spot to repair the issues. Overall it was a great experience!
By: summer2013pa
Affordable Electric Inc
To sum up Affordable electric in one word, EXCELLENT!!!! Steve and his helper were very courteous and right on with everything .I've dealt with a few electrical contractors in the past and they just came in didn't explain anything and weren't very "client friendly". these guys were the total opposite. Their prices were unbeatable, even though center point gave them a hard time they got the job done in the same day like promised. I am 110% satisfied from every aspect. I will use them on other work i need and will recommend them to every one i know. Thank you Steve for every thing you did for us, we truly appreciate it and can now sleep without worry because Affordable electric really knows their stuff !
By: Angelia N.
All Star Electrical Services LLC
I had a great experience today with All-Star electric. I needed a service wire replaced at my property and called early morning to get a quote. Ben showed up on time and professionally walked me through the process of replacement. Ben quoted me a reasonable price and told me he could get the job done the same day. Ben was awesome! He was efficient and communicated with me on his progress. He even shared with me something he saw would be an issue in the future. Ben was very nice and pleasant. His focus was on getting the job done right and for that, I will be calling them again. I look forward to working with Ben and All star again!
By: foxyinphila
Affordable Electric Inc
Excellent Above & Beyond satisfied . Must say the men that came to our Manayunk home were great , I know these old homes are nor easy to work in and they made it look like a breeze . Makes a difference when you know old homes and the tricks of the trade to work therein . I was afraid they would have to tear open walls as another company said they would have to, the Electricians just made a very small notch hole and threaded the wires that way like a surgeon making small incisions . Really a neat , clean and professional effort through out ,with an excellent outcome . Very pleased with work and pricing. Thank you
Tips & Advices
Keep the following tips in mind:
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment while sitting or standing in water.
  • Don't overload extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Put caps on your electrical outlets if you have small children.
  • Call an electrician if you notice your sockets or switches are warm to the touch, discolored or if they make noise.
  • Keep electrical cords away from stoves, ovens and other sources of heat.
  • Do not use an appliance that has a frayed cord.
  • Do not staple extension cords into place or cover them with carpets or furniture.
  • When using extension cords, make sure to unwrap them before plugging them in.
  • Don't overuse extension cords. Have an electrician install extra outlets if you need a power source closer to you.
  • Only use light bulbs with the correct wattage for your lamps and light fixtures.
  • Contact a licensed electrician if you frequently blow fuses, since this can be a sign of an electrical wiring problem.
  • Have an electrician look at your fuse box to ensure you have the right size fuses and circuit breakers. The wrong size fuse or breaker can be a fire hazard.
  • If you have fault circuit interrupters installed in your electrical panel, make sure you test them at least once a month by turning them on and off.
It can cost from $40-$100 an hour depending on the job. This does not include additional costs for parts or trip fees. Make sure to ask in advance what they charge for or if they will provide a free quote.
In order to become a full-fledged professional, a person must undergo an apprenticeship with master and journeyman electricians. An apprentice needs 8,000 hours of practical work before graduating to the journeyman level. If an apprentice reaches journeyman status, he or she can complete most electrical work, but cannot design it until completing more testing along with 2,000 more on-the-job hours.
Yes. While all electricians need a license, not all of them do the same types of jobs.
  • Outside: These types of electricians work outdoors on electrical lines that connect to power plants.
  • Inside: Inside experts typically focus on commercial and industrial buildings that require a lot of power.
  • Residential: Residential electricians work with low-voltage systems and wiring to install fuse boxes and light fixtures.
Watch out for contractors that greatly underbid other electricians. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Also, always remember to get the estimate in writing before settling on a company.

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